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The Day After

By Jim Kirwan


Now that "The Barbarians at the Gates" have finally been dealt a deadly one-two punch ­ for the first time in fifty years: Americans must finish this battle in the afterglow of the beginning of the end of their Satanist life-style ­ that tried and failed to stop the global-engine's of the world.

That's why the world must pause for a moment and THINK - before we commit ourselves globally to ACTIONS that will crush the chains we've finally uncovered ­ and this by itself will finally turn everything about this suicidal-world around.

In the interim here's a perfect example of some of what we must do, as a prelude, to totally dissolving the criminal United Nations, that's seeking to enslave the population of the United States, while they try to disarm every every man, woman and child in North America.

Brought to us all by the U.S. Department of Home Invasions

Our Media does not cover what the oil companies have done to Indigenous people”

* * *

America has been mercilessly torn apart by this global street-fight, that's lasted for over fifty years. Yesterday was the first time in that huge span of of long-dead time, that the public in America, has finally awakened to the realities of what's really been going on and that was clearly reflected yesterday in the 80 to 20 Victory over the Criminal Clinton Cash Machine and all it's treacherous tentacles.

We must 'pause' now, just for a few moments and think about how important this unexpected coup has been - to freeing us all from the out-of-control high-treason, that almost succeeded,; but for yesterday's victorious 2016 election, in the U.S. A.

But as every street-fighter knows, nothing must be allowed to interfere with continued planning, for every phase of the coming onslaught that's 'only just begun'.

Yesterday's victory stripped away all pretense about just what it was that was holding America & the world by the throat. That's what we must all begin to use, across the board, to meticulously finish the destruction of the real Evil's we almost globally embraced...

Draining this Swamp is Job One. Here are parts of how the world looked this morning. Note the “USI” logo on the strip below the images

Trump's Triumph!

RT News - November 09, 2016 (17:00 MSK)

* * *

The obvious leaders throughout this rebellion were the tens of thousands of freelance reporters and commentators, the new, young activists, from the shadows of the dying-media. Without the determined efforts of thousands of us, most of what has gone on would never have been known to the outraged public that voted down this criminal conspiracy, a fake-media which is in fact nothing but a bunch of PAID CORPORATE-HACKS that took the money and helped to implement the total destruction of America and our values.

Because of those millions of dedicated volunteers, an imminent collapse was yet again diverted. Last night the Alternative Media Worldwide earned global praise for their very existence!

In many ways it was the YOUTH of AMERICA that persevered through the long and lonely hours of research, the tireless digging and hunting to bring us all the news that was possible to find, in addition to Wikileaks and the more traditional rebels.

Thanks to their work, it's clear that the Democrats & the Republicans are now obsolete ­ “their time” has both come & gone!

Finally here's Hillary's 'speech' fake background & all

Hillary's concession speech CHECK OUT THE VIDEO - IT MIGHT BE FAKE

I kept thinking that she should be prosecuted for everything she's done throughout all the decades that she's held each corrupted 'public office'. Politically it would not seem acceptable now, but she is so overdue in having to finally FACE the consequences for all that she's done in the name of the people of the United States of America.



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