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Cult Luminary Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's Diabolical Deceits

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

If only the Pied Piperess of Westchester County was luring armies of rats out of the Bronx and into the ocean instead of enticing America's naive children toward a massacre. Her promises of pie in the sky are infantile fairy tales for young minds suffering arrested development. As the anointed princess of the Jesuit-Illuminati cabal and the Soros-funded scoundrels with Justice Democrats, the youngest-ever member of Congress is crooning siren songs of utopian socialism to the millennials. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is cynically deceiving her horde of naive admirers to become steppingstones for a totalitarian effort to annihilate populist democracy as the precondition for imposing a post-human future.

As for her cynical "promises, promises", AOC is a know-nothing about the many attempts at creating a workable socialist model, which have all failed in competition with capital-funded industrialism. The few survivors of social experiments eventually adopted the capitalist norm of a class pyramid with billionaire investors and bankers perched at the top. Exhausted by its philistine compromise, the great socialist dream died at age 70 where it was born, in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The few bureaucracies that continue to maintain the pretense of socialism have long ago abandoned the myth of worker empowerment in their drive to speed up modernization, aimed at catching up with the living standards of the overtly capitalist USA and Western Europe. Instead of parity, the technological gap is ever-widening, and "borrowing" the latest innovations is getting much harder due to the US-led effort to enforce copyright standards and block cyber-facilitated industrial espionage.. At this point along the development curve, income disparity between workers and industrialists is much wider in the nominal "socialist" economies than in the former "exploiter" colonial powers. That is the reality check that Ocasio and her phony Democratic Socialists never dare mention.

Post-Human Agenda

It is glaringly obvious that Ocasio is not an authentic advocate of either democracy or socialism. Her misunderstanding of social economy is based on her lack of experience, as a barmaid, with those industrial values based on the dignity of work and individual pride in craft. Every theorist of labor-value from Proudhon to Marx opposed "bread and circuses" for the masses, which is precisely the AOC formula for state-funded giveaways to freeloaders. OK, Sandy, let's dispense a $10,000 per month coupon for everyone to shop at Walmart, but you have not yet told us who's going to pay the wages of those millions of Chinese workers manufacturing (manu-facture: make by hand) those junk products at least until the robots take over.

The AOC agenda would be just a bad joke if not for the hidden threat inside her bag of goodies. At present, the real danger hidden behind her Potemkin socialism is the emergence of the next big experiment in centralized economic planning: the post-human agenda of the federal technocracy and its tech contractors, aggressively moving toward (in)voluntary human extinction in the workforce and in your neighborhood. Her promises of giveaways to increasing numbers of the unemployed is an incentive for accepting an economy controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) coordinating hordes of robots. In this techno-logical perfect system, humans are superfluous being erroneous, and therefore undesirable and expendable.

The battery-powered smart-machine economy requires a gigantic fig leaf called the Green New Deal to justify its destruction of the natural environment. Just think of all the rare earth and copper required for billions of robots, self-driving delivery vehicles, automated farms, solar-power estates and smart infrastructure. Terra re-allocation on this scale requires extensive land clearance and depopulation of the continental interior that will dwarf Stalin's collectivization of the kulaks, all for the end-product of "organic-certified" golf courses and upscale eco-resorts for monopoly tycoons and their elite-model biological sex-dolls.

Under her analogy of "another World War II" within the coming 12 years, Ocasio's campaign to preserve a paradise for the Green Global Elitists will require the militarization of America on the scale of Stalin's Great Patriotic War, with "volunteers" sent to the eco-front (like firefighters to California’s exploding forests) while millions of "unpatriotic" citizens are dispatched to a Gulag Archipelago at undisclosed locations within the Inter-Mountain States, as in Area 51 and other military test ranges, for her version of a "Final Solution" to a deplorable problem.
I wonder what she’s been smoking with Al Gore.

