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Death & The Paper Tiger

By Jim Kirwan


Detail from the Doors to “The City”

kirwan © 1973

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Joaquin Flores interview with Morris:

JF: “In order to understand what’s going to happen it’s important to look at some of the facts that exist right now. And we’re confronted with a really, really interesting situation which on the one hand [we have] the US which has a $17 trillion dollar cash deficit and ­ over 200 trillion in promissory notes: Then you have Russia which is running a rather balanced budget. The Russian economy has grown by over 4,000 per cent between 1995 and 2011. And the things we’re seeing, like in last time, where we represent a huge rift between Europe and the United States.

And these sanctions that are being threatened on Russia, as people have already said, are absolutely destined to be toothless. Because Europe needs Russia much more than Russia needs Europe…

You know there’s that expression from the Vietnam atrocity; that “they had to destroy the village in order to save it” and as far as the United States is concerned, regarding Europe, the United States would destroy Europe in order to save it from being integrated into a larger Asian Economic Block… I think it’s going to be difficult to accept that Russia has returned as a historical force.”

Morris: “Is Russia expansionist at this point? Is it going to start incorporating more new territories after Crimea?”

JF: “You know I think its important to distinguish ­ I think that terms like expansionist are useful, don’t get me wrong, to a certain extent; in a word I’d say no because I think I understand the connotation. But there’s a big difference between land powers and sea powers. Russian power historically is a land power and is a naturally arising power which connects adjacent communities and people that share historical and traditional linguistic and economic bonds, going back over a thousand years.

This is very different from the sort of Atlantacist. English and America variety of power which is about setting up colonies, exterminating local populations and engaging in historical Anglo-Judaic mercantile activity. This is a very different type of expansionism than Russian so-called ‘expansionism’.

However I’m sympathetic to people who are concerned about growing Russian power. I personally, and I think many people share the view in the United States, that it’s a breath of fresh air: That there’s a return to multi-polarity in the world. I think in the last ten years we’ve seen the United States exert an attempt to be the primary and the sole hegemon on the face of earth. In war after war so…

Morris: “…the hegemony was part of the plan?

JT: “Absolutely yes, and you had people like Gorbachev and Yeltsin who were absolutely complicit ~ One of the reasons that the United States was able to take down the Soviet Union was that there was a failure within the Soviet Union. Within its own culture.”

K: Russia had its Gorbachev and its Yeltsin: The US had George W. Bush and Obamanation who did very much the same “weakening from within”, as Gorbachev and Yeltsin did to the USSR. The primary difference being that the USSA has always sought global-expansion to destroy the planet, where Russia was, in theory, trying to preserve and protect her interests, for the most part…

JT: “There was an abandonment of the basic tenants of Geo-Politics and Geo-strategy. Gorbachev and the inner circle were entirely convinced that it was a matter of ideology and they had no guarantees that NATO was not going to expand into Eastern Europe…” (4min 44 sec)

Morris: “…At the same time I see Israel jumping at the leads; you know wishing that if there’s any trouble in Ukraine it will use that to attack in the Middle East.”

K: That’s precisely why yesterday’s revelations about Israel’s attempt, with Soros, to use Flt 370 to concoct a major false-flag attack on the US and blame the destruction of half the US Capital on Iran, in order to start WWIII, from which there could be no “turning back” from what Israel sees as the absolute requirement for their version of nuclear WWIII.

The world too often forgets that “Everything’s Connected”


JT: “Right this is the thing that we’ve seen happen, this goes back quite some time in recent memory with Libya when (?) forces were initially successful in rolling back the NATO attack and the Wasabi attack, the NATO alliance shifted focus onto Syria. And then after Assad who had much popular support and still does, after he was successful in stopping the Wasabi in their tracks then they turned the focus back on Libya. And I think we’re seeing a similar thing now. You know pushing Ukraine, pushing Syria, pushing Ukraine, pushing Syria and they’re trying to use the one to leverage the other.”

K: Meanwhile back Inside Israel, where Soros, USSA and Israel just got caught midway in their global plan for WWIII, thru FLT 370 in combination with Soro’s twin jetliner that was to have been used to strike Washington with enough devastation on the US capital to reignite Amerikans to demand a new attack on Iran.

Israel, in an effort to remove its officers from having to answer for any of this, suddenly closed all its embassies and consulates around the world: This act needs to be prosecuted-globally, because Israel blatantly used diplomatic-immunity, worldwide, to excuse themselves for designing the false-flag attack that would have started WWIII, if their plan had not been interrupted.

JT: “It’s clear that the United States is going to be incapable of using in any formal way its own military in any kind of ground war in Eurasia, so we have to just rule that out. …

The army is weak, morale is low you have troop circulation problems, cuts to benefits, exhaustion, their spread thin. You have a lot of cultural problems in the US that affects the military like a disease. You have liberal individualism, atheism, feminization of the culture and the United States is never going to go to war with a nuclear power and they’re never going to go to war, in a ground war in Asia. So those are ~ the primary doctrines in US military thought today and they prevail, and for that reason you’re not going to see the US land its own ‘Boots on the Ground” in Ukraine.

And you’re right its going to be some proxy struggle at most, but I think that the best bet that the Russians have is to find saner heads in Europe to help mitigate the American position and Russia can use its European assets to push on America as much as possible ~ moving forward, yeah. I think ~ the fake Ukrainian government might be able to put together some imposter national-guard type army and try to push into the eastern parts of Ukraine; but I think that local populations will push them out: I don’t think you’re going to see Russian tanks or Russian troops in Ukraine either. At least not for the time being unless there is a significant game-changing event.(1)

There is one other article that adds volumes as to why our problems today have become so horrific around the planet.

Wilde: “I came to wonder what purpose does life on earth serve? Billions live and die with a consciousness they never use, in a reality that they know very little about, under swinging rules that inhibit and pillage them all the way.

Almost a quarter of all humans live under the crushing control of the old men that run the Communist Party of China. And a further billion are Moslems living under strict rules governing everything, especially the control of women.

Then there is almost a billion Hindus and then add fundamentalist Jews and Christians and all manner of sects that seek to imprison people psychologically and you can see how humans are not allowed to have a mind of their own. There is always someone above them attempting to control their thinking.

Then there are a few billion people that have never been offered any education at all, so their thinking is sadly limited by what little they know and finally there are few hundred million people, mostly in the west, that are licensed to think.

But we in the west suffer from the most hideous programming that is offered to us night and day via the media and so you would wonder what free information is available. Certainly the Internet helps but generally we have no access to real information as to what is going on.

We are in the dark and corruption permeates everything. There is one rule for the controllers and another rule for ordinary people…” (3)

k- It would appear that there are not many in the camp of those that are resisting what’s coming down on us like a heavy rain of thunderbolts. But it has never taken huge numbers of people to change the world. In fact real changes have always come from the few determined individuals that have been able to infect the wider world, with those globally contagious ideas that can alter the course of life for millions upon millions of people.

The police state is real now: Far more so for some than for the many, at this moment. But that too is about to change because Israel as a nation has just stepped on a massive land-mine that is large enough to entirely destroy that shitty little place because they have given the world the key to remove Israel from every country where they had their cancerous embassies and consulates that protected their criminal agencies, while Israel was busy ransacking the planet.

It’s SHOWTIME ladies and gentlemen!

Let’s put an end to the 67 years of Israeli tyranny

Starting this week!

1) Over Ukraine Russia Rips The American Paper Tiger ­ 8min 33sec VIDEO

2) Seize This Moment!


3) The Wilde Weekly: Free Thinking Helps



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