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Day Two
Tick-Tock & The Queen Of Keys

By Jim Kirwan


(9min 45sec) Assange: “I think you can't properly understand Hillary Clinton's foreign policy without understanding Saudi Arabia. The connections with Saudi Arabia are so intimate.

John Pilger: “Why was she so demonstrably enthusiastic about the destruction of Libya? Can you talk a little about just what the emails have told us ­ told you ­ about what happened there?

Libya is such a force for so much of the mayhem now in Syria. It was almost the - the ISIL Jihadism and so on: And it was almost Hillary Clinton's invasion, what do the emails tell us about that.

A: Libya, more than anyone else's war - was Hillary Clinton's War. Barack Obama initially proposed it. But who was the person championing it ­ that was Hillary Clinton. That's documented throughout her emails. She put her favored agent, in effect Sidney Blumthal, on to that. There's more than 1700 emails, out of the 33,000 Hillary Clinton emails we published, just about Libya. It's not about that Libya has cheap oil. She perceived the removal of Gaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan state as something that she would use to run in the general election, for president.

So in late 2011, as an internal document called “the Libya Tick-Tock” - that is produced for Hillary Clinton and it's all the chronological description of how Hillary Clinton was the central figure in the destruction of the Libyan State.”

The result: There was around 40,000 deaths, within Libya, Jihadists moved in, ISIS moved in, and THAT LED TO THE EUROPEAN REFUGEE & migrant crisis ­ because not only did you have people fleeing Libya ­ people then fleeing Syria ­ and destabilization off other African countries as a result of arms flows ­ the Libyan state itself was no longer able to control the movement of people through it. Libya faces on to the Mediterranean...”

(12min 23sec)

Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger

24min 52sec VIDEO interview

k: As the clock continues to click down toward the coming fate filled Tuesday of November 8, I find that I keep on having daytime nightmares, with eyes wide open that I wish more people could see for themselves ­ simply because of the raw and brutal truths they continue to share with those of us that know what could so easily descend upon the world.

There is no direct time frame to the 'magic-realism' of these images ­ there's only the outrage, the destruction and the impending doom that connects these moments that so many people are finally becoming aware of...

There are flashes of riots and marauding animalistic barbarians racing through European cities, smashing down doors defacing everything they can reach and throwing the survivors of their gang rapes out into the filthy streets: All the while screaming ­ “this is our country now, this place is no longer yours, you will convert or we shall behead you now.”

While in the smoke filled background police cars burn, people are screaming while the neighborhoods are polluted with public defecation, amid bleeding and severely injured victims ­ for whom there is no help available ­ only more punishment ­ in city after city, in country after country.

These scenes are intercut with snapshots of broken pipe-lines, wiring in the houses and buildings that's been ripped out of the walls in rooms where the furniture has been piled up in heaps to make room for the prayer-rugs, or broken up for firewood as winter approaches ­ as these invaders do things that no animal would ever do, to others of their own kind.

They advocate the violent mutilation of the sexual organs of women, just as they abuse and sexually invade their own children, these cultists are so primitive that they do not qualify as humans.

What makes Islam so Different?

At other times I see their attacks upon The Louvre in Paris, which everyone knows is coming, yet no one dares to talk about. They will simply overrun whatever 'faux-protection' the French won't even bother to mount: The French government will make appeals to other places to help them save the contents of the galleries, but other nations will be having the exact same problems ­ so just like the once great Library at Alexandria, the world will soon only watch, while these illiterate-barbarians begin to sack every major city in Europe—in their quest to rape, to infect or to kill the entire populations of Europe and the west, while they target the entire White Race ­ they have already declared that they intend to make the raping of all White Women Legal ­ yet there has been no outcry - from any of the cowardly-states that started this unholy invasion from hell itself.

I see the architecture of so many European capitals as each monument, edifice or service falls in its' turn, to the thundering hoards that will overrun the West entirely ­ because people will not fight them as they must—if they want to survive any of what's coming to every capital—and all because too many bought all the lies that have underpinned the globe since “multiculturalism” & their PC rules that guaranteed this destruction that's almost everywhere, and it's officially only eleven months old...

That scrap of uncut-reality get's sporadically interspersed with scenes directly from the battlefields of WWII where flamethrowers were used against captive populations, imprisoned in caves or buildings ­ but in this case the buildings are mosques and the shadows holding the flamethrowers are not troops, they're dispossessed people trying to take back their lives, their homes and their once-proud civilizations. As this unasked-for chimera moves on, we are about 10,000 feet up and we can see the deserted fields, the ravaged roads filled with the wreckage of burning cars and trucks that remain where they were hijacked and robbed of their passengers or their cargo - and the stench of burning flesh pollutes even the winds at this height.

