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Death Squads In America

By Jim Kirwan


Death squads have opened fire upon Native American's with deadly aerial spraying of defenseless 'water protectors' in the middle of the night, in addition to shooting these same protesters on their own home-ground.

Thousands of unarmed people are trying to defend the water supply for 17 million people, most of which is water used by Americans downstream from the illegal pipeline that only benefits the corporations that own it. This has been going on, at Standing Rock, since April of this year and its still escalating with no hope in site for a peaceful ending.

When news of this latest escalation arrived tonight, I tried to envision this in a way that would explain to the public just exactly how WRONG this whole WAR against all American's really is.

DAPL ALERT: Standing Rock Hit With Chemical Weapons


Ask yourself what would happen if the targeted American's were the predominately American-black population of Oakland California? Or what would happen if the targeted population were the mostly white Americans of Portland Oregon? What about the mostly Black-Muslim population of the Twin-Cities, Minneapolis & Saint Paul Minnesota, or the now mostly American blacks in Ferguson, Missouri?

How would these populations respond to these blatant attacks by American mercenaries, that have been going on for months in American uniforms, using heavy US weapons and illegal US airpower against local populations?

In every other situation inside the U.S., except Standing Rock, there would be a huge and violent uprising against these Death Squads that are owned and were created by private corporations, pretending to be US Troops, in defense of the banks and corporations that own this illegal pipeline, and that's a fact!

Standing Rock is not Mogadishu, it's not Ukraine, it's not Yemen, Libya or Syria, it's part of the Native American lands that were ceded by treaty to the native American-population, in perpetuity, with the fake U.S. Government - which the Obamanation-Administration continues to spit upon. Obama may be on his way out but that does not give him or the criminal U.S. Congress the right to murder people because it's more convenient for them, then to have to negotiate with them.

Where the hell is the U.S. Department of Just-Us? What about the UN, that is supposedly available to defend the defenseless from illegal Death-Squads operating in their own country's? What happened, in fact, to any other agency of the government or the world that is supposed to protect the innocent from rampaging murderers or corporate mercenaries in their own countries?

This is America, in 2016, and the problem with that statement is that American's have shown themselves to be gutless against these kinds of attacks time and time again.

There's a history with the NATIVE POPULATION'S in this country. There was Pine Ridge, that had the Second Battle of Wounded Knee where the American Indian Movement (AIM) came armed to defend the natives, and were trapped by the FBI which ended in a courtroom appearance that was anything but fair. This time the native's are totally unarmed, and the government is attacking them as if they are a hostile nation ready to exterminate the United States but the people at Standing Rock are peaceful, unarmed, and their numbers are continuing to grow across the cowardly U.S.S.A.

The longer this goes on the wider this story is spreading around not just to this nation, but to the world: Yet still no American Militia or armed volunteers have gone to the aid of these peaceful people and now the government has obviously decided to just slaughter these people in much the same way that Hillary Clinton gave the order to use flame-throwing tanks against civilians in Waco, Texas. - and nothing was ever done about that.

Hillary's First massacre 1993


If this doesn't happen, then it won't be long until the 'death squads' begin to hear from their friends and families, because not everyone in this country is a cowardly creature it's only a matter of time.

Robert Kennedy Jr, "Trump Has A $2 Million Stake in the Dakota Pipeline"


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