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Deadly Malaria Appears To Have Returned To Italy
After Decades Via Infected Muslims & Black Africans

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff     Watch how he Europeans will point to Climate Change as the reason but we know the real cause - the black invaders FROM MALARIA-INFECTED COUNTRIES In Sub-Saharan Africa

Jeff, we said this would happen and we even mentioned Malaria as the next scourge that will show up in Italy.  I remember talking about the swamps of Naples as the most likely place for the Malaria outbreak to erupt.   Well, the deadly form of resistant Malaria has shown up in Italy just as we discussed on the program and I addressed in commentary.

Europe blames Climate Change...and they can also blame the US for dumping the phony Paris Climate Accord.  Climate change equals a redistribution of wealth from White productive countries to the Third World.  Simply put, it is stealing the money of developed nations and handing it over to the corrupt criminal leaders at the bottom of the Third World barrel.  

We stated Malaria would return to Italy via Malaria-infected African rafters crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy.  Southern Italy and Sicily now look more like Mogadishu than Italy...and still the hordes of Soros rafters flood Italy and move on into Europe.   It amazes me that Europeans are so blinded to this invasion of human garbage that they refuse to understand that Third World diseases come with them.

We could see a white genocide simply by the diseases brought to Europe.  This is what happens when we forget history.  Europe obviously forgot the Black Plague that was brought to Europe from Afghanistan.  Yes, the Black Plague came with immigrants to Europe from the area of the world now known as Afghanistan.

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