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The Crucible

By Jim Kirwan


Here’s the crucible on which this world is currently depending.

Today the world is watching events inside Ukraine very closely. What should be happening can be found in the 5-day war in Georgia that took place in August of 2008. Georgia is that tiny speck of green, on the Black Sea, just below Russia (in yellow) and just East of Ukraine. That was the site for the template that was used by USI, in 2008, to try to gain a firm US foothold on the Black Sea. That American criminal-overreach failed completely, in 2008 which might be why they’re doing this inside Ukraine and Crimea?

Hence the new attempt in Ukraine, to do the same thing now, but for a much larger access to the world of the Black Sea. But there’s an additional international-card that many don’t clearly remember. What’s happening today is the second such attack by USI & Israel upon a different sovereign nation. Both nations are on the Black Sea.

That would be Ukraine and Crimea which to date is following exactly what happened in Georgia in 2008. Just as we followed what we did in Libya by trying to repeat the exact same plan in Syria: The US-Israeli plan to destabilize Ukraine is following in the exact same footsteps that were taken in Ossetia, Georgia in 2008. Here’s part of that story…

Now let us look at the situation from a political angle...

The major thing is that Moscow has demonstrated its will and decisiveness. The image of the Putin-Medvedev tandem worldwide is quite positive. According to Dmitry Medvedev, the modern Russia has used force for repelling the attack from within and, being morally strong, did the right thing. Moscow`s direct participation helped to prevent Saakashvili from implementing his other cruel plans. The authorities and the nation stood close together these days. All the differences were forgotten for a while. Now it is clear that Russians can be patriots not only during the World Football Cup.

Against all attempts of some western political analysts and journalists to persuade the rest of the world that Moscow invaded the "peace loving" Georgia (which looks more like a piranha), Russia proved that it began a peacekeeping operation since it is interested in maintaining stability on its southern borders. In Moscow they understand it quite well that it is not Georgia they are dealing with but the United States. One of the main aims of the Saakashvili regime was to provoke Russia for the use of force in the conflict zone and show the world this "Russian aggressor". If succeeded, Tbilisi (and Kiev as well) would have received their long-expected NATO membership by the end of 2008.

Their plot worked only half-way. Georgian army was the first to lose its soldiers, and that was Saakashvili`s first mistake. His other misfortune was the failure of the blitzkrieg. The courage of the Ossetians, their nerve saved Russia’s territorial integrity in the Caucasus.

A fragile alliance between Russia and two NATO members, France and Germany, was shattered. Although it was evident for everyone that Russia did not invade Georgia but carried out its peacekeeping mission there, Paris and Berlin expressed their dissatisfaction with the Russian reaction. They simply pretended not to be aware that Moscow`s interference took place after Tbilisi attempted to start genocide of South Ossetians as nation and then do the same thing in Abkhazia. Being aware of its historical mission, Russia certainly had nothing to do but interfere. But Russians should better expect no signs of gratitude from the West as democracy is the most cynical and the least moral form of political order the humankind invented over the past 2000 years.

So, the main aim of joint Georgian-American-Israeli authorities was to cast doubt on Moscow’s non-aggressive foreign policy and justify the aspirations of Tbilisi and Kiev for NATO membership. They also wanted to make the old Europe believe that the deployment of US missile shield there would do them only good. Today we are witnessing a new wave of unanimity between Berlin and Washington on the issue of Euro-Atlantic integration, and an immediate solution of a missile issue in Poland. The US shoot a few rabbits at one shot: covered the war in South Ossetia in a way necessary to blacken Russia, tamed the old Europe and now are preparing to set new military bases in Georgia- former sovereign state...

Although the massacre in South Ossetia came as a direct blow meant for Russia and Europe, Georgia happened to be in the worst situation. Washington has no plans to restore its territorial integrity. Americans have begun active work with the leaders of Abkhazia. A vague status of "unrecognized" will be used by the US not for the sake of Georgia but for imposing a vassal system of rule and further separation of the North Caucasus from Russia.

A global geopolitical shift which occurred on the first day of the conflict in South Ossetia will probably have very serious consequences. As serious as those after the 9/11 attacks. A global system of international relations is shattered. Old alliances cease to exist while the new ones appear each day. Despite the US "global leadership", the situation is too unpredictable to say that this American hegemony will last for ever.” (1)

It should be pointed out that after the Berlin Wall fell, the Russia that was left behind after the collapse of the USSR, was forced to change or perish. That new Russia is still continuing to change, despite the views of many Amerikan-armchair-commentators on the web that are apparently stuck in the years before the end of the Berlin Wall.

Look carefully at how many countries (above) have been attacked by that tiny brown speck that’s called Israel. Look at how many other nations have been utterly destroyed or almost totally ruined, like Libya and now Syria. Also included has to be Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Egypt, at a bare minimum. All that bloodshed, theft and murder is and always was for Israel: Just as this effort inside Ukraine is and was for Israel as well. Maybe that’s why the New-Right Nazi’s were and still are being led by ex-Israeli military and Mossad mercenaries? (2)

These international barbarians are proclaiming their intention to acquire and use nuclear weapons to supposedly attack Israel, Russia and the West. But they’re Israeli at the core, so that portion of their “claims” must be just another political charade. The Zionists live by misdirection, deception and outrageous lies, so there’s nothing new in any of that…

Israel was also there for the blood-bath in Lebanon and for the aftermath action that killed the US Ambassador. And they’re still there inside Syria which has seen Damascus turned to rubble. (3)

If the world doesn’t stop Israel and USI soon, the crucible we’re all approaching now could quite easily explode, into that apparently longed for WWIII which the private-pirateers have always seemingly sought.

What do you think!

Perhaps more importantly:

What are you going to do about any of this?

1) Russian Strategic Change Analysis After Georgia War ­ from 2008

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