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On Being Dead Last!

By Jim Kirwan


In the U.S. SHAME now trumps false PRIDE

In almost everything!

‘…Shocking findings in the latest in school research. America is Dead-Last in Education. The shocking slide in U.S. Education is no longer in question… America is not just lagging but Dead Last (internationally). In Literacy only Italy is lower than the United States. In ‘Problem-Solving’ for 16-24 yr olds, it’s topped by every single country.

While the U.S. is nation-building supposedly with new schools in war-torn disaster-areas that we created by attacking those same nations across the globe ­ here at home ­ all across America school budgets are being cut and teachers fired. All that devotion to “No child left behind,” going all the way up to CORE and the zero-tolerance school-policies that now make the mental-institutions of the 1950’s look like Ivy-League colleges when compared to the armed-encampments which American public schools have become today.

In practice American-public-schools have become little more than breeding grounds for introducing virtually all children to drugs and zero-tolerance, of any behavior, that might even resemble actual mental activity. These new policies actually begin in pre-school and continue from kindergarten thru the whole of their educational lives that will make vegetables out of what would have been normal kids: While turning the curious and interested into junkies or worse, by the time they become teens.

What’s going on in the schools is being done to supposedly support American-exceptionalism; when in fact the whole program is designed to turn both children and their parents into zombies that are not allowed to challenge any facet of the police-state-school system or the doctrinaire-medical Petrie dish-practices that everyone involved in the system must now adhere to: Across the USA.’

There’s a lot more in this video than just the above. You can see it all in the video. Watch it because this is “Beyond Orwellian”. (1)

Yesterday I received a broadside from an outraged reader who was in many ways spot-on about the world as it has become—today. Here’s part of that with some comments that were rattling around in my own view of his remarks.

Jim, please stop drinking the cool aid. The USA - is done.

Its dead Jim. It can't be revived Jim.. there are no vital signs left. Lamenting / mourning what has been lost is not productive.

The citizens of the USA were protected from any competition in the rest of the world by your protectionist policy' tariffs etc.

Yes USA made GREAT products - that ONLY you yanks could afford to buy!

Meanwhile - back at the ranch you subsidized your primary producers with tax dollars - to the point you put the rest of the worlds most efficient dry land farmers in all your allies nations out of business as you dumped that surplus subsidized grain into world markets below the rest of the words cost of production.”

k - This was designed by the New World Order at the close of WWII. That was done intentionally, in order to make every self-sufficient country into a totally dependent-place that they could just pull-the-plug on whenever it suited them. That was followed by economic hit-men, followed by real hit-men if that failed and largely the rest of the planet accepted the ground-rules that made everything criminal, not just possible, but did in fact create debt as the sole way forward for any nation that was trying to stay alive. By the time the whistle was blown on the Global-Criminal Banks the real damage had been done.

And you’re right Americans remained gloriously-ignorant of what was being done in our names. We deserve whatever is coming on that score alone, primarily because we still have failed to even notice how it came to be that we are where we are today—because Americans’ refused to Question anything so long as the money was rolling in. Now that the situation is being reversed—we still are not challenging any at all which is why your comments are right on target!

You don't realized that your "protectionist policy's" - times of yore that you lament the passing of, caused untold suffering to countless hard working men and women of the land, the end of the family farm in Australia for example.

Jim - most of the rest of the world (including us your allies) can't WAIT for the downfall of the USA and its people.

You can only phuk over the rest of the world, (of their resources) for your own profit and gain, for so long, before you have no friends left.

Your tendency to profligate gain, shoved down the rest of the worlds throats by Hollywood, has done you no favors!.

k ­ There is a difference, I used to think, between what we allowed to happen and the fact that the global takeover by the global-corporate-private-states is and was insanely-criminal. But this was not just in any one facet of life. It transpired in virtually every aspect of every society that we invaded, whether supposedly friend or foe: All those nations became targets of our arrogance and greed. Now of course it’s only natural that the same forces we unleashed upon the planet would come back, not just haunt us, but to totally destroy the source of their once one-sided and “illegal-powers”

Our generations of the worlds most efficient and hardworking farmers - stripped of their family farms thru your subsidization - was done so that some pimple faced "porkies" like little yanky teen darling, could drive a new porche to college, while our own kids can’t afford a university education.

Jim - please stop crying in your beer and pretzels chum - its un - becoming and not manly. You phukked up Jim - you and all your fellow countrymen.

With great wealth comes great responsibility - and as a nation you failed...

k- There’s no question about that at all. That just happens to be the core of what I’ve been fighting against for over 50 years Ian. There are actually a lot of us that hate what’s been happening as much as you do—maybe more!

