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Deadly Games
In the Global Labyrinth

By Jim Kirwan


The United Nations is the totally criminal fiction that grew out of the failed
“League of Nations” that was brought into the world by Woodrow Wilson, the same creature that gave-away the US Treasury to the Global International Bankers & the Ashkenazi Jews.

In the world of 2017 it seems that the world of 1871 has now totally been absorbed by the crimes of 1913, in support of the criminal capture of this country & the world in their continuing global-pretense that has lasted for the last One-Hundred & Forty-Six years.

What came from the success of this international-criminality has been


The real 'BLACKLIST' has always been a totally-hidden enterprise that has survived so many so-called purges as to be almost laughable. There are many ways to begin to study this phenomena, but perhaps one of the best ways is through Ashkenazi-controlled Hollywood ­ which revels in telling us all ­ virtually everything about what they're doing and exactly how they're doing exactly what they are doing, right up to the minute.

There have been so many programs, from televised series sagas, to in-depth serious essays, just waiting out there for the public to explore the real story so carefully displayed in

so many different ways each and every day that

it is amazing that more of their plans have still not surfaced ­ given the sheer volume of programs and intense investigations that continue to flood the public arena?

All of this began in the now dead United States

with the Criminal Act of 1871 ­ one-hundred & forty-six years ago.

Anonymous - The Act Of 1871 - The UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION

With the arrival of the New Millennium the 'Tyrannical-Outlaw government began to take evermore control over the lives of everyone in this country; even as we destroyed the freedoms and nations of so many other nations, in the name of some strange claim for “Regime Change” as if that fake claim is some of kind of divine right that only America gets to use ­ when if the truth were known: It is Amerika that must immediately experience real “Regime Change” if the planet is to survive the next few months.

As things stand now: “National Security” is the continuing myth that produces the Global-Lies that are intended to provide their take-down of what remains of the resistance: For the decades-old-evils that have been criminally active for thousands of years.

Meanwhile the creatures and events surrounding the blacklist are the SECRETS known only within the global-farce of “powers” that are finally being confronted everywhere. What is not being discussed are the 'inner-links' between the global-outlaws, the global-pedophiles and sex-obsessed satanists that are “in charge” in virtually every major religion and nation on the planet.

Once you begin to see things as they really are: You will come to understand that the connections mentioned above are as closely linked together as are the strands of DNA within the Human Genome ­ in the project which we allowed the private Corporations to now own parts of, in their Human Genome Project for their private profit and the use and abuse of the future of all humanity... It's interesting that virtually none of the above ever makes it onto their pathetic Chess-boards of political history.

What we know now is that none of “their pieces” in this so-called “game”

are independent entities because they are all interlinked in this cataclysmic plot to finish stealing the entire planet for the pathetically few troglodytes whose vile families have always run the world.

Of course; I realize that the concepts being outlined here can also be seen as nothing more than fantastical concepts ­ but can you afford to continue to ignore so much information, the books that have been written the exposes that have been released not to mention the real-time caught-in-the-act activities that have made the entire criminal-farce that began with Ruby-Ridge, which continued into Hilary's slaughter of the Branch Dividians in Waco; then on to Oklahoma City that seemed to culminate in 911?

It is fascinating that the same outlaws that committed the crimes above now want to use their past crimes, as cover, for the virtual tsunami of fake-news and blatant-garbage-reporting with absolutely NO PROOF, anywhere in sight about what is officially said or “reported-on” anywhere today ­ so why would you not go exploring into other concepts and alternative viewpoints, especially now?

The Proof or lack thereof is out there for those who have already discovered the core principles beneath the global journalistic points that have been ignored throughout:

Who, What, Where, When, How & Why”

That no one anywhere in authority will answer for today

It's interesting that 'Contemporary films' are being used to allow the current liars to continue to say: “We have told you everything ­ but you have not listened” All the critical answers to all the questions that thousands of people should be asking since this all began.

It's all been there all the time in Literature, in Art and Song and especially in films and what used to be called Journalism: In fact with all these area's literally overflowing with the truth, how can anyone still not pay any attention to the truth that is everywhere in plain sight?

What must be done now, is that those of us fighting this, must continue to strip the liars naked in the public-eye while the population continues to grow more angry every minute of every day...

The facts that are needed to unmask what's going on, are contained in the information that can be found throughout the many Blacklists that were created to hide the truth from the wider world. These Games within the Deadly-Games were designed to totally destroy the world that most people thought they once understood as what had once existed.

The glue that's holding all this criminality together, consists of Pedophilia, Sex-Trafficking and their Satanic Practices that are holding all the evil together through Secret Societies by the thousands, worldwide.

The 'stories' of the multi-farious players from all sides are massively criminal; while the global-audience remains as mostly nothing more than road-kill that's scattered out all over their vast and treasonous plans. The bottom line is that the population of this planet will remain immobile, until they decide individually to confront the criminality of the private corporation that was illegally created in 1871.

This has all been true since 1871, as no one has been arrested or gone to jail for anything to do with this criminally-private corporation—which makes whatever we do now even more important than ever before!