Confinement of the surplus populations inside a gulag of bantustans is the unmentionable precondition for an ideal future according to the Gates foundation and Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. Nobody ever bothers to ask Sandy, a nominal Catholic, about her position on abortion. In her Brave New Future, fetuses are soylent green, harvested for rejuvenation hormone therapy for aging investors, retired bureaucrats and politicians like President Ocasio-Cortez, certainly nothing worth engaging the feelings of loss or guilt for children who might have been. The populist right got it all wrong about snowflakes because AOC fanatics are not about to melt but will harden into executioner bullets to eliminate the obsolete and the weak who don't fit on Cloud 9. Just give them a bit more time under her tutelage to evolve into ruthless killers. If you were just slightly honest, Sandy, the future you're pushing toward is more accurately called social-fascism.

Now, into the Dark Side of her dystopia. Let's look into her connections with the occult forces that are behind the secretive scientific establishment planning the post-human future.

Occult Numerology

The favorite "sport" in the Bronx is running numbers, so let's dive into numerology. Numero Uno: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born on Friday the 13th in October 1989.

Could her chilling DOB be just an accidental happenstance? With the mainstream media is mesmerized by her tweet hexes, the only factor that might block her presidential run is a house falling out of a passing tornado. We're not in Kansas anymore, kids. Let's hope the Munchkins will soon be singing: "Ding-Dong!" while a pair of ruby shoes are auctioned off on eBay.

Before venturing into the underworld, let's alert the many individuals who take pride in their skeptical disdain for superstition while failing to realize that modern science itself arose out of the primeval stew of occult alchemy, astrological pondering, and the shaman-exorcist's psychoanalysis of nightmares and lucid insane visions. Despite their pretense of aloofness, these sorts of skeptics are often the most prone to join a cult in search of a cure for depression or to seek out new friends. Those of us who are somewhat more versed in the history of the dark arts are far more critical of the ulterior motives of dangerous cult leaders and their hidden patrons, while exposing flaws in their claims, musings and apocalyptic forecasts. What is happening today is a massive revival of cultism, in total disregard for the recent-past criminal abuses by Heaven's Gate, Aum Shinrikyo, Order of the Solar Temple, the Manson Family and People's Temple. If anything, the discrediting of those fringe groups has enabled larger, more deeply rooted occult networks to exert undue influence over institutions, the media, political parties and governments.

Medievalist secret societies have been making a comeback, including the Illuminati, dark-side Rosicrucians, occult Freemasons and their religious counterparts in the Jesuits aka the Order of Jesus IHT, which for the first time in Catholic history has captured the pontiff's throne. Scoff at this revivalism at the risk of becoming engulfed by their bizarre intrigues. Sure, many nominal members of these fraternal groups are no more harmful than your local Elks or Odd Fellows, but that facade of innocence could also be providing cover for dark deeds. Be wary or be stunned.

Avenge DeMolay!

Triskaidekaphobes, those paranoiacs who dread Friday the 13th, should be able to recall the Papal arrest order for Jacques DeMolay, Grandmaster of the Knights Templar, and his subsequent execution on October 13, 1307, Pope Clement V suspected his Order of secretly worshiping Baphomet, a pagan deity pictured as the bestial male manifestation of Sophia (knowledge, reason). The masculine demon crudely symbolized the brute force and lethal technology necessary to reorder the world. Male sexuality (the Templars were a brotherhood of sworn bachelors) is associated with Pan, the hairy goat who played the pipes and danced erect on two legs, and therefore medieval folk conjured up the body of Satan with a goat's head and a stiff member.

Likewise, the Pied Piper story was a warning against adolescent sexuality leading to a life of wastrel hedonism and empty-headed innocence of the Fool in the Tarot deck, like that happy band in the footsteps of Sorceress Sandy. Indeed, the occultist Eliphas Levi in his "Dogma of High Magic" associated Baphomet with the romance of utopian socialism, which is rooted in the medieval millennialism's end-of-world vision of a paradise on Earth, the end days when humans revert to their animalistic origins with indiscriminate orgies and a carefree existence free from the oppression of hard work, basically the AOC program of liberation, the Frankfurt School fantasy of Herbert Marcuse redux, a Hieronymus Bosch spectacle of the present moment.

