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Day Nine


By Jim Kirwan


United States Troops are seldom seen in foreign countries without their masks. There are many reasons for this and none of them bode well for Americans whether at home or abroad.

Jade-Helm 15 has added an additional month to the beginning of their “planned exercise”, which had been announced for July 15. That date was moved up to June 15, making the “exercise” into a three month long affair.

As it happens June 15, 2015, just happens to be the day that NATO and USI will begin a massive Europe wide war game. That will start the same day that JADE-HELM begins inside the USA.

Today’s news in Yemen and that area of the latest global outrage is being ignored to concentrate on the unwinnable US, Israeli, UN project that has just ramped up for a massive new series of “war-games” designed to bait Russia into acting to defend the breakaway Republics inside Ukraine. The latest insanity is being led by NATO, in the Black Sea as well as in a large number of former Soviet-Republics that have now joined NATO, at the Russian border.

The United States is broke and yet we are spending billions to play war, in an area of the world where any accident could easily result in the beginning of a nuclear exchange ­ but apparently USI-NATO is counting on their war games to take the heat off JADE-HELM-15, and what that could easily mean inside the USA - which could easily escalate into a bogus Martial Law that would end all freedoms inside the old United States. What makes this a bogus-act, committed by traitors, is that since the Israeli attack on 911 there have been no “terrorist-attacks” inside the US except for those fake events like Sandy Hook or the Boston Marathon that were simply orchestrated government operations designed to force the surrender of guns—but which backfired into a huge new round of fire-arms purchases, nationwide.

In fact in virtually every area of conflict there is nothing but either stagnation from the West, or totally clouded conflicts in which no side can even be defined as the same forces ­ because they often wear different masks, even on the same day; depending on the rapidly changing targets that vary hour to hour. All of this is transpiring while the global-financial situation continues to crumble in the world that continues to ignore the history of everything that’s gone into creating this masquerade - which has nothing to do with reality, anywhere, any longer.


Operation "Overlord"

6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Month

I thought that we ought to begin to notice what will be taking place in these last ten days, before the final chapter begins, because it will probably be the last time that most of us will be able to say anything about what’s about to take place.

I’ve been noticing just how much will instantly change if and when some of the more damaging events were to happen.

If you happen to be ‘out in the world’ when things begin to radically change you will see things that haven’t made it into any of Hollywood’s versions of the end of the world scenarios.

If the infrastructure is directly attacked then what will happen will be the equivalent of being inside a world filled almost completely with puppets whose strings will all be cut at the same time. No computer, no bank-accounts, no communication beyond what you can manage with that human voice that most have forgotten how to use: No lights, but clogged traffic everywhere once the controls cease to function, and gas can’t be pumped without electricity. There won’t be many individuals who will be prepared to live by their wits and their determination from moment to moment ­ but those who can will rule the first few hours, for awhile.

When people allow FEAR to trump COURAGE, there is no way out for any anyone so engrossed in that world that’s built on the fear of FEAR itself ­ because in that world there can never be any real freedoms anywhere, because of the tradeoffs between paranoia and Apathy.

After the streets get clogged with road-kill and before the fires begin to produce the panic that will punctuate the problems with the absence of so many things that there will hardly be any time to even think about anything except staying alive, at least not for the first three days: After that things will get a bit easier, because the shock will have somewhat subsided and those who totally fell-apart will have been removed from the equations. But no one else, besides the survivors will “know” anything because there will be no communications to wait for or to listen to: There will only be one hell of a blood-bath in progress ­ and no one will “care” about the straggler’s unless their loved-ones find them or come to their assistance…

What will happen will soon be based on what people DO to stay alive. There won’t be time for debates or ‘consensus building’ ­ there will only be survival versus imprisonment or death.

For those of you who think that “THIS CAN NEVER HAPPEN HERE”, there are simply no words to describe the enormity of your ignorance or your disbelief in everything that’s not part of your own “very important life’ - and at this late stage it’s obviously far too late to bring those of you who subscribe to that view, up to speed.

Nine days left of all this indecision and that’s not long at all. ‘The pundits’ are claiming that amateurs like me are totally wrong, “the whole thing about Jade-Helm is Bogus”.

They could be right ­ but after watching these assholes plan their filthy plots for over fifty years, that idea seems far-beyond remote to me.

When you compare what we did to the world during WWII, and then the fact that we concealed that truth throughout WWII and beyond, right up to just a few years ago: It seems that this traitorous government could indeed do something much, much worse than most people now expect to them to do…

The choice is yours: Either believe the same government that has been plotting your obliteration for more than the last one hundred years, or call these troglodytes on all their unspeakable crimes and meet them head on: then back them down and end them for a ‘real change’ this time.



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