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The Darkrooms Of The Mind


By Jim Kirwan


We are living in the perpetual ‘Dark-Rooms’ of the global-nightmares that we have made from the repetitive events we refuse to understand.

If we could translate these global-negatives into more clearly understood prints, then the planet would demand real changes in everything that passes for power or governance today.

The total cover-up of what passes for nation-state-attacks over the last few years has been more than just ‘exposed’. All these policies from the glaringly illegal wars throughout the Middle East, the whole EU and Ukraine, are presenting the globe with the total sham being driven by the power-elite worldwide.

This has been EXPOSED in far too many places now. The result can easily be seen by all the “CHANGES” coming from virtually everywhere, beginning with RT. Their once brilliant coverage of most topics is being watered down, some of its best sites have been either frozen or are impossible to reach, and that’s only one example. This disease is spreading into the over-populated alternative-media as well. And more to the point ‘none of this is new’.

I was delving into one of Immanuel Velikovsky’s books ­ “Ages in Chaos” (ISBN 978-1906833-15-2) that was written in 1977. It seems that much of what we think of as “current history” has been lied about worldwide for thousands of years. The result of his extensive research into our collective past is profound to say the least.

What makes his work so damning is the fact that much of what he was able to unearth comes from the graphic depictions of major events that were carved in stone, but that were not included or analyzed in the official documents that supposedly explained what happened in the long dead past of the nations of Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Persia and the rest of the nations in the Fertile Crescent that was the cradle of civilization for millennia: Hence the need to understand who did what to whom and why ­ which was the subject for much of Velikovsky’s work.

Velikovsky’s investigations brought other huge new questions to light when he investigated the planet for clues about what happened to it over the centuries, “World’s in Collision” (1950) and “Earth in Upheaval” (1955) both of which soared to the top of the New York Times best seller lists back in the time when they were written ­ only to be savaged by the official scientific community as nothing short of scientific-heresy, which we know now was clearly a cover-up from start to finish.

Basically the same things are happening now to the social, political and military history of the planet, as this is being carried out around the world under a firestorm of false-flags almost too numerous to even mention. The goal today is the same as the hundreds of years of obscure-difference that was found and discussed by Velikovsky in the supposedly official record of civilization that has been clearly filled with impossibilities that do not represent what actually happened in the far-away dark-rooms of history.

“Change” is happening everywhere now in an almost blind attempt to keep the truth hidden from the planet, but this cannot succeed because no matter how long it takes the truth will always surface.

So the political changes being inflicted upon an aroused global-public that is fed-up with the colossal global-lies that are being stripped naked before the world: Are in need of yet another fake-face-lift by shutting down some of the more offensive voices and trying to introduce a new breed of players to try and stretch their worn-out masks even further than the battle-worn shreds of their former protections could ever manage. At the end of the day ­ Lies are still just Lies, and no amount of PR will ever keep them “secret” much longer.

These two articles from Max Keiser make today’s monetary and social problems abundantly clear for those looking for answers…

786: Janus does Dollars:

787: Synopsis:

Remember that the entire current problem was supposed to have succeeded way back around the time of the coming of the New Millennium.

Cheney told us that smashing Iraq would be over in three months and would cost almost nothing because we would use Iraq’s oil to pay for everything. Instead Iraq is still very much alive and we’re going back in again after having spent over $7 trillion on just Afghanistan and Iraq combined ­ and the outlaws have yet to mention how much all the wars on rest of the nation’s where we’re making war is costing the US taxpayers; just for the wars in the 90 other nations alone.

The pretend dark-room-world has apparently decided there’s only one answer to every global-problem ­ “War, War, and Lots More War” - Donald Rumsfeld.

Yet looking back through time, each and every time that this statement been chosen as “the Answer” to every problem, all that was accomplished was devastation, destruction and in many cases the end of entire nations and their people’s: The only thing that could be said to have happened was to erase whole parts of civilization, which was almost always followed by the failure and removal of the would be god-like creatures that launched all the mindless wars in the first place.

Midnight in the Carnival of Deceit

And the one other factoid that keeps being overlooked is that the disinformation propagandists and their lackey’s were always the first to die, each and every time these global mistakes began to replace productive human-life. In the past, these follies were practiced upon confined arena’s but now the entire world has been turned into a crucible of fire and massive destruction that will seemingly leave no stone unturned, no air to breathe or water to still the thirst, even the land will become toxic and yet the world refuses to re-act to these globally-continuing crimes against humanity…

So welcome these new additions to the masquerade, just know that they will not last more than a few months this time around, because “It’s Closing Time”:

And then there’s that “special club” that runs it all, that George Carlin is so famous for - that still rings out with the cynical truth:

They’re all part of a special club and you and I ain’t in it’…




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