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Dark Alliance, Continued

From Jim Kirwan


The film is titled “Kill the Messenger”

The last time that America faced the questions that we're wrestling with today, took place during the Reagan Administration and Ollie North; that spilled over into the Clinton Machine and the CIA that got caught in mega-lies on a scale that approached but did not reach as deeply as Pizza-gate or the global horror that's already consumed Europe ­ and now threatens America and the world with permanent extinction.

What's happening now is happening because America failed to punish anyone, except Gary Webb, for the massive gun-running and drug dealing of the CIA & the entire US government. Bill & Hillary Clinton got their start there, Ollie North, Ronald Reagan, GWH Bush, John Kerry and dozens of other traitors also got their start in major criminality in those years ­ And that doesn't even count the Bush Jr. or the Obama era ­ 16 years that have broken every law that was ever written.

Everything's Connected...

Beginning with global family values

The new European child-care-slides

for “the children” in a world without values.


If neither children nor their families can tell which sex our children are now, then nothing else can make much sense in life either: Thus setting the stage for the criminal-state to dictate every aspect of every human life in every so-called country. Europe has led the way to the public murder of family values or traditions, coupled with the public-removal of the most basic aspect of all life among people everywhere


Europe is Finished. Nothing can save it.

12min 34sec VIDEO

The Ministry of Truth has just been introduced in the U.S.

as America's Way to introduce their total control over all our thoughts, deeds and actions


On RT, America today Russia tries to tell the world there was a victory celebration in Aleppo yesterday ­ yet America insists there was only more slaughter among the people on the ground there ­ America has NO REPORTERS on the ground inside Syria and of course we refuse to name our sources ­ but we insist that the approaching total freedom of Aleppo is just another Syrian-Russian-lie: All of which is at the core of the 'FAKE-NEWS' that's been behind the 6 years of fake-war in Syria.

RT News December 14 2016 (MSK)

Down through history there has only been one standard, to determine the truth from the lies: That standard is positive proof born out by careful and provable facts, disclosed in open and balanced courts, as well as in the courts of public opinion, based on the facts revealed by honest reporting and the credible people involved throughout each episode that the public has financed-throughout.

All of that has now been changed by the lies that were never investigated back in the Reagan years that were carried over into the filth that ultimately became the Clinton Foundation, that still hasn't been charged with anything.

Meanwhile in this country, virtually everything is still up in the air as the lying sacks of excrement that have run this place for the last six decades have become furious with their own political-exposure for virtually all their baseless lies which they tried to continue to spread in the 2016 election ­ except that now, 'for them' the unthinkable has happened ­ because this time THEY LOST Bigtime!


Now the infantile, the outraged and the pathetic without leaders are loose,

with some vague idea that “they will not allow this vote to stand”

The problem is, of course, that here again

they're still buying all their lies.


On the web there are still some that have taken this current

Declaration of War in stride - and have not capitulated

to the fake-fear or the paranoid-panic.

Jon Rappoport and Tim Rafit come to mind

both of whom an be found frequently, on

Of course the time ahead for all of us, is fraught, with virtually anything that can be contrived or created to attempt to alter the election of 2016. There is no way to determine what might be coming next ­ but those of us that have kept our eyes wide open, for all these years, will be there when that's needed, regardless of what actually takes place.

For 'those that have refused to chose' - I have news:

That 'train' has already flown right through the station while you were buried in your i-phones: It was a bullet-train traveling at near super-sonic speed which is why so many failed to even notice or react to that special moment that's now long gone - the one they had so planned on taking full advantage of, is now just another part of history...

My website is called: “No Mincing Words” and can be found here