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The Dark-Side Trifecta

By Jim Kirwan

We paid for every bit of this and we no longer have a voice!

Recently I mentioned the trifecta, but I forgot to mention this third-rail. (1)

That rail contains what was done to Americans on July 9th when congress cut off funding to 101 million Americans that need the food stamp program. The Third Rail of American political life has just been touched. This was done to DROP food stamps for political points to enable Corporate WELFARE to continue to be paid to Agribusinesses at the expense of 101 million Americans on food stamps...


Are You Angry Yet?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that 101,000,000 Americans are on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the domestic US at a cost of $114 billion annually as of 2012.

For perspective, the number of US citizens receiving food stamps surpasses the number of employed workers in the private sector.

The Bureau of Labor (BoL) statistical data shows that in 2012 an estimated 97,180,000 full ­ time workers were accounted for.

The USDA said that the surge of Americans accepting SNAP benefits is at a “historically high figure that has risen with the economic downturn.”

Earlier this month, the USDA Food Nutrition Service (FNS) preformed an audit that revealed American families are combining benefits from multiple federal agencies such as the National School Lunch Program (NSLP); Women, Infants and Children (WIC); the Summer Food Service (SFS); and the Special Milk Program (SMP) to help them meet their nutritional needs.

The audit points out: “With the growing rate of food insecurity among U.S. households and significant pressures on the Federal budget, it is important to understand how food assistance programs complement one another as a safety net, and how services from these 15 individual programs may be inefficient, due to overlap and duplication.”

This is the trial run for cutting or eliminating Social Security which the government is just dying to take back from everyone who receives social security today. Under the terms of the plan, people paid into the system for the life of the time they worked here. That money that most people were forced to pay into, was guaranteed to be there so that those who earned that money could “get it all back” when they needed it.

Shockingly, “food-stamp use rose 2.8% in the U.S. in April from a year earlier, with more than 15% of the U.S. population receiving benefits.”

The House of Representatives voted down the $940 billion Farm Bill last month. Contained in the bill was $743.9 billion allocated to SNAP; which was also the biggest and most controversial part of the legislation…” (2)

With these two nightmares in place and threatening every American that needs help already, there is still the government’s own carefully designed war between the black & white Americans which they worked to insure will happen; over the jury’s pending decision on Trayvon Martin supporters, if Zimmerman is acquitted.

As the jury retires to consider its verdict, threats to stage riots, looting and racial violence if George Zimmerman is acquitted continue to flood Twitter in greater numbers than ever before despite efforts by authorities to discourage unrest.

Having tracked such threats for the last two weeks, it is clear that the volume of vows to stage violent disorder is now clearly at its peak as police prepare to counter flash mob violence in both Sanford and Miami.

The defense for George Zimmerman presented its closing argument this morning with the jury expected to deliver its verdict by the middle of next week. However, the rights and wrongs of the case have to a great extent been overshadowed by sustained threats by Trayvon Martin supporters to spark Rodney King-style riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty.

Extremist groups like the New Black Panthers have also promised to oversee a “rebellion” if Zimmerman is acquitted, warning that “If Zimmerman is acquitted there is likely to be unrest all over America, It will be way beyond the capacity of the NBPP.” (3)

Two things leap out about this pending violence. The Government wants the violence to happen. And the actual problem is not one of black or white, but green: This is all about the money that the a potential riot will direct, to the same criminals that brought us 911, and virtually all the wars we’re currently drowning in around the planet.

However once civilian guns are brought out for self-protection: If these riots become real, then regardless of the outcome once the riots are over - the guns will not go back into the closets again. That is what the government has actually not planned on. But of course when you add in the over-zealous government threats to food-stamps and social security, along with the potential economic disaster which is still pending—then the new-NAZI’s will have set the national-stage for their precious martial-law to become real and operative across this land.

None of this will end as government wants it to, anymore than what they have planned to happen in the Middle East has been interrupted again—just when Israel & USI were telling the world that Syria will fall and they “we” will be triumphant.

