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The Deadly Cocktail

By Jim Kirwan


American Exceptionalism

As Americans we have a responsibility to reign in our lawlessness in the world.

When the United States Incorporated moved from being the global-bully over the planet to 'The Exceptional Nation' that appointed itself to rule the world ­ America disappeared in the overreach of private-global-corporations and their ever-increasing demands upon the other nations in the world.

Prior to WWII there was no 'global-organization' to monitor the crimes committed by various nations against each other. After WWII many such organizations were created to appease those who knew how criminal the larger powers could easily become. The United Nations, the World Court System, the Globalists, the IMF, the World Bank, NATO and all the power elites each one has played their part and yet absolutely NOTHING was ever done to punish any nation, by those so-called global-organizations: To defend people from any of the crimes that had become routine since the 1950's.

Dirty-Harry Truman's Police-Action in Korea has never been formally ended and is still the perfect example of the lack of control over warring states, that have still not ruled over the major and conflicting powers since the Second World War was formally and officially ended. Truman also brought the world the CIA, Israel & the UN ­ How much have these organizations contributed to world-war or sustainable growth in the world, toward anything like 'a brighter tomorrow'?

Americans have always known that 'American Exceptionalism' was and is still WRONG. We knew that when we went into Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. We knew that when we allowed Kissinger to attack Chile on 9-11-1973, just as we have known it every time “US Inc” has continued to be the global-outlaw that attacks any country they have decided to rape and murder in the name of 'global-protection'. This has always been nothing more that blatant torture, rape and murder of millions of people, because USI has targeted some other nation for whatever they decided to steal for their shareholders.

All of this, until very recently has been done very quietly like the Deadly Cocktail above that is administered from the gloved-hand of the prostitute to begin each and every attack upon the lesser nations of this almost defenseless planet. All of what we've done has been cloaked in a pretended “global-protection” that has always been brought to us by the Kissinger's in Southern Africa, in Indonesia, in Chile and elsewhere ­ and was then expanded on by Soros, the Clinton Foundation, the Bush Die-nasty, and now the Communist-Muslim War against the United States, using the destabilization brought to the world by US Inc. & the masked-lawlessness of mercenaries, worldwide.

The current chapter of this, at home, is being brought to us by the rogue state of Oregon, through the trials that will begin in September, against civilians, that stood up for their rights ­ only to be crushed by the rogue-police-state and the entire apparatus of the cities, counties and the state's that have decided to use the impending trial to arrest and prosecute without charges, any Americans that still cling to their Constitutional Rights - that have all been publicly trampled to death, under the jackboots of tyranny and treason against the public, from Communist Oregon all the way to Muslim-Washington ­ yet the people of this country have failed to rebel against these crimes, that will ultimately lead directly to the coming revolt that will take place.

Five Pre-Trial Deaths & One Bullet?

This global-crime has been going on for 66 years without objection,

from the so-called people of the United States.

The time to pay for this has come.

This is what USI & The Evil Empire have been doing

to the people of this planet for 66 years



POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion on September 23 2016?

The creatures behind this global crime are the global-pedophiles

the global-bankers, the New World Order and the outlaws

that will celebrate the evil we've been seeking

openly, for far too long.

When I asked the Gee W, Bush how much this would cost,

no answer was forthcoming

As it turned out the literal cost was far beyond the murder of just one man,

Because the target was just part of USI's Murder of Civilization.


Saddam was “their man” in the entire Middle East, until the Bush family decided that we needed to steal Iraq from Saddam and the wealth of that nation, in what was described by the need to attack Saddam & Iraq in 1991.

Timelines Matter!

The narratives used to back the 27 year long war against Iraq, and the slaughter of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, that was not a civil war, but the USI extermination of a leader that led the most successful nation in Africa. These assassinations were both accomplished by the blood-drenched hands of the global-outlaws who claimed to be protecting the planet from two leaders that had defended their own people from the global-excesses of the fake-nations that murdered both of them.

Don't even bother to challenge that statement ­ look it up for yourself and use multiple search engines if you care about the truth!

'We're running out of time people'




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