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The Crucifixion Czar

By Jim Kirwan

Against a background, top Left, of the White House in front of the UN - a banker with the One World Order pyramid in his right hand is being crucified on a US Dollar bill, while an Arab looks on. This is a detail shot from the five by eight foot preliminary sketch that was drawn in the 1970’s. Obviously a presentiment of what was to come.

Recently some Americans were overheard, by several different federal-agencies; discussing how American’s might put some teeth back into the Just-Us Department which has been totally criminal for decades.

Some of those in attendance were talking about the need to combine the death of both the WAR on Drugs and the WAR on Crime—by finding a way to focus the nation’s attention on those in government, unlike the drug-dealers and the gang-bangers, who still feared DEATH. But only snatches of the conversation were recorded.

CNN & FOX representatives were consulted, by the Government and were asked what if anything they might have heard about this eventuality? The network-reps were complaining about their falling ratings and were looking for fool-proof ways to raise their ratings and increase their advertising cash flow—while at the same time endearing themselves, to an increasingly hostile U.S. Public that was begun to talk about real actions.

Days passed and the talks between members of the public that had begun to look for ways to go after the bankers, the politicians and the elites; whenever the subject of anything-criminal came up. Meanwhile the networks were working on their own unique way to get-out from under the coming firestorm.

Then something extrodinary happened. The media reps decided to collaborate with the rebels in order to find a way out that would protect them from the worst of the carnage to come.

An on-air personality from FOX, just a few days ago, suggested to a few of the rebels (anonymously) that:

Since NERO had already appointed 43 CZARS, without raising any eyebrows from the public: Why not appoint some CZARS of their own? Since none of NERO’s CZARS had any legal standing in the law, as the Constitution made no provision for such creatures—there would be nothing standing in the way if the Public appointed some CZAR’s of their own, to finally represent them!” It was at this point that the topic of The Crucifixion CZAR became a real possibility.

When the government listened to the tapes and compared what they already knew from the network programmers, things begin to heat up. Evidence of the scraps of the conversations they had taped became part of their investigations. A male voice on one of the tapes said:

I do know this, you strap on a gun and go strut’in around some other man’s country you’d better be ready for action Jack! You’d better be ready for some action: People are touchy about that sorta thing! (1 hour 20min 08sec)

(1 hour 21min 03secs) reminds me over and over and over again, what beast’s we humans really are ­ ya know When ya git right down to it ­ When ya get right down to it ­ human beings are nothin more than ordinary jungle beasts, savages! No different than the Cro-Magnon people who lived 25,000 years ago in the Pleistocene forests eaten grubs off of rotten logs. No different. Our DNA hasn’t changed substantially in a hundred thousand years.

We’re still operating out of the lower brain ­ the reptilian brain ­ fight or flight, kill or be killed. Now we like to think we’ve evolved and advanced because we can build a computer, fly an airplane, travel underwater: We can write a sonnet, paint a painting compose an opera: But you know something, we’re barely outta the jungle on this planet. Barely outta the fuckin jungle! What we are is semi-civilized beasts with baseball caps and automatic weapons.”

(36 minutes 08sec) “You know there are lots of people in this country that want to expand the death penalty to include drug dealers. This is really stupid! Drug dealers aren’t afraid to die they’re already killin each other on the streets by the hundreds. Drive-by’s gang shootings they’re not afraid to die! Death penalty doesn’t mean anything unless you use it on people that are afraid to die: Like the Bankers who launder the drug money!

The Bankers! Who Launder the Drug money! Forget the dealers you want to slow down the drug traffic you gotta start executin’ a few of these fuckin bankers!

White middle-class Republican bankers! And I’m not talkin about soft American executions like lethal injection I’m talkin about fuckin CRUCIFIXION folks: Let’s bring back Crucifixion - it’s a form of capital punishment that Jews and Christians can really appreciate.

And I’d go a little further I’d crucify people upside down ­ like Saint Peter feet up, head down! And naked. I’d have naked-upside-down crucifixions on TV once a week at half-time on the Monday Night Football game! Monday Night!

The Monday Night Crucifixions! You’d have people tuning in don’t ever care about football!”

At this point proposals began to morph and real fear became almost palatable in the eyes and the body language of the agents—while the network flunkies began to see dollar-signs exploding as if the new Monday-Night Football could mean SUPERBOWL PROFITS every week and that would be only the beginning!

Wouldn’t you like to hear Dan Dierdroff explain why the nails ‘have to go in at a certain angle’? And I’ll guarantee you one thing ­ you start executin ­ You start nailin’ one white banker to a big wooden cross per week on National TV you’re gonna see that drug traffic start slowin down pretty fuckin quick! Pretty fuckin quick! You won’t even be able to buy drugs in schools and prisons anymore…”

The blood was draining from the faces of the agents, the network guys were mystified?

Shit!” A 27 year old Secret-Service guy screamed it’ll just be days before people will demand that we start executing the guys behind the bankers and there’s not enough of us to keep that from happening!” Speak for yourself”! An aging CIA thug muttered. “Bullshit” yelled a crisply uniformed DHS agent. “Hell, we’ve got tanks and hollow-point-rounds by the billion ­ they can’t get past us!”

In a pig’s-eye you god damned fool!” a hardened female military exec cut-in. “Once the public gets a taste of this shit, there will be no stopping them because the blood-lust will become so embedded that these people would wish they had shuttle-service direct to Mars: If they had the time to board a non-existent intergalactic shuttle!”

The rooms got very quiet then—the only sounds came from the recording equipment and the silence deepened… “Wait just a god damn minute here.” Came a voice from the hunched over executive who had been quiet until now. “I think I know that voice” he said.

That’s just some old fart giving voice to his wet-dream of what he’d like to see…” began the DHS idiot. “Shut up sonny” came the bored voice of the older man ­ “that’s George Carlin” he said as he began to laugh aloud! “How could you people be that dumb” he concluded. “Carlin’s dead ­ they can’t nominate a CZAR that’s already dead!”

The woman countered: “NERO was never much when it came to formalities.” She said. Look at the creeps he’s already nominated. Hell they might as well have all been dead, as far as the public cared. Besides once the people figure out that they can do whatever the hell they are determined to do—it’s over for all of us!”

Yeah” chimed-in the Secret-Service guy. “It don’t make any difference where ideas come from - as long as the public believes em: Cause then it’s definitely over for the one-world circus. Fuck this assignment ­ I’m outta here and the rest of you better get going if you’re gonna get a head start before the Crucifixion’s begin!”

1) The Genius of George Carlin - 2 hours 22 min 10sec VIDEO





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