Friday the 13th is traditionally a celebration of the Black Sabbath. On that precious date, Cain (the first prince) slew his brother Abel (the peasant), and likewise the Crucifixion occurred on "Good" Friday. In pagan belief, a mid-month Friday was when the uninvited guest Loki sat down to dinner with a dozen Norse gods to kick off Ragnarok, and, all you foodies should recall there were 13 diners at the Last Supper (the pita bread was a bit dry but the wine was an excellent shiraz with hints of honey and arsenic, courtesy of late-arriving Brother Judas).

The day of darkness is celebrated by those brooding Sith types who relish the thought of unadulterated evil. That quiet squirrelly guy who never lingers by the water-cooler needs but one private thought in his life: an icon of seductive, subversive power - the enchantress, banshee, witch, sorceress and she-demon posing as Saint Joan of Arc. The attraction is in the bipolar coexistence of good and the greater evil. As my fav Elvis tune puts it: "You walk, talk and act like an angel but you're the Devil in disguise". So get wise, guys: another Dark Age is coalescing around high priestess Alexandria. (Her given name is taken after the Egyptian center of open knowledge, aka the Alexandrian Library, and the secret occult corpus of Hermes Trimesgistus.)

Rose-Mary's Baby

The prophecy of a brilliant destiny upon her birth on a glorious Friday the 13th recalls that creepy closing scene from "Rosemary's Baby", of a coven huddling around the anointed child of the Beast. If you recall, the high priest of that sacrilegious gathering was Roman Castevet, who takes the newborn away from her traumatized Catholic mother. Here again by odd chance, the name of Alexandria's late father was Sergio Ocasio-Roman. The classic tale of diabolical impregnation aimed at producing the Antichrist has references to the historical transformation of an idealistic early Christianity into a mishmash of Kabbalist heresies and paganism that became the Vatican-controlled Roman Catholic Church. Rose-Mary, of course, is a hybrid term describing the introduction of occult Rosicrucian doctrine (at Temple Rosy Cross) into the cult of the Virgin Mary, a picture of innocence that every diabolique wishes to sully. The excessive adoration of this virginal mother-figure that verged into decadence prompted the indignation of early Protestant theologians who denounced the Vatican's standards of art as something sinister and bent in immoral defiance of the simple pure-minded legacy of the disciples. This is all part of a deep dark tradition, not some puerile Marvel comic-book rendition of Dr. Strange.

One of the taunting questions of theology remains: "Is there a Devil?" To answer that with another question: Was it mere coincidence that the birth of AOC occurred just before the Loma Prieta Earthquake that cracked Candlestick Park and crushed a bunch of people under an Oakland Freeway (I reported on site back then while attending UCB graduate J-school), which could be perversely interpreted as a necessary bloodletting, a "human sacrifice" to usher in her triumphant entry into this doomed world. Soon thereafter came the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of half of the existing world order followed by confused disorder and obscene private wealth amid public impoverishment. In a less-noticed event just four days before her arrival, Soviet officials in Voronezh reported the landing of a UFO, perhaps to teleport down an unborn alien entity with weird eyes. "Space Cadet Henk on the ground. Beam her down, Scottie!"

Her special status is based on the convergence of two theosophic streams, the first being Jesuit affiliation from her architect father Sergio Ocasio-Roman, and the other flowing from his business partner Dan Kirschenbaum, from a German-Jewish family involved in New York State politics, a connection that apparently helped KORAL (Kirshenbaum and Ocasio-Roman Architects Ltd.) win renovation contracts for state-owned properties. Members of the close-knit Kirschenbaum clan in New York have been embroiled in a lawsuit against Iranian ownership of the Piaget Building at 650 Fifth Avenue, just a block down from Trump Tower. Slyly, the plaintiffs claim the Tehran regime owns the structure, when in fact it was purchased by the Shah of Iran, whose family has lived in exile following the Iranian Shiite-led revolution.

