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Cut To The Chase!
By Jim Kirwan

One of the first things about this ongoing nightmare that must be understood is just how old the current war is. We have been in this war since Israel entered the picture 67 years ago.

What makes this so damning is that both US Incorporated and Israel have been allowed to “OPT-OUT” of all the International Conventions when it comes to breaking International laws. No ‘other nations’ in the world are “allowed” to do this. However everything began with having given ourselves the non-existent opportunity to just opt-out because of either Manifest Destiny, in the case of the US, or because ‘god made Israel special’. Both “reasons” are not just illegal they’re obscene: Given the depth of the crimes that these two outlaw-states have been committing against the world since 1948.

We’ve been at war in Iraq for over twenty years now. We’ve attacked Iraq four different times and we’ve lost every time. The reason we finally pulled out in 2011 was because Iraq was demanding that the US government and its troops would be subject to International Law, if ‘we’ chose to stay. This is the real reason behind the premise of not putting “boots on the ground in Iraq”.

Apparently the pilots of the drones or the fighter jets are immune from international law, even if the “troops are not.” This is nonsense and it’s all illegal anyway—just as every one of the attacks on Iraq was also illegal—despite the fact that Israel ordered the US to attack Iraq, as their surrogate slave state, which we did.

Americans need to understand that the world cannot live with two outlaw nations that do not abide by international laws that supposedly control the behavior of all the rest of the 200 plus nations on the planet: We’ve been living in this way for 67 years and it has brought only ruin, torture, genocide and slaughter to everyone and to every place that either Israel or USI has gone.

I’ve been fighting this war against Israel for over 54 years, just to give the reader some context of how long this has been going on, for at least one person.

There can be only one standard “of law” for all the nations on this planet. If that is not true and it has not been true for over 67 years now: The people of the world need to end this blatant violation that has deprived the world of “justice” for an unconsciously long period of time. We now face oblivion unless we demand basic equality throughout all internationally agreed to laws.

There have been a number of heinous outgrowths from this cancer that have led to massive expansions of the criteria which the world has chosen to live with, as opposed to actually dealing with. The UN has been mirroring these “exceptions” to international law since its inception in 1945.

Just look at the invasions by the UN of Haiti, many countries in Africa and all of the conflict-zones in the Bosnian Wars that gave the world a huge increase in stolen body parts, the sex and drug trades worldwide and all of that was secretly done by the UN as part of their huge war crime. This started when GHW Bush recognized his terms’ version of Ukraine: The war that Bush started came out of the death of Yugoslavia and the Warcrimes committed by the UN in that war have still never been investigated!

Since that happened USI decided to take advantage of that tacit global agreement to allow more global Warcrimes, while banning some countries from having any right to self-defense whenever either Israel or USI decided to take over any other nation on the planet.

Consequently, what just happened in Ukraine is the latest outbreak of the ever-expanding criteria which Clinton’s War in Bosnia established. And since no nation has been held responsible for any of that horrifically damaging destruction which devastated so much the former nation of Yugoslavia—this made the USI invasion into Ukraine, not just possible, but almost required. All of this continues because the world has done nothing to prevent these kinds of war crimes. That’s why we have open-ended wars upon otherwise legal states that are no longer allowed to resist the UN, NATO, Israel or USI—wherever fighting just happens to “break-out”!

In the case of Syria there has been an omission of major importance when it comes to how and why Syria has been targeted for “Regime Change”. Syria has been openly opposed to Israel since 1948. Since then Syria has supported the Palestinian cause, which of course requires that Syria must be eliminated! Hence the only reason that Syria must be destroyed is because Israel has demanded it!

Confronting these Contradictions in the United States

US officials who are loyal to Israel should be put on trial for treason by the American people, a political commentator says.

It’s time for the United States people to rise up and purge these Israeli loyalists out of our government and put them on trial for treason because they’re betraying their oath of office, they’re betraying their oath to the constitution and it’s time to eliminate them from our presence and have an independent US free of Israeli and Zionist control,” said Mike Harris, an editor at Veterans Today.

We have a very large number of people serving both in our Congress as well as bureaucrats within the government, who are more loyal to Israel than they are to the interest of the US,” he added.

American officials “take their orders from Tel Aviv; they have no loyalty to the American people, they have no loyalty to the American military and it’s their goal to have the US fight wars to the benefit of Israel at the expense of our treasure and lives of our young men and women in order to advance Israel’s goals,” Harris said.

The US government has long been “corrupted and infiltrated” by Israeli agents and US officials loyal to the Zionists, he said… “

If the people of the world are to ever end this ‘unending war” then that effort has to start by taking actions like the suggestion above from Mike Harris.

The only problem really is the lack of awareness by the public about what has been happening across the world since Israel was allowed to steal Palestine from the Palestinians. Everything else has come from that act, which has now ended international law as a potential force to confront all the mind-boggling non-policies that continue to come out of the mouth of the non-American Obama.

We must delegitimize all the positions of USI and Israel ­ if we are to be able to save our own lives, as well as any of the countries that are just waiting to be invaded by these twenty-first century Barbarians.

Washington & Tel Aviv have killed Justice and replaced her with the masked hangman that no longer bothers with a gallows to do his executions ­ because beheadings are back!

Washington’s Jihad

America Must Have Regime Change Now!


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