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The Death Of Social-Memory
Is Killing Us

By Jim Kirwan


From the X-Files, Season 3, Episode 1

Wherein Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman says:

There is an ancient-Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it. My people have come to trust memory over history.

Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable; while history serves only those who seek to control it. Those who would dose the flames of memory in order to put out the dangerous fires of truth: Beware these men, for they are dangerous themselves and unwise.

Their false-history is written in the blood of those who might remember, and of those that seek the truth.”

This burden has become our problem - because long-ago, too many Americans have chosen to desert “memory” as it gets in the way of greed and “the truths” that we must remember, if any of us are to survive.

The issue before us today is embodied in the recently elected Donald Trump, who in just the last week has suddenly come face-to-face with the horror of the political-reality that comes with the office that he and millions of Americans worked so hard for him to obtain. Some background on this “problem” was made crystal-clear in January by Douglas Herman

The Bigger Wild Card ­ Trump or Putin

Much as I would like to argue against the realities in the article above, I've seen too much and lived too much of the realities inherent in politically inspired murders, in this country - to fail to see the truth that Herman speaks so clearly about.

However it seems to me that Trump knew of the very deep threat to his life, before he decided to run ­ because if he didn't know then he should have known ­ just like he should have been planning to surround himself with competent men and women, that would implement the policies that he was determined to initiate. No one does anything in politics alone, because it is simply not possible.

The public that elected him were entirely against everything that both 'political-parties' have already afflicted all of us with: And since the public was and still is adamantly opposed to everything that both of these criminal-organizations forced upon the public ­ Trump should have known that he would need unapologetically straight men and women to Implement his policies ­ as everything behind LBGTQ, PC, and the Multi-National-Outlaws that are invading the nation - have always been, in total opposition to anything that could ever work to run this country, with any chance of fixing anything that has gone wrong here.

It is one thing not to harass the people that have so recently taken over the United States, but it's an entirely other situation to bow down to them now and let them change everything concerning our social fabric and our way of life, as well as everything concerning how straight men and women deal with each other or raise our families: That was the unmentioned “cause” beneath Trumps words and most of the criminally-based policies he wants to end ­ along with giving the nation a chance to come up out of the swamps that the public has been consigned to ­ since these scum first began to surface with the influx of the the now nearly 60 million illegals under Reagan.

The blatancy of the false-government - beneath the open refusal to accept the election results, much less to prosecute any of the crimes that the government refuses to stop ­ is proof positive that the enforcement arm of the U.S. Government has been totally captured by the globalists ­ from “sea to shinning sea”. If we're going to do anything—the currently petrified “public” that's been carrying the empty castles of the globalists' on the backs of this broken-society must finally listen to the fires emanating from the dragons of revolt ­ that have remained alive, even as the American public has slumbered. The image above was created in 1978 and is only now, finally, just beginning to be heard!

Yes we made our voices heard at the ballot box, but now we have to go further and face down these faceless-children of all ages, that are simply not-equipped to live in a world where some day-to-day disappointments are just part of life. If we want to take this country back we must accept the fact that we must enforce the mandate that we gave Trump, by standing up to the real “deplorables” that have formally refused to honor the overwhelming-will of the electorate.

Here are a few of the issues that must be changed immediately, if anything is ever going to really change:

'Apparently it's quite alright to pay (up to $35 an hour) to so-called Americans to violently revolt - because FACEBOOK is advertising for them to do whatever is needed to spread this violence across the nation: Why has no one tried to arrest Soros or the owner of Facebook who are both sponsoring this? Literally busloads of these deplorables are being moved around the nation and they are not being interfered with - where are the storm troopers, the SWAT teams etc. the fake-riot cops that descend upon every other demonstration anywhere from Oregon to Dakota, to any-city, USA - whenever any "demonstration" is announced? Total silence from the same government that lost to Trump in the selection?'



'Selective participation in enforcing the immigration laws - is not an option: If LA, or Chicago or San Francisco refuses to follow the mandatory laws, on the books of the United States, and the Constitution, then those cities and their governments can be charged with attempting to undermine the Immigration Laws of the United States - this is not a minor consideration - it amounts to the theft of American Jobs and the welfare of all the people that were born here.

Trump should see to it that the Immigration Laws of this country are ENFORCED, WITH SPEED - AND HE SHOULD BRING AN END TO ALL POLICIES THAT HAVE BEEN IN PLACE SINCE 1979. EITHER WE HAVE IMMIGRATION LAWS OR WE DO NOT - LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES DO NOT GET TO PICK & CHOOSE WHICH LAWS THEY WILL OBEY AND WHICH LAWS THEY WILL IGNORE, especially when protecting our borders is part of the U.S, Constitution ­ and violating those laws was never “possible to do” under any 'administration', regardless of how convenient it might have been for the filthy rich seeking impoverished workers...'

LAPD will not help deport immigrants under trump-adiminstration - Chief Beck

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14 (UPI) — The Los Angeles Police Department will not enforce immigration laws should the Trump administration ask it to do so, the chief of police said Monday.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the LAPD will continue to follow a 1979 directive not to enforce the laws, which includes turning people over to the federal government when arrested for misdemeanor crimes if they do not have legal status in the United States.

Roughly one million of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States live in Los Angeles County, making changes to immigration enforcement a potentially big issue for the area — which is why city UPI ­ by Stephen Feller officials have moved in the last week to assuage nervousness among immigrants there.

I don’t intend on doing anything different,” Beck said. “We are not going to engage in law enforcement activities solely based on somebody’s immigration status. We are not going to work in conjunction with Homeland Security on deportation efforts. That is not our job, nor will I make it our job.”

Since former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates signed a special order in 1979 prohibiting police officers from initiating contact with people solely to determine their legal status in the country, the department has slowly moved away from working in any way with federal agents on immigration issues.

President-elect Donald Trump reiterated in an interview with 60 Minutes that he intends to start deporting between two and three million undocumented immigrants within days of his inauguration into office as part of a larger effort to secure the border.

If the first day, as president, we see something that is hostile to our people, hostile to our city, bad for our economy, bad for our security, we will speak up, speak out, act up and act out,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, adding that “our law enforcement officers and LAPD don’t go around asking people for their papers, nor should they. That’s not the role of local law enforcement.”

Trump has previously said he would also cut off funding to “sanctuary cities” where police departments do not pursue undocumented immigrants, of which Los Angeles is one.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez moved to assuage fears in their city as well, with Emanuel saying during a press conference Monday that “Chicago has in the past been a sanctuary city… It will always be a sanctuary city.”

To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous, filled with anxiety — you are safe in Chicago,” Emanuel said. “You are secure in Chicago. And you are supported in Chicago. Administrations may change. But our values and principles as it relates to inclusion [do] not.”

What we can do, if we have the guts!

What Americans have to do, now that we have stopped these criminals from stealing the entire nation outright ­ is that we must directly and physically confront these pathetic children, at work in public and on the airwaves - wherever they decide to cause continued havoc, across the nation.

If we cannot do this then we don't deserve to have a nation, because our freedoms come with REAL-RESPONSIBILIES ­ TO PHYSICALLY OBJECT, WHEN OUTLAWS TRY TO TAKE OUR LIVES AWAY FROM EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. Moreover are you really willing to allow the theft of your life or the lives of your loved ones to be taken by a bunch of paid-for globalist mercenaries ­ just because you were unwilling to use whatever you still have to stop this outrage - before it goes to their next step?

And to do this right ­

We must each rediscover all those Memories we have chosen to lose.

Only by joining with Trump publicly can we prevent

the kinds of murders that have gone

with everyone since JFK.


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