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Darkness & Illumination

By Jim Kirwan


We have arrived at the key intersection of global-conflict. This is the war between darkness & light that has raged throughout all of human history. Ironically this involves the two sides of life on the planet, which humans have tried violently to convert into something that can control the darkness with artificial light. At the same time we have striven to obliterate the darkness while artificially trying to embrace the lies that have kept us from recognizing the natural-balance we’ve destroyed - between the two component parts of life. The natural balance between male & female mirrors the natural balance required on the planet.

For two thousand years humanity has been making war on both women and nature, to try and force everything-that-matters into the masculine sphere; simultaneously condemning everything feminine to the deadly-silence of slavery. This does not leave any role in society for the feminine to even ‘be’ in.

The key to the survival of humanity is the natural balance between the masculine and the feminine: Each is different. Both are needed within each of us. If human-life is to be natural and complete with differences, joy, and depths that are shared rather than being constantly-competed for: Then we need to change.

The truth of this human-equation can be seen in the film “Children of Men”. This was made from a brilliantly written 1992 book by P.D. James - about the truth behind the failure of the philosophies mentioned above.

In her story, the human race loses the capacity to be able to have children. “Pregnancy” simply ceases to happen. This is the same problem that every narcissistic-trend in every brutal-society has unconsciously used: First to control society, but in the end that always fails because without a future-generation human-life itself will cease. Today because of technology every single word, thought or deed of everyone is being recorded and stolen by the 4th Reich (Our current version of global-tyranny). The goal is to totally control the whole of humanity by dominating everything that any one of us might do or desire to do. This cannot succeed, any more than could The-Third-Reich or the other police-states that preceded it. The BALANCE of the planet cannot be artificially destroyed to please the “miniscule-few” that always seem to seek total control over all the rest of us.

One of the differences is that since humanity now has the power to destroy the entire planet roughly 50-times over with nuclear weapons, we the targets, must turn this latest attempt to steal the world back to the ruination of those who have planned it this time!

If we fail there will no longer be a new generation of men or women to populate the planet. All who remain will die in the barren scorched-earth-world which has chosen to end the human-race. Without BALANCE between the Darkness & the Light, there can be no life here. This is exactly what the fascist states of International-Bankers, money-lenders, Warmongers and Dreamslayers have in store for everyone still alive today.

In the illustration above “ILLUMINATION” represents the reflected light of the sun as it’s seen on the full face of the barren moon. “DARKNESS”, meanwhile, is a humanistic-personification of life in the shadows that compose our nights - which balances out the natural-light of day.

What civilization” has tried to do is to illuminate our nights artificially, which expands their world into an extension of their need - to use every second to inflate their illicit-profits. What is lost goes unremarked.

This will change when the lights go out and all of us go back to living in a natural world where darkness is also needed to explore the real-depths of actual-light more clearly.

Of course there are other differences which the absence of BALANCE points out. One of those is the almost totally misunderstood relationship between POWER & IMPOTENCE.

LETTING-GO” is where real POWER RESIDES. The definition of ‘IMPOTENCE’ is defined by clutching virtually every cent and everything else in all of life - in an attempt to OWN everything the whole world. If you really think about it, this is NOT POSSIBLE, given the level of the number of bodies it would take to actually monitor every being and every thought on the planet simultaneously…

People we have to begin to get real here!

We speak about this world as representing how sophisticated we have become, how thoroughly modern and classically ‘ahead-of-our-times’ we supposedly are. But how can that be? We have fallen for one of the greatest and simplest con-games ever used to create the greatest transfer of wealth this planet has ever seen.

Look at the condition of all that were once nation-states but who are now nothing more than slaves, who no longer own their own money, or their own dreams. This isn’t “modern” this is something bandits dreamt about since we first began to leave the caves. Yet we still refuse to even look at what we’ve allowed these traitors to do to each and everyone of us—every hour of every day!

These creatures are not supermen or women. They are the scum of the earth, below the lowest of the low. So many Amerikans still treat them as “people” to be listened to? How in the hell are they not already dead or in prison awaiting trial!

Everything that had anything to do with “political-parties” is dead and buried - has been since JFK was murdered. There is no such thing as “non-partisan-politics”! There is now only one party—THE PARTY IN POWER, and “Amerika is over” regardless of whichever name tag they artificially chose to pin on themselves.

Oh, and that PARTY-IN-POWER, it’s Jewish-based, Zionist in philosophy and it owns this country from the lowest positions of power to the very top of the shadow government that runs this ruined place. Anyone that cannot see this clearly: is definitely not alive…

People write asking, “How can this be fixed?” What they’re looking for is someone to hire to fix this FOR them. These questioners fail to recognize that each of us must do this for ourselves: Right here, right now in the face of these terrorists that have already claimed all our rights and all our worldly-goods!

Those people who have not understood the criminal-nature of this Den-of-Iniquity have been dead so long they aren’t even aware that they’re already in their coffins just waiting for the formal-ceremony that will put them forever in their graves. (1)

Hey America! It’s way past time to kick some ass!


1) COWARDS Can Never be Free



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