The prevalence of the Kirschenbaum throughout her life raises uncomfortable questions about Alexandria's claim of being Jewish, later followed by a mumbled reference about conversos in the Spanish colonies. Apparently, during her early childhood her mother and father divorced. According to a brief mention in the local press, Sergio took up with a second wife in Westchester while mommy stayed in the Bronx. Is AOC is the offspring of an extramarital affair? Could she actually be another cherry on that large Bavarian tree? Photos of Sergio Ocasio-Roman show him to have been pudgy with a roundish nose and fat lips. His "daughter" is quite the contrast, with elongated bony facial features and beak-like nose prevalent among many Azkenazi Jews. Perhaps daddy and dad were in the same business for more reasons than renovation, and with the Catholic mother, this is all so Rosemary's child, directed by yet another Roman, Polanski. What could be so uncomfortable about the first name Roman? As told to me by a Calabrian expert on opera: "The Jews demanded the death of Jesus, but it was the Romans who killed Him." Therefore, it is the perfect surname for supporters of the Antichrist.

Cherry Picking

The occult realm has been a labyrinth ever since Theseus encountered the Minotaur, so let us probe deeper inside. What's in a name? Kirschenbaum, which means cherry tree, is derived from a knightly clan in Bavaria, growers and distillers of the aquavit called kirsch. The vulgar connotation of the word "cherry" arose from that stone fruit's association with the hymen, symbolizing the Virgin Mary. The surname is shared by descendants who are Lutheran (Catholic before the Reformation) and also Jewish, which is likely due to the secret alchemy involved in distillation of alcohol from wine. Sephardic Jews were key to smuggling distillation methods to Europe in brazen copyright theft of craft secrets from the master alchemists of Persia and Syria, who used the solvent to process the eyeliner powder called kohl, thus "al kohl" became alcohol. Due to the occult beliefs that gave rise to alchemy, the clear kirsch liquor was considered the essence of the (divine)"spirit" that entered the virgin mother, untouched by mortal man, on the night of the Visitation. (The fascinating though bizarre story is usually passed over in Sunday school, pun intended.)

The Kirshbaum-Kirschenbaum manor in Bavaria is also the heartland of the German Rosicrucians, founders of the occult branch of Freemasonry (as discussed in Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum", a text that probed the relationship of the Propaganda Due (P2) lodge in Milan with Nazi occult insiders at the Vatican. The Bavarian state capital at Munich, once the throne of Mad King Ludwig, is the alembic where Karl Haushofer of the esoteric Thule Society who indoctrinated the prisoner Adolf Hitler, who was a radical "socialist" much like AOC today. Bavaria is also where the Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt launched the Illuminati Society, before escaping an arrest warrant to Frankfurt where he recruited Mayer Rothschild and then to Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to induct its royal family, which would become the House of Windsor of the British monarchy. As a historical note, Weishaupt launched his Illuminati cult at a time when the Jesuit Order was disbanded by the Vatican, which explains why he's described as a "former" Jesuit.

The Temple of the Rosy Cross had as its symbol the drops of blood around Jesus's crown of thorns at the Crucifixion, which are cherry red, much like the red robes of Catholic Cardinals' taken after the blood of Christ, the "scapegoat", the horned beast identified with Baphomet. What the duality of Good and Evil in blood sacrifice used to seal the union of Church and State under an omnipotent Antichrist, to be achieved through the cooperation of the Jesuits and their political allies known as the Illuminati? The rationalist faction of Protestant Freemasonry opposed any such Supreme Monarchism, and therefore mandated the separation of religion and government in their drafting of the US Constitution. Thereafter vigilance against power-hungry religious movements and quasi-spiritual cults is a precondition to serving in Congress and the White House, which is why this examination of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the necessary first step toward investigating her hidden links to that ancient cabal.

Honorary Space Cadet

At her public high school in Yorktown Heights in posh Westchester County (her registered home as opposed to the Bronx), Alexandra conducted a science research project on a microscopic worm, which led her to winning second-place in the Intel Science Talent Search. Her research was done at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. In recognition of her scientific achievement, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory named an orbiting mini-planet, 1.4 miles in diameter, after her: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asteroid 23238.

Wait one second, how obvious can it be, this fraudulent claim of being a girl from the Bronx? How did a high-schooler of less than brilliant IQ use the high-powered video-microscopes at Mount Sinai Hospital? Could her hospital-research access have any connection with Professor of urology Dr. Alexander Kirschenbaum at Sinai? As for the MIT space lab connection, what about Jack A. Kirschenbaum, CEO of the Astronaut Memorial Foundation near Cape Canaveral, which closely cooperates with NASA and USAF?