One of the things that we have succeeded in so far is that as yet we haven’t been disarmed. As an Australian you probably know the crime of that far better than we ever will ­ unless Americans follow your path to becoming totally defenseless when it comes to surviving. However, the FACT that Americans have still not chosen to resist in any way, any of what’s in the video above is mind-boggling. Those crimes being written in stone into the entire system of public education directly affects everyone from the parents to the communities in which those criminally-dysfunctional schools are situated in. What the video talks abut did not just happen yesterday ­ zero-tolerance has been a factor in this Police-state-prison since I was in school back in the late 1950’s.

Yours is the worlds most irresponsible nation and it is now to come under Gods punishment - because you all turned your back on God.

You got rid of God from your schools, parliament, courts etc!

Now there's nothing left to save you.

The rest of the world awaits the demise of the USA.

Just as the Israelis danced on the rooftop, at the success of their 9/11 false flag attack against your nation, the rest of the world waits - to cheer your demise.

Trust me when I say, that the rest of the world will NOT lament the demise of great Satan the USA.

All the worlds tired of the quintessential Ugly American Jim.

And the Chinese are showing the sort of courage that JFK brought to the USA all those years ago with the space race and moon landings.

Even when the Israelis killed the future of your nation 50 years ago, you couldn't bring yourselves to condemn them for it or hold them accountable.

When they attacked the US Liberty - you let them get away with it.

You yanks haven't won a battle since WW2. Just roll over and hurry the phuk up and die Jim.

You don't get it.

No one in the rest of the world gives a phuk about you or your countrymen.

No one likes you Jim - you or your countrymen.

Quit with the winging Jim FFS - our country is full of winging POMS, we don't need to log on to the intranet to read a winging Yank.”

k - No one’s forcing you to read anything. You’re entirely free of course to your own opinion, but you might want to think a bit more before moving on just exactly as those ‘Americans’ you despise, have always done to you.

Go grab one of those guns you all are so proud of and kill an Israeli or 2 or the Kenyan Village idiot, or your congressmen - DO SOMETHING about it Jim, or phuk off & shut up - PLEASE!.”

I have done a great many things “about this” during all this time. Obviously neither I, nor most of the rest of us that are still out there haven’t done enough—not even close—because this shit just gets worse with every day that passes, at least it’s easy to see that thru your eyes.

And you’re right about a lot of this: It is equally shitty however to give speeches from afar, especially when you haven’t done the same thing to free your country either—yet! Your own so-called government is neck-deep with the criminals in D.C. and Jerusalem too ­ and you haven’t stopped that either!

Your an embarrassment to your country and the rest of the world and mankind and manhood.

In short Jim grow the phuk up and grow some balls and DO SOMETHING, we are all sick of your constant whining.

Good luck with how it works out for you all.

Personally we don't give a flying phuk any more.


k- This is a global-problem, but “America” is the primary core of the problem. We let Israel into the world and now they have taken over the congress the courts and the Tarnished House. We just stood by while the entire planet was plunged into a global-and unending war that’s being driven by the US military-machine from over two-hundred bases world-wide. We have been spying on the entire planet for at least the last 13 years while we have criminalized thought and speech, while embracing “pre-crimes” that we can now supposedly act upon. I have to agree with Ian about our culpability-worldwide, because “we have become LEGION ­ “virtually everywhere” in places where millions already live. We bring death and destruction to the world and call it democracy & freedom. Our international- hypocrisy knows no bounds!

Fortunately nature has limits on what any out-of-control power-hungry megalomaniacal society can do. And as Ian inferred we have passed our “USE-BY” date as a nation, or even a country, that can claim to be any part of the global-community of nations.

People do hate Americans viscerally ­ all over the world ­ and what the reader refers to above, is much larger than most Americans have ever even dared to think. “The Ugly-American” was real when I was growing up, but that characterization was largely just a cartoon, compared to what we have become, in the eyes of billions of people around the world.

To many in the wider-world: Americans are THE GREAT SATAN INCARNATE and most of those people can’t wait until we get what they believe we deserve: For all those crimes and all that time when we ignored everything we’ve already done to the planet and to the people of the world ­ we’re out of time!

Maybe Ian’s language might be able to do what a lot of us were not able to do ­ which is to call Americans out, without the bullshit and the false-self-justifications ­ to answer for the things that for far too long we have totally ignored!

1) The Truthseeker America ‘Dead-Last’ in Education ­ 12min 54sec VIDEO



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