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At the Crossroads
Without the Sanctuary

By Jim Kirwan


The world has broken all global-connections between civilization and any refuge that might have existed on this planet. Or rather that was the case, until Britain’s parliament said “NO” to their government, on the question of Syria. That was the 2013 shot-heard-round-the-world, which the US dictatorship is now trying desperately to override.

For those are still unaware of what the Gangster Government is today, here is some of what it stands for; versus what we were supposed to have under the US Constitution…

"In a world where news means propaganda, transparency means secrecy, liberation means slavery, sustainability means death, patriotism means terrorism, democracy means imperialism, change means more of the same, and promises are lies, most of our governmental leaders feel right at home.

The brutal and indiscriminate American terror bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria were all based on the lie that we were somehow aiding the citizens of those beleaguered countries…” (1)

Thanks to the unequaled action of the British parliament: Their two-letter word “NO” upