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The Death Of Democrats & Republicans

By Jim Kirwan


In 1967 the Hippies held a funeral for the end of a way of life:

What was overlooked was the Birth of the Criminal-takeover of this Nation.

The Death of the Hippies

Since 1967 both major political parties have been busy carving out their own view of the New World Order, where American's are the targets of total enslavement ­ brought to us by The Deep State that's been in near total charge of everything since Americans embraced their total fear of everything, that's been growing in the political-darkness, since the Hippies murdered themselves and paved the way for global-traitors to rule unopposed.

One proof of the truth in all of this was furnished by the Outlaws themselves, when Clapper held an internationally aired news conference ­ in which he admitted that he and the government lied about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction and 911 in order to start and maintain the illegal War on Iraq ­ this unimaginable war that has lasted uninterrupted since George HW Bush started it in 1991 ­ and which was continued by George Bush Jr., followed by Obama for a total length of 27 years of war.

The world heard this public confession, but failed to seize upon the enormity of the massive-murders that were represented by his vile words.

Clapper failed to mention the millions of Americans that were murdered much less the multiple millions of Iraqi's and others that were slaughtered, damaged or psychologically destroyed which went as high as 3 million people, in Iraq and millions more in Afghanistan ­ all of whiich was based on lies.

This crime was compounded by GW Bush, when he slapped a veil of total-secrecy over the returning dead - from his part of that massive and continuing war. In his daddy's war 71,000 Americans paid the price, and in Junior's stint at the plate, huge numbers of American dead were also blatantly covered up. In one instance alone, on Oct 22, 2006, over 300 Americans died at Forward Falcon Base, just outside the Green Zone and this was never reported to the public. A complete list of the dead is in the footnotes in this report that had still not been covered by the media in 2013.

Seven Years of Silence

Had this been reported in 2006, now over ten years ago, since that daily “briefing” in which the U.S. would have been forced to withdraw troops immediately ­ yet that did not happen and it still has not happened.

Who is going to be held accountable now for the war-crimes, and crimes against humanity, that Clapper so casually admitted to? This goes all the way back to 911? Who will repay all the Trillions that were spent, or the nations that we've destroyed - that includes the current U.S., Libya, Somalia, and the attempt to destroy Syria - as well as all the other nations that we're still semi-secretly making war upon.

And perhaps more to the point where the hell have American's been,

all this time, while the real war-criminals have continued to breathe free,

unchallenged and uncharged for their blatant war-crimes?

No one in the US government was ever charged for 911

Those responsible here were promoted for their parts in all of that.

And now Americans still have not demanded 'Justice'

for any of what has been done in our names:

Because too many want to treat this 'selection' as just another ordinary

'Regime-change' in the most corrupted nation on the planet!

All of the above is just part of the blase and totally ignored background behind what brought about the current threat to the existence of the world.

The time is now; to actually “Clean the Swamp” and “Lock-Up the Traitors” wherever they are, both in government and out ­ if we are finally willing to take on this seven-headed hydra of this colossal Satanic obscenity that continues to thrive in the black heart of this global Treason against decent people everywhere...

Against the outline of this background above, how is it that the people of this place could have remained so immune to all that's continued unabated until now?

This remains unanswered by the natural cries for Rage or Outrage that should have long ago been answered, by both of these supposedly natural responses to the scale of the crimes described herein.

Rage & Outrage are Waiting

Because Americans failed to respond to everything that's been done to us now:
This has become a global-war against all the white people

in every country in which we have lived for centuries.

We need to wake-up and FIGHT to the death.



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