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Dear Colin Kaepernick -
You’re America’s Spoiled Brat

By Frosty Wooldridge

Your disrespect for our country’s flag demands deeper inspection, wider understanding and greater comprehension of its significance to our nation.
Ultimately, when enough people dishonor their country, disobey its laws or do not participate in its most honored traditions---that society faces ultimate disintegration.  Look at Somali, Sudan, Congo, Pakistan, Mexico and other failed countries around the globe.  Their people flee to Canada, America and Europe because they face dictators, lack of food, jobs and loss of personal freedom.
You enjoy sports hero status.  You enjoy $114 million in your bank account.  You enjoyed a free education in college, where you enjoyed an affirmative action education with Crip-courses because you played football.   Other than play a game that produces nothing but entertainment for the masses, you haven’t and don’t produce anything of value in America.
What do I mean by that?  A teacher, truck driver, clerk, doctor, nurse, construction worker, lumber jack, farmer, waitress and other workers produce goods and services that make our society work.  Entertainers produce nothing of value other than diversions to our workaday lives.  They might be called the ‘royalty’ of America, but they don’t produce anything.   Yet, many complain the loudest like Whoopi Goldberg, Rob Reiner, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Obama and you.  None of them served our country.  You didn’t serve or do anything for your country.
Instead you’re an entertainer, but as you sit on the bench, not a very good one.
Yet, you influence millions of impressionable youth.  If you realized your incredible gifts that your country bestowed upon you---you wouldn’t dishonor America with such gusto and vitriolic disrespect of our flag.  To dishonor a flag and continue to produce nothing that moves our society forward, you sew the seeds of disrespect and social anarchy that produce the violence perpetrated by Black Lives Matter who sing, “Kill a cop when? Now!  What’s good about dead cop number 10?  Dead cop number 11.”
You’ve inspired a whole generation of white and black high school football players, basketball players and baseball players to sit or kneel in disrespect of our nation’s most treasured gift---freedom.
You’re inspiring the negatives and social anarchy in a positive country that guarantees your freedom to kneel by the blood of military veterans’ lives.  Every white, black and Hispanic pro football player makes millions of dollars.   Most Americans make only thousands of dollars in their lives.
If you think it’s better in Africa or China or India or Mexico or Indochina or Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or Iraq or Venezuela---move to those countries for a couple of months. Try to make $114 million in those places.  
Reality check; in those countries, most people struggle for food and water their whole lives.  In Moslem countries, they behead women, kill anyone on a dime and maintain dictatorial regimes that would toss you in jail for your actions.
In my family, my grandfather served in the U.S. Army in WWI.  He got shot and lived with a limp all his life as a farmer who produced food for America’s tables.  My father served as a U.S. Marine in WWII and after for 27 years, but died while serving in 1964.  Many members of my family served in the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Army.
When did you serve?  What sacrifices have you made for America?  What have you done to benefit your country other than to disrespect every military veteran man and woman who offered his or her life in order to bring freedom to every person of every color and race and background?   
While many blacks, whites and Hispanics march against our country, every single person of every color, every background, and under the age of 18 enjoys the freedom and privilege to a free education. Millions around the world beg, clamor and yearn for a chance to honor the America flag.  Experts tell us that over 100 million people would move to America to enjoy our freedoms tomorrow if given a plane ticket.
But you dishonor our country by your actions.  What have you done to defend America?
Answer: you’ve done nothing.  But you benefited for doing nothing by the blood, sweat, tears and lives that allowed you to disrespect our flag, our heritage and our country.
From Washington to Eisenhower to Patton and every combat soldier from Valley Forge to Gettysburg—they died for your freedoms.   In fact, during the Civil War, over 500,000 white men died to free your forefathers from slavery.   Nonetheless, slavery continues in many parts of Africa today.  Slavery built the Roman Empire.  But America stopped it with the blood of its citizens in 1865.
They served so spoiled brats like you could earn $114 million for doing nothing to protect, honor or defend your country or its and your freedoms to sit out the National Anthem.
If you win your dishonoring of America and degrade it to the point of mass disrespect and violence, what will you do when anarchy rages through the streets of America?
For every athlete making millions of dollars in the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA and NTA, your actions inspire our youth to their highest and best.   For every entertainer from Meryl Streep to Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Madonna (who wants to blow up the White House) and even Rosie McDonnell who hates America--- your words and actions influence our youth to strive in the world or tear down everything that makes our country viable.  If you continue on the negatives, your actions inspire disrespect, violence and social upheaval that could break down America into a failed country.  Then, who will protect you and how will you make your millions?
How do we stop the breakdown of our civil society by athletes and other entertainers?
I propose a mandatory two years of military service or civilian service like Ameri-Corps for every American-born man and woman, and every immigrant who comes to this country. No exceptions.  We must inculcate honor and respect for our country.   We must demand the pledge of allegiance to our flag in every classroom in America every day to start the day.   Honorable citizenship creates a viable society.
Without it, Colin Kaepernick and Madonna, et al, would not be millionaires nor would they be able to disrespect our nation’s flag and our country.  We won’t endure to maintain our country.

-- Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
Population-Immigration-Environmental specialist: speaker at colleges, civic clubs, high schools and conferences
Facebook: Frosty Wooldridge
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