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What Happens In Darkness

By Jim Kirwan


Comes to Light

Overnight the world has been treated to some truth for a change that clearly depicts who’s doing what in Ukraine and Crimea. Let’s begin with today’s Communist News from CNN.

CNN “Gray, wet grim… We’ve just arrived at the airport at Simferopol. This is where overnight a group of armed men, reportedly calling themselves the people’s militia, of Crimea, started patrolling the airport. ~ These men seem far more organized than a people’s militia, wearing camouflage gear with Kalashnikov’s and otherwise impossible to identify. ~ These balaclava clad gunmen stoke fears of fresh conflict, on this Black Sea peninsula.”

kirwan: These are obviously well trained troops that are not related to the Western backed violent gunmen that recently attacked and took over the parliament in Kiev. The scene being described by CNN is the picture of calm; the “men with Kalashnikov’s” are the opposite of the terrorists that have been seen in so many countries over the last three years.

CNN “No military insignia on their uniforms, no number plates on their trucks. On Thursday other gunmen stormed Crimea’s Regional Parliament, inviting in pro-Russian MP’s; who sacked the Premiere in favor of a new pro-Russian leader.” It’s a strange symbiosis which seems to be playing out here too.”

kirwan: The only thing strange, for CNN, is that it has not been violent, just as it was not violent when the pro-Russian MP’s voted in a new Russian Leader for the Regional Parliament of Crimea—unlike the Western backed-violence that marked the change to illegitimate government inside Kiev.

CNN “In front of these gunmen (balaclava-clad armed troops) a line of locals. Wearing the Georgian-ribbon, a well known symbol of Russian military valor. They (the unarmed civilians) say they are here to keep the peace; but they don’t know who the gunmen (the Russian troops ­ which Russian has already claimed) are. “We don’t have political contact with them”, this man tells me “just on a casual basis, cigarettes and tea, we don’t know which country they belong to.” Russia says it’s not them. But their Black Sea Fleet has not strayed beyond their bases in Sebastopol. But on Friday a Crimean Channel aired video which appeared to show Russian helicopters heading to Sebastopol’s Baalbek airport: Adding fears to Kiev’s fears that Russia is invading its territory; and prompting it to close Crimean airspace.

Whoever these men are this is clearly a dangerous image to be presenting to the world.”

kirwan: Ironically if you are not watching the images you might think that this is a violent scene, such as is has been too frequently shown throughout Western nations with riot police murdering people and viciously arresting hundreds. But all that is shown on CNN, in this piece of intended disinformation, are armed and uniformed troops walking, sometimes in two’s, quietly on virtually empty streets surrounding the functioning airport.

CNN “Armed gunmen patrolling alongside pro-Russian self-defense units in a part of Ukraine which has a heavy Russian military presence.”

kirwan: The reporter is moving freely among very few troops and several unarmed civilians in a completely undamaged airport. This place is as quiet as it is, because Crimea consists of primarily Russian oriented people, and Crimea has been contractually leased to Russia under long-term agreements: Unlike the situation that erupted when Western-backed heavily armed mercenaries invaded the Parliament in Kiev violently taking over that Parliament - earlier in the week.

CNN “Ukraine’s new government says that this is “an occupation”. This whilst Russia conducts huge military exercises on this countries borders.” (1)

Kirwan: Watch the video, and decide for yourself what the truth is and why is CNN not reporting from inside Kiev, while not interviewing those in Kiev carrying weapons in that formerly free state?

Press TV adds this critical piece of information to the pack of lies being disseminated by the West.

Media reports say that several former Israeli-army soldiers have played a key role in organizing street-clashes in the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev: According to reports published by Haaretz and the Times of Israel. An Israeli-Army veteran headed a street-fighting unit in Kiev. The unit, called the ‘Blue Helmets of the Maidan’, was made up of a force of 40 men and women, including several Israeli army veterans. The reports added that the unit was linked to ultra-nationalist groups.

The reports said that Delta, a Ukraine-born former Israeli soldier, used combat skills he acquired in Israel’s Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters.

According to Delta, the Blue Helmets comprise 35 men and women, who are led by five ex-Israeli soldiers. Unrest erupted in Ukraine in November 2013, when the ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych, refrained from signing an Association Agreement with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Russia.

Russia has repeatedly accused the West of meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine and fueling the crisis in the country.

In early February, a four-minute video was posted on YouTube by an anonymous user, in which US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt discussed which of Ukraine’s opposition leaders they would like to see in government.

On February 23, the Ukrainian parliament ousted Yanukovych and named Oleksandr Turchynov, the legislature’s newly-elected speaker, as interim president.” (2)

What’s transpiring today inside Ukraine and Crimea is the current version of the way we began inside Libya, which we eventually obliterated and Syria, which Israel and USI are still slaughtering without the intervention of any internationally sanctioned courts that have labeled all ‘our wars’ completely illegal. (3)

US polices in tandem with Israel have underpinned
every war throughout the world since we left Vietnam in disgrace in 1975.