Then there is the too-close-for-comfort fact that MIT Lincoln Lab is run by the US Air Force and its asteroid-spotting program and supports the USAF Space Command research team that operates the Haystack radio-telescope at the Lincoln Lab, which is located inside Hanscomb Air Force Base? Lincoln Lab is located inside a military facility because the gigantic telescope is used primarily to track foreign satellites and detect enemy ballistic missiles. Voila, the UFO known as Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is starting to come into focus as a deep-cover military-intelligence asset. Some "radical socialist", eh, kiddies?

By yet another "odd coincidence", a Bernard Kirschenbaum was the architect for Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, the Big Golfball, like the Buckyball spheres used to protect radar units from rainfall and wind. His biggest government contract was for the line of radar domes along the DEW, the distant early warning system across Canada and Alaska. Hanscomb AFB has several large radar domes based on Kirschenbaum design principles. Every hidden relationship points to the real Alexandra Kirschenbaum-Cortez.

Since Alexandria 'Ocasio' Cortez is a public figure, it's fair play to call her actual identity into question, especially if it gave her an unfair inside edge against other students whose scholastic performance was better and achieved on their own effort and not a gift from one's arms-length away tribe. An ethics investigation of AOC is fully warranted on grounds nepotism, falsified biographical record, scientific fraud and hidden sources of financial support. If her suspect activities cleared following an ethics probe, then she'd then be guilty merely of socialism for her rich and connected patrons, and therefore not much different from the Republican tycoons she dares cast stones at from inside her glasshouse. As the snowflakes start to realize they're just suckers who've been conned, that's when the meltdown begins.

Fordham and the Jesuit Bronx

Her winning the 14th Congressional district (note: the 13th is partly in the Bronx) was easy. Catholics comprise an electoral plurality in the Bronx representing more than a quarter of the borough population versus denominationally splintered Protestant residents, Jews, Orthodox and atheists. The most influential policy center and social-political activism base in the Bronx is Jesuit-run Fordham University up on Rosie Hill ("rosary" or Rosy-Cross?) . Her political base is among the Democratic Socialists, a Jesuit-influenced "left" group founded by former seminarian Michael Harrington, whose closest high-school chum in St. Louis was Tom Dooley, the CIA agent of disinformation whose propagandistic book "Deliver Us from Evil" did more than anything to persuade American involvement in Cardinal Spellman's crusade in Vietnam.

As opposed to the rest of the antiwar movement, Harrington had his Social Democrats of America collaborate within the Democratic Party, as if he was oblivious to the fact that Lyndon Johnson and his liberal allies, like Robert McNamara, were the main proponents of the disastrous American intervention in Vietnam. In political reality apart from the rose-tinted glasses of these hypocritical "socialist" spooks, it was the conservative Republican Richard M. Nixon who pulled the US troops out of that no-win situation, much to his credit, which was purposely denied by the CIA-Democrat plot known as Watergate. As for WAPO's Bob Woodward, he was the real Deep Throat in more ways than one. That very same dirty political campaign is being waged today by the pro-war Dems against the anti-interventionist Donald Trump. AOC's maniacal tweets against the White House reveals the vile hatred of the Illuminate-Jesuits against any President who dares to uphold the Constitution.

Basketcase Losers

AOC's atrocious drugged-out hippie dancing in the BU mashup based on a 1980s movie soundtrack exposes her to be more a Westchester day-tripper than a Nieuyorican with graceful steps at salsa, merengue and lambada. The amateurish BU video is a takeoff on John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club", a doped-up juvenile high-school story about five loser students with nothing in common under detention for breaking classroom rules, an apropos metaphor for the Democratic Socialist rebels without a cause in desperate need to assert themselves. The idea for the spoof came about when a BU Thurman Center staffer and Ocasio were sitting around, presumably blowing weed. (At the time, cannabis was illegal in the State of Massachusetts, but who cares about the law to anyone who has their eyes set on Congress?)

