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December 7, 2016

By Jim Kirwan


Today is the 75th Anniversary of The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor,

which we learned, 25 years ago, was a false flag attack,

created by the United States to get America firmly into WWII.

Almost 3,000 people died exactly like 911

In 2000, sixteen years ago today, the Project for A New American Century announced their need for “A New Pearl Harbor”

9/11 Oddities - "New" Pearl Harbor - Just a Coincidence?

10 min. 20sec. VIIDEO

The characters behind all of this are in the first 6 links in

Through the Hourglass Darkly”

So much for prologue:

What happened to America, in the years between the arrival of the New Millennium in 2000 and the last American presidential race, that was just concluded, has been the perpetuation of a global-crime so vast that it cannot be currently admitted - because the entire leadership of what was once this nation, will be taken down, once the current outlaws are detained and held for their crimes against the nation and the world.

This begins with the massive-crimes committed throughout the campaign, all round, that involved major criminal actions and lies that have still not been pursued, which includes the massive files of Wikileaks that are still waiting to be acted on. Politics is always treated, worldwide, as just political theater, that's 'always been' above the law. It's all just 'a show' that's never held to account for whatever happens: Because the elites have never considered what they do as even remotely “criminal” which is how they've all managed to get away with pedophilia, murder and Demonic rituals for decades ­ but things are about to change.

AJ @ 15miin: The fake news propaganda is basically linked to the fact that for example: Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meet on a plane on the tarmac in Phoenix. The official story is that he spoke about golf, Brexit and grandchildren and the media totally accepted that. The NY Times, the Washington Post totally accepted that. That was never questioned ­ there was also, during the interview Hillary Clinton talked about a laptop ­ one of Bill Clinton's aides actually shipped her laptop with 4 years of her emails, in the mail ­ UPS, FED-Ex we don't know: Media actually said that was legitimate “real news”. When you talk about the fake news issues it's just one of the many reasons that Hillary lost according to the main stream media...”

k: WRONG ­ the reason she lost was primarily because the “mainstream-media” never asks logically-sane follow-up questions on any topic, that the public wants answers to. But then media never asks those clearly pointed questions that anyone with brain would always ask. On top of that the media never follows up whenever major crimes have apparently been committed by prominent faces, which has everything to do with Pizzagate, the Podesta's, Huma, Hillary, Bill or Chelsea and all those that have routinely gone on the sex trips, or participated in the Demonic ceremonies the child molestation's and the sometimes murders ­ no questions?

Trump vs The Media

This nation is currently treating our political-candidates as ordinary law-abiding citizens ­ Yet what has become clear is that all these lawless creatures need to be “DETAINED” - without charges and dumped into solitary-confinement ­ without the possibility of parole, because they're all flight risks, and since they haven't been charged with any crime, they'll have no basis to complain, or for any lawyers to get involved...

The government set up this legal-precedent' in Oregon & Nevada, so they cannot object to having this illegal-set of fake-terms being used on them ­ right?

In the meantime the charges which the NYPD promised that they would be bringing forward from the hundreds of thousands of e-mails, brought to us by Wikileaks - need to form the basis for major-prosecutions of all these formerly “prominent creatures”.

We must also deal with the traitor's at the FBI and the other major traitor's who are still running Congress, the White House, The Supreme Court and the U.S. Department of Just-Us: This process needs to begin immediately if the public is to ever get “justice” for the children and all the other victims that have been raped, tortured or killed in this bizarre crime spree known as Pizzagate.

PizzaGate Tunnels: Dupont Underground

If this or any of the other crimes committed by the currently reining barbarians are ever “detained” for any of the thousands of crimes they've done against us all ­ then there might indeed be a chance for the rest of us to survive.

The sheer volume of their crimes committed against this nation by their totally illegal destruction, of the immigration laws alone, should put them away for life. This will finally begin when these “immigration laws” are finally corrected by the changes that are coming in the reversal of Sanctuary City Laws that have always been 'totally illegal', according to the U.S. Constitution.

SR 1383 ­ Democrat Mayors Could Face 10 years in Prison

The truth is that none of the people that have been guilty of these thousands of crimes can be allowed to walk free ­ ever again. RICO statues need to be used to strip them all of every penny, and they need to be charged for the major crimes that they've been committing for the last 35 plus years.

Perhaps the most bizarre fact in all of this is that the creatures that have been living as Demonic rulers over all the rest of us, actually believe that they're going to get away with this obscenity, no fines, no prison time, nothing, because they're so SPECIAL that none of our laws can ever actually be applied to them!

Imagine just how strange it will be when Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are frog-marched off to federal prison ­ and are detained without charges, for the crimes they committed, just to create that massive Clinton Foundation, which is a global-multi-billion or trillion dollar scandal, almost without end. The number of people that they've ripped off while they masqueraded as a legitimate “Foundation” - when all they've ever been is a front for so many other things worldwide; while they were stripping nation after nation, and The Clinton Cash Machine was only one small part of their criminal organization...

Clinton's Criminality Qualifies Them Both for the Gallows

The judges, the cops, the prosecutors that have all gone along with this outrageous series of crimes are going to be so surprised once the axes of 'RESPONSIIBILTY' start to fall from the darkest side of Hell itself.

The reason they were so certain that nothing could happen to “THEM” was the reason for all their posturing behind the scenes, as if they're still legitimate political figures contesting a legitimate election which they clearly lost ­ but of course they were never legitimate.

The current rumor is that Obama will take over as the head of the Democrat Party, after he steps down as “president” - but what he might find instead will be U.S. Marshall's dragging his totally fake-self off to a Federal Prison, along with the impostor he's supposedly married to - and his rented children will probably end up being given to the state.

None of these troglodytes ever conceived that either they or the slime that work for them, could ever be arrested for anything ­ but they will very soon be proven wrong on every front. These antiques already have more than one-foot in the grave and they're all on their way out ­ permanently: Their time is over, because they continuously refused to believe that the global-public, could or would, ever fight back against them!

Everything these creatures have done for over three decades is all actionable, and once the coming legal actions begin to take shape ­ their whole house of cards will soon disappear like desert-dust in a Hurricane ­ because we'll be taking this country back, one major criminal at a time...



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