These policies have all involved the massive importation of mercenary-forces, their illegal weaponry and intelligence, combined with political-puppets and deadly explosives to seal each deal in darkness, in order to fulfill the Israeli ‘Greater State’ plan to take over total control of the Middle East. The same thing is happening now in Venezuela, most of Africa and the other nations that together make up 35 nations on our current target lists—which includes the United States of America at the top of that list.

Everything that ‘Happens in the Darkness’ is ‘Coming to Light’ as certainly as a new Day follows even the darkest Night.

As mentioned yesterday, in the five year television series Alias, the Jews who own Hollywood wanted to show us the truth in all this, beginning back in September of 2001.

In the second season the public can watch the break-down in the layers of actual-responsibility with greed and promises-of-raw-power. From history we know that once completed, any guilt involved in any of these global-crimes will be totally erased from the lives of those involved at every level: That ‘s where “Amerikans” are today in all these fake-wars that American taxpayers are funding all over the planet.

The ‘rules’ that guide the global-outlaws have always ruled-out anything human, from every equation, which is why they’ll lose!

Their predispositions toward brute force and false-flag operations seek to nullify any ability to arrive at any workable solutions; other than the same self-deceptions that have been used so sloppily in every war we’ve been in, since Viet Nam.

From watching the series and from having been a part-time investigative reporter for many, many years; it’s clear that the job of the thousands of federal and private agencies all over the world, is to discover and track every threatening weapons system, individual, or groups that are planning any actual attack of any size at all ­ worldwide.

Given how many people are involved in the near total trafficking of weapons, drugs, and power-grabs, it would be totally impossible for the United States to ever be “surprised” or attacked by anything larger than a single person. This makes the entire edifice of the full-spectrum of a national-international police-state obsolete!

For the US to be militarily attacked by any nation or by any so-called terrorist-group: Would mean that millions of people throughout the world would all have to fail at exactly the same time, for this to ever-happen. There is no justification whatsoever for anything we’re funding now from DHS to TSA or for that matter CIA, FBI, and the whole long list of everything from DEA, ICE, IRS, you name it and if you investigate it, you’ll find out that in addition to the facts: They’re all illegal and none of them are necessary!

Americans no longer have any constitutionally backed laws to defend us from this rogue government. Yet despite that fact there are now thousands of government directed mercenaries and an unknown number of agencies that have religiously-strict rules which compartmentalize everything that any agency or fringe organization does, about any “threat” anywhere on the globe today.

This total-devotion to the idea of “National-Security” absolutely guarantees failure across the board, and always has. The reason for their failures happens because of their total and personal INSECURITY under which every one of the thousands of rogue agencies, continue to attempt to function. This is what the information beneath “Alias” reveals, if you listen and follow up your questions with actual research to determine what’s true and what’s not.

What does all this ‘information’ indicate? This simply means that in the end “THEY” cannot win! Human-beings will survive, and we’ll crush these pretend creatures along with their pretend empire’s that have cursed this earth for far too many centuries already.

A case in point is the total lie that Zionist-Israel is still using to try and justify their totally fabricated existence in a world that dumped them centuries ago.

Netanyahu said:

How do they (the Palestinians) have the temerity not to recognize the Jewish State…the nation-state of the Jewish people? Do they not know that we’ve been here for the last 3800 years? They don’t know that this is the land of the Bible? That this is where Jewish history and Jewish identity was forged? Why don’t they accept that? Why do they insist on not recognizing us? There is a reason. Because once you accept the fact that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, you end all claims. You end territorial claims, you end refugee claims, you end the so called right of return.”

Jews were expelled from the land in 586 BC; some returned later but under foreign rule…with only a brief one hundred years of independence; then expelled again in 125 AD, NEVER to return until 2000 years later.” (4)

These Barbarians, together with Shadow Governments, want to enslave the rest of the world to their unchallenged-right to rule over all humanity. That’s why Israel directed the street-fighting inside Kiev and was seeking to insert themselves into Crimea, in the same way they are undercutting Syria; when the Russians stepped in to stop them in Ukraine.

Russia is now standing between the US, Israel, UN, NATO, the Brits, the EU and Germans to defend the right of the people of Ukraine, to determine their own future.

This fight has obviously only just begun ­ have a GREAT weekend!

1) Obama Warns Russia: There will be costs for intervention in Ukraine 2min 24sec Video

2) Ex-Israeli soldier led militia unit in Ukraine ­ 35sec video

3) Gaza in Syria

4) Do We Want a Jewish State



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