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Pre-Sale 'Dees' Volume 4 !
The Ultimate Contemporary 'Coffee Table'
Highest Quality Gloss Finish Art Book!

Exclusive To

112 Full-Color, Full-Page Stunning Dees Illustrations
Of The Most Powerful Political Art Statements Of Our Times

Critics are describing this as David Dees' most brilliant, insightful,
revelatory collection of political art and commentary yet.

Printing is scheduled for November and we are accepting Pre-Sale Orders NOW
to assure the earliest possible shipping date! This is clearly the ultimate gift to either
yourself or to someone you care about or anyone who may need a little nudge to
be able to see the TRUTH of what's happening all around us. Don't delay, Order Now!

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"Thank you so much! You have become a hit in the foothills of North Carolina. Your books are a major conversation piece at all family gathering now :) "
"Hello David -
thank you for sharing these - btw a new friend saw my two books from you and she started looking at them. She started 'making noises' oh, and hmmm, wow. She got into it and she was flipping page after page, slowly digesting each one. She looked up and said: "Holy Cow - there's a lot going on. I had NO idea." I was really impressed. Thought you would be, too. It is a high compliment, David."
-Dr. Jeff Prystupa
"I received a set of books as a Christmas gift from my husband. I was so excited! The best part of my gift was it helped other members of my family "connect the dots", that I never thought would. My mom wanted the link to buy a set for herself to show others after looking through my books. so, I decided to buy her a set from her upcoming 60th birthday in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for your art!"
"We received the books. Love them!
They are a center piece on our coffee table for all to enjoy.
Thank you!"
- Stephanie
"No one can match your insight, intuition and powers of prediction encompassed in your art."

"Your work helped wake me up in 2008 when I already knew things were a muck but couldn't put my finger on it until you illustrated it out. I credit you for breaking me out of the matrix mold. The level of respect I hold for you in this regard is unsurpassed!"
-Sarah C.
"We are now fighting for our very lives and your art is a shining beacon of light and hope in a giant sewer of toxic waste."
- Pierre
"Hi David. Just to let you know- your books arrived safely, and we absolutely LOVE them. We'll be showing our friends and family, and they will have pride of place on our 'coffee-table'! Keep up all your brilliant work, and love how the new book worked out. Much to discuss! If you ever get over to Australia, come and look us up."
"Art used to mean something. It used to mean something to make a statement. It used to mean fearlessness in the face of the status quo. Modern art is the status quo. In these seemingly last days (whatever that means to the individual), the most important artists are those that preach conformity. The most important artists are those that degrade and not inspire. Their art forms shackles instead of wings to fly from these societal cages. They refuse to educate, inform or inspire. They only work within the confines of authority to confuse or derange the senses. These puppets aren't artists. They are deceptive agenda pushers and nothing more. They are unwittingly being used against the masses. Their symbolism is not coincidence . This is degeneracy masked as "artistic expression." To consider them artists is insulting to what true art is meant to be."

"The rest of the so-called artists are so sanitized and safe in comparison. They don't question or expose the corruption. They go along to get along. In other words, they are complicit in their silence."

"David Dees produces visually stunning images that encourage thought and discussion. It's fearless in the face of a monster that is so cumbersome and ubiquitous, it's dangerous to even speak about his art. It stands alone as the Zionist monster devours the landscape. His artwork is relevant in a time where media platforms are rife with censorship. Dees has become synonymous with truth and we are lucky to have someone that stands up for humanity. David Dees might be the most important artist of our time. No one captures the essence of tyranny or corruption in images quite like him. Through his art, he has cast out the degenerates that have overstayed their welcome. He has shown these scoundrels for what they truly are.... creatures in human form."

"Thank you, David Dees. You're a genuine truther in a sea of half truthers."
Take care,