Israel has yet to win anything besides the Golan Heights since they invaded Palestine over 65 years ago. Since that time (1948) they have not been able to conquer any more land to add to the Greater State of Israel despite the fact that they have the world’s fourth largest military. That has been the case because militarily Israel has one of the worst military records on the planet given the number of wars they have started—yet they still have virtually nothing to show for that effort—except against unarmed civilians. (4)

This TRIFECTA was cooked up to end the stalemate and the seriously behind schedule of the old-world-order: To finish conquering the planet which was their plan when they began this nightmare - oh so very long ago, even before WWII.

To keep this in perspective; I discovered an older article that casts some light on who we really are and on what we have forgotten, as we go about trying to get back our planet from the bastards that have stolen most of it from most of us who live here.

When we are far enough away from the cities' lights, the night sky shows us its unparalleled pageantry. It is fantastically beautiful, awesome really some might say. It's easy to get lost in the mystery of it; easy to just lose oneself in the vastness of this universe, especially when you realize that ours is just a very distant; almost deserted corner in our own small galaxy.

Thanks to Hubble we now know that we have always been billions upon billions of light years from the real activity in the majesty of the universe: Yet here we are, still confounded by the simplest of problems: Still fighting and dying over the most basic of all things that are in reality only very minor differences between basically equal beings that share the same blood, the same goals and the same dreams. This was me before the gray set in, back when I was doing set-construction for some minor plays that didn't move the critics but gave the cast some laughs and a bit of fun.

That 'universe' is still out there beyond the literal tons of space junk that we've left in orbit all around our unkempt-atmosphere. But as I gaze again on that familiar and yet forever distant light show; reality intrudes upon the moment. We 'know' that what we're seeing 'up-there' is what is generally thought to be our universal firmament and yet part of our knowledge is confused by the fact that what we're seeing is in reality a very ancient view of what has taken trillions of light years to come this far-to in theory reach "this Place." Then the cold hard facts intrude again because all that we can see up there is from a very distant time that for us has no actual beginning point-no "place." And since we know that this happened so very long ago that it quite literally is impossible to grasp; it seems to force the questions that surround the WHY of everything we cannot seem to ever know. At least not here, not now.

Then we are forced to remember that in reality we are all living in a universal-illusion (Mystery ~Illusion) where everything out-there and here is in reality flying at super-sonic speeds, through an ever-expanding space that itself remains a mystery: We're on a spinning tiny-orb that revolves at roughly 17,000 mph and yet everything seems so solid so stationary or as some might say: So REAL. It's hard to remember that we are nothing but collections of atoms assembled into the temporary forms we occupy, but briefly, while we continue "to live" in this universal illusion of the present.

The universe doesn't just surround us: We are part of every bit of that universe, because everything that is alive on this planet is made from the same building blocks of nature; the same 'fabric if you will that is contained in the trees and rocks, in the water and the air and yes even in the fires of life itself, which is here represented by the embryo of new life that lends purpose to the mystery and weight to our illusions.

Yet we cannot see this in that way, because we lack that specific vision that would allow us to internalize the whole of everything; that 'universe' which could show us what has already happened, if only we could truly understand reality for what it is and not for what we have decided it ought to be.

So we continue to live in the present, with a past that we can consult from time to time: but knowing that we shall never reach that promised "future" which the politicians and priests are so fond of offering; to anyone that might care to listen. No, the future is part of that ever-distant mystery that can never be disclosed, because we are confined to the few moments that we have in the NOW and the chards of memory that outline what remains of our collective past.

The one thing we all continue to share is this huge and continuously moving space that we so casually call 'the universe' while too many of us spend our days in the intentional destruction of this place that we inherited, from other times and other men and women that preceded us. Perhaps the real mystery here for us; is just how much of this world will we be able to leave to anyone that might come after us-or have we so wounded this place and those that also live here, that there cannot be a tomorrow, for enough of them to matter? (5)

The hour is late ladies & gentlemen, and we need to think before we do anything. What we must do now is to begin to hold the feet of those responsible to the radical-fires they seek to set inside this nation. And if anyone dies from their coming-actions the government must be charged with the murder and treason they have worked so hard to create!

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The Narrative continues - 3-22-11





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