Alexandria is remembered by her classmates at the less-than Ivy League college as being a booster of the Howard Thurman center, named after a black Baptist campus pastor from Georgia, Thurman is best known for his interracial denomination in San Francisco, at a time with the more liberal Freemasons and the Boule (African-ethnic Masons) were promoting miscegenation, race-mixing through extramarital affairs. Thurman was the fountainhead for liberal Christian experiments to come, from the radical-activist Glide Memorial Church to the Jim Jones People's Temple (the latter exposed as a deep-cover CIA experiment in cultist mind-control that was terminated in Guyana with dosed Kool-Aid and a mop-up of gunfire by an agency death squad). Those were the days, kids, that the CIA is trying to revive through the Duped Socialist legacy of carpet-bombing and Agent Orance facilitator Michael Harrington.

Having meth-asssted Eyes Wide Shut is not a crime nowadays, nor are Occultism and Satanism banned in this era of cultural diversity, not even in Massachusetts where the Pilgrims used to burn witches at the stake. So it shouldn't seem ill-mannered of me to ponder whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just a garden-variety occultist wiccan (that's sure an oxymoron) with indoctrination is old-style Jewish Kabbalism. After all, Satanism is recognized as a legit religion, never mind all the missing infants fed to Baphomet, Baal and the other beasts. For your next assignment after failing to replace Bernie Sanders with "a girl from the Bronx", the CIA needs you for its remote-viewing project as one of "The Men Who Stare at Goats".

Counting Asteroid 23238.

The repetition of 23 is emphatic, keys to the code.

The numeral 2, of course, represents Manichean dualism, or more darkly 1 plus 1 as in the horns of Baphomet.

Why then is the double 2? Are you just slow or on opioids? Rosemary's daughter, of course, as in Maleficent, the female demon with horns.

Number 3 stands for the Royal Triangle inside the Garden: The Serpent (Satan), Eve and their bastard son Cain, the Trinity of demonic possession that poisons the souls of humanity (Apple pay heed!) Cain thus killed the only son of Adam, thereby depriving humanity from its legacy in the image of God.

Therefore this other triad that aims to convert the White House into the Dark Chamber of Global Dominance. So this variant of the triangle is the Illuminati Triquetra symbol, a triangle formed by 33-degree arcs (each a third of a half-circle), representing the female devil Sati, the "False Prophet" aka the Whore of Babylon, and the Antichrist, in other words the flip side of the Royal Triangle. Sati, as in the Gnostic composer Eric Satie, is the Gnostic-Tantric consort or dual nature of Satan. The Royal Triangle is at the beginning and the Triqueta stands at the end, as in End Times.

The sum 2+3 is 5, which represents protection from Death, which in Tarot is equivalent to a fundamental change of direction in life. Once in with the Devil, you cannot get out.

The number 23 is a Sign of coming major catastrophic events involving mass murder and slaughter of innocents, the Doomsday we shall soon confront.

Eight is a curious figure, representing infinity. The Planet Venus aka the Luciferian Morning Star circles the Sun 13 times in 8 years. 13 again!

13 = 12+1, the latter digit being the secret Grandmaster: there are 13 Covens in the Luciferian faith, and the number is accepted by the less "enlightened" Freemasons: 13 colonies of the USA and 13 star flag of the EU. With Loki and Judas as forerunners at the 13th spot, AOC finds herself in the company of the Great Perpetrators of epoch-ending destruction.

A Personal Opinion

I have zero belief in the occult but realize that esoteric lore provides the elements for an apocalyptic world view, and therefore needs to be deciphered and comprehended. I led the only two investigative journalism teams to uncover the political and intelligence background of the Aum Shinrikyo subway cult. Understanding the occult history and urban folklore was key to decoding messages threatening the use of weapons of mass destruction and foiling several waves of terror attacks, which went unreported in the mainstream media. Even on the morning of the gassing, the intelligence agencies were busily altering the facts to protect the political class from exposure. It was the first major terrorist strike on a world capital, occurring six years prior to 911. Both events involved political elites penetrated by apocalyptic cults attempting to trigger wider global conflagrations which in fact did happen with the ensuing War on Terror, which continues today more than 17 years later with new variants including massive illegal migration into Western nations. The rise from nowhere of a clown like AOC is a sure signal that another catastrophe is on its way, this time around from inside the system and therefore is far more threatening than anything faced before.