Occasionally we return to the US to watch the shutdown of Amerika that's no longer called America, it's become a New Caliphate, but it no longer looks like a functioning country any more. There are no jobs, there is no food ­ the water is polluted. The ports are idle, and what little manufacturing there once was is no more, even the airports have been partially looted ­ as there is no where to go. Stores have been emptied, houses have been fortified, the streets are pockmarked, and most cities resemble Syria or the Libya of today, while some are reminiscent of Iraq or Yemen. The fake wars just keep on going - wherever the tentacles of Israel, Soros, the Rockefeller's or the international bankers have already passed through ­ leaving nothing but chaos in their unholy wake.

The imagery is too hideous to portray here, but the damage to the globe once the Vatican and Rome are gone, Brussels & Paris, not to mention Berlin and London along with Westminster - too many cities to count, but all off this will be totaled unless the entire world comes together and kicks these disease-ridden hate-filled animals back to where they came from.

But until the world accepts responsibility for what has happened it will continue to get worse ­ then I guess the world will have to use the work of Goya above or Hieronymus Bosh below from the fifteenth century ­ to show us what these rapists have in mind. And these images are only the barest beginnings...

This is all about ending the White Race.

And when all the whites are gone, then everyone else who refuses to convert - will be slaughtered ­ in the
most brutal ways possible to imagine...

There's one more bubble that I want to try to convince you to “pop”.


US Takeover May Be Near

In this 7min 41sec video, above, Dr. Steve Pieczenik brings us up to date on who he has been talking about during the last week, when he's advised us about his desire for us “to enjoy a peaceful transition” which he believes “will restore the Republic”.

Steve says that the recent emails were exposed “by many of his friends” but what he's saying does not include Wikileaks or Assange, who by the way has been locked up in a neutral Embassy, in London, for over four years ­ where he's still an enemy of most of Dr. Pieczenik's “friends”.

Pieczenik talks about Nixon, who was allowed to resign, only because he threatened Congress with exposure if they pushed Impeachment on him. And he mentions Kissinger who is a massively unindicted-war-criminal who's responsible for the slaughter of millions in Indonesia, the murder of Allende in Chile on 9-11-73 and the enslavement of that country for the following 17 years, among other things.

He mentions Reagan (the unindicted war-criminal) for his lawless death squads & mercenaries in Central America that he called freedom-fighters, not to mention arms-for hostages, during the ending of the standoff in Iran in the American Embassy, engineered by GWH Bush in1979, which is how those two traitors managed to get elected. Is this how the Doctor thinks America should be seen in the eyes of the world? ARE THESE CREATURES PART OF THE ACCEPTABLE TRANSITION THAT WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD TO “THE RESTORATION OF THE REPUBLIC”?

Steve talks about 'continuity, and 'the fabric of the Republic' without remembering just how colossally corrupt the current police state really is, OR ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

He also mentions Bernie Sanders who refused to fight Hillary when she stole his rightful place on the ballot ­ accepting instead yet another mansion, at home in Vermont, rather than to dare to challenge Hillary or the Democrat party over his obviously stolen political race. Bernie's a communist, a political sell-out and a coward, and as such he's unfit to even run for anything.

The Dr. wants us to believe that 'the established bureau's' just want us all “to play nice” and “TRUST” these same bastards that have enslaved us for the past 50 plus years. Steve talks about “Dissent” - but this is NOT about 'dissent' this is about deeply-lived-deceit on all fronts and the OUTRAGE which that has engendered in the 2016 election ­ because the public wants to cut the heads off all the serpents that have held us, as prisoners, to be used and abused at 'their' will now - for decades.

There is no Republic any longer and if Dr. Steve Pieczenik gets away with selling this snake oil to the public, one more time, then all that the dupes that take his advice will get - is Fascist-Police State 2.0

This election is a sham, but it's a far bigger sham than America has ever had to face before. The selection has already been created and approved - and Hillary will win - because the criminally manipulated-election- machines have already been filled out with their illegally manipulated ballots! This “appeal is just another ploy to try and keep the public from demanding that HEAD'S MUST ROLL.


Then these lawless bastards need to know that

we will fight them on this until all of them

are permanently gone



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