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Deau Ex Machina

By Jim Kiran


As people of this century, we must become masters of our own living world, by literally crippling the corporate and deep-state machines of government, whenever we withhold or pervert our labor, we can jam the machines of the twenty-first century, to take back our rights and freedoms along with our private-dreams and the future-course of life itself upon the planet.

In this instance the keys that will confuse the machine's ability to function, according to the lawless dictates of the dark side, are being reconfigured.

Anyone can do this; based upon the access to whatever they do for a living, or just as a human being, being responsible to themselves to not comply or consent to the fascist dictates of the currently illegal states, wherever you're trying to exist in the dying world of today...

Without our active participation our active-consent everything will come to a screeching halt, get creative and think about it...