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Day Three & A Look Back

By Jim Kirwan


When 'movies' first became a part of American life, they were a very simple form of moving pictures, no sound, no dialogue: But as Hollywood began to become the global monster that it is today ­ one of the first intrusions into the 'art-form' was a communist-controlled rating system that dictated 'a morally specific code'.

Sex was totally controlled, but the unnoticed censorship of every story beneath the posturing, were the Zionist requirements about an artificial morality that did not allow any lawlessness to ever be seen to profit from whatever the point of any story contained. That was the dagger in the back of artistic control ­ which led the way to the current willful-blindness that forced the public, from the thirties onward, to accept their ideology that has been contrary to everything that normal human experience teaches those that live their lives fully.

If that kind of censorship had been enacted on books and the written word­ there would've been a ground swell of backlash tantamount to book-burning ­ but since the official-censorship was confined to “movies” no one questioned “the rating system” or THE RULES that literally controlled everything that was seen in theaters. That's how America was captured and molded into early forms of mind-control. This was in theory the early and hidden views of Political Correctness that was secretly designed - supposedly to protect the public from 'corrupting-ideas or images': In reality this fake 'High-Moral-Standard' contained the opposite of morality by teaching that 'the good-guys always win, the bad-guys always loose and crime NEVER pays. But in life the truth is that almost always, from the 1930's to 2016 ­ the real-white-hats have always been the targets of Darkness that have been consuming the human race since Hollywood took over everything that everyone in America watches: On the boob-tube, the silver screen, the I-pad, or almost anywhere else on the net.

What happened to the self-congratulatory “RATINGS SYSTEM”? Some might still remember that defunct system of government control - over exactly how much sex or violence anyone could ever be shown?

In the world of NOW, the government still CENSORS all the footage of all the crimes, the wars, the rapes, the torture and the murders in the news—mostly carried out by mercenary outlaws in government uniforms: These are the real-life “films” of today. And yes, these patterns contain all the acts of horrific-violence and the ingrained hatreds that have become routine in almost every nation on the planet. So it's no surprise that the same people that created the Hollywood Ratings System of censorship ­ are today behind the “safe-spaces” that are now being demanded to protect the precious little empty minds of those that refuse to see, to hear or to discuss anything that might, in any way offend anyone who chooses not to know what human beings are now doing to each other worldwide.

It has been ever thus, as shown in this etching by Francisco Goya...

Just one of the reasons why 'art' must be controlled.

All of this is done in the name of the glorious world of multinational-equality that's flooding the planet, with whole nations that are now committing suicide, by refusing to allow their citizens to even report on the skyrocketing crime rates, murders & gang rapes, much less to fight this invasion, throughout Europe, and soon this will become dominant in the dying US: Unless we extinguish this invasion with the absolute force needed to free ourselves from the walking and running savages that seek only the end of the White Race, Western Civilization and all of humanity - wherever nations have been created.

As Putin has said recently: “...A society that cannot defend its children today, has no tomorrow. It has no future.”

The problem that we have in world of today is that everything that Hollywood, the globally owned publishing industry, television & film is dictating now ­ is now everything that our censors claimed to want to protect us from ­ which has come back with such an overwhelmingly violent and barbaric-savagery that the world must finally rise up against everything that we have allowed those fake-censors to invade us with. Their “teachings” have infested in our pre-schools, grade schools, highschools and colleges and their filth that has now managed to control a full generation cross the world. We must violently deal with this or die trying.

Continuing criminal activity, has been going on right in front of our noses for over twenty years. Just follow the links diagrammed out below,

This has all been allowed to grow inside this government

for over twenty years,

Chains, handcuffs and charges must be seen & used

to arrest them all, before November 8, 2016.


Hillary's 'surrogate daughter' tied to terrorists, 9/11 funders

The 8min VIDEO below is also inside the above article.

Who Is Huma Abedin

Talk and peaceful-public-protest can only go so far. The time is here for action, and if our calls for action go unheeded - then to defend our lives and the lives of those we love - we must physically tear down whatever forces which the tyrannical & Criminal State chooses to throw at us.

Yesterday we had some hope, but if that glimmer does not result in chains and shackles accompanied by the slamming of prison doors on dozens of these troglodytes that have been trying to kill us all for over a hundred years ­ then the people must take to the streets; so that what's happening throughout Europe can be thrown out of the United States, before this globally diseased horde can finish infecting this nation as well.


Day Four & Counting






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