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The Crusades 'R' Back!

By Jim Kirwan

ISIS Destroying Iraq’s Cultural Heritage One Site at a Time

The ‘Crusades” lasted almost 250 years beginning in 1095 and lasting until 1343. The history is long and fraught with conflicting purposes, amid many different faiths and religions, but in the end all seven “Crusades” ultimately failed to uproot ‘the Infidels’ as promised.

ISIS, the ever shrinking Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, has already shrunk by half of what they had initially claimed for themselves just one week ago. But their cause of desecrating history, religious sites and graves continues unabated.

The absolute hatred and fear engendered by ISIS & ISIL is matched only by their disregard for life or history throughout the world. All of it is being paid for by US Inc. and Israel; to further destabilize the entire Middle East thus giving their previously failed military conquests a rebirth that does not concentrate on taking land: But only on raping the land and killing any people they might encounter in their blood-lust to end history in our time.

The world needs to recognize the evil that created this recycled Crusade that’s even more flawed today than were the first seven such crimes ­ which also failed in almost everything they tried to do. If it matters to you then see the timeline:

Timeline for the Crusades:

This “Crusade” is being built upon the mass-murder of all antiquities, with impunity. The flip side of their goals, involves the establishment of all radical-beliefs, over anything that has a future. This is a rogue political ploy that has no real interest in any religion, except as they can use those radical structures to incite people the world over, into recreating the start of yet another series of global wars in the failed slaughters that history called “the Crusades”.

Israel is at the dead center of all the slaughter now,

Just as they have always been throughout time.


Israel is front and center, behind the headlines today as they create a whole new “Holocaust” but in 2014 the victims are Palestinians and Israel is playing the role of the now defunct Third Reich: In their new but hidden role as the Fourth Reich that’s still viciously alive and murderous in the world today!

RT explains that Israel has created the current conflict in Gaza, by their relentless killing of ordinary Palestinians which led to the arming of Hamas to defend the Palestinians by attacking Israel with rockets—in order to force Israel to understand what it means to become the targeted victims of the unseen rockets and shells which they have used for decades against the defenseless people of Gaza.

Paul Murphy explains: Beginning @ 4min 20 sec to 7min 55sec. that only massive worldwide protests will change what’s going on inside Gaza today:

And of course the UN is again ducking any and all international responsibility, which is why the UN was created, to punish Israel or to forcefully stop the wars on Palestinians. What the UN has said is “UN warns Gaza on “knife edge” as up to 40,000 Israel troops stand by”. But the UN was not created to make speeches they were supposed to separate warring factions until sanity can intervene—which they have never done in any activity that the United Nations was ever a part of.

The European side of the New Crusades

The battles amid the scorched earth of the Middle East are one thing, but what’s being formulated for Europe also has its roots in what was initially done in and to Iraq. In today’s Bulletin Board, there’s a new House of Cards that is too spot on to miss!

The New “House of Cards”

Is being built on American treasons, in a rerun inside Ukraine, which exactly mimics what was done in Iraq in 2003.

The siege of one million four hundred thousand unarmed people inside Ukraine continues unabated, in the Ukrainian version of Gaza: This time being prosecuted and funded by USI & Israel, in Europe.

Then there’s this repeat performance of nepotism designed to capitalize on the rapidly collapsing county of Ukraine in a mirror image of Iraq in 2003.

Beginning @ 24min 52 sec: “… the counties biggest gas seekers are seeking funding from the US congress with figures with close links to the likes of the US Secretary of State and the US Vice President that have taken up positions on the board no doubt with the hope that some family strings can be pulled back in Washington.

For some top US officials Ukraine is not just about politics. It’s about business for families and friends. But one connection leads to another and the business is now finding its way into the US Congress.

A week after Vice President Joe Biden’s son joined the board of Ukraine’s largest gas producer ____ , Secretary John Kerry’s former Senate Chief of Staff, signed on to lobby congress on behalf of that same Ukrainian energy company. Another gentleman Devon Archer from ‘Team Kerry’ who was once John Kerry’s advisor and bundler in his presidential campaign: These people are no stranger to each other, Devon Archer and Joe Biden’s son have worked as business partners with John Kerry’s son-in-law Christopher Heinz (both are Jews) oh yes! And Bodiezma (?) their new employer is controlled by Nickolay Zlochevsky a former Ukrainian government minister.

All these sons and friends of US officials say “they’re on their own” they’re disconnected from the decision makers in Washington. But of course nobody can stop them benefitting from the polices adopted in the buildings around here (she’s speaking from Washington D.C.) Members of Congress are already writing letters asking to provide US funding for Ukraine’s domestic energy production. Here’s one of the senators (Edward Markey):

I think if we are going to be helping them with new technologies, and we should, we should have a telescoped time frame that we create then, for a doubling of gas production; inside of Ukraine. And we should set those goals, set benchmarks and then let’s meet them.”

kirwan: No mention of the illegality of Ukraine’s current position visa-vi their current unpaid energy bills or the fact that everything in Ukraine today was stolen from that country by the violent overthrow of the government by NAZI’s ­ which is what has led them to having this “business opportunity” for ever greater illegal profits for both nepotism and the congress, not to mention their illegal role in a place where the “government” is engaged in the slaughter of 1million 400 thousand of their own citizens.

And to help us make sense of this “House of Cards” where one

Connection leads to another, where its all business, and its all personal ­ here’s Andrew Craig. Andrew - It’s not just about lobbying for this one particular firm in Ukraine right” A US state department person told Congress Tuesday that Ukraine’s entire

Gas supply and production system is corrupt and needs fixing. And the US can of course ‘help’. And one can only wonder what US companies and what individuals would benefit, from that ‘fixing'? What do you think?

Well we don’t have to wonder too long because what we’ve seen is a scandal here. That we’re well connected; relatives and cronies of very influential officials are already on board. And its quire reminiscent of what happened after Iraq when there were all kinds of conferences on how Americans and American companies could make money out of the situation.’”

kirwan: It’s also reminiscent of how American officials and businesses were protected by Blackwater in Iraq, and that will probably be followed in Ukraine as well.

What this additionally does, is that it automatically opens the door to directly linking American Business dealings with the criminal regime in Ukraine. That makes any effort to dislodge the current illegal government of Ukraine, in its fight to hang on to their stolen property - into “an attack” upon “American Interests”: Because of this direct tie by US Inc officials to the criminal state that is about to challenge Russia over Crimea.

This particular point means that what’s coming with whatever comes from Ukraine’s attempt to take back Crimea, IF IT IS CHALLENGED AND ANSWERED BY RUSSIA, would be tantamount to an attack upon the USA by Russia - if Russia rises to a Ukrainian attack upon Crimea in the very near future. It’s obviously all been planned to skew whatever Russia might do in any defense of Crimea…

This also could explain, in part, why there was such a rush in sending in American state of the art military heavy weapons to Porky, to “protect him” and his Oligarch’s from a Russian defense of Crimea, which is now part of Russia.

Buying influence in Washington is not called corruption. In America it’s called “tapping into new opportunities”.

The interview ends @ 27min 50 seconds

While the world continues to spiral out of control: What remains clear is that US Incorporated and Israel plan to take the entire planet down with them, if they cannot get exactly what they’ve planned to do.

Yet equally we are the people with the real power but only if we exercise that power by denying everything they try to continue to do to the planet and the people of this dying world…

It is not the rebirth of The Crusades that we should fear but the arrogant brutality of these unappointed overlords of the world. And it’s still up to us to stand against these corroded machines and the outlaws that own them; if we want to end these continuing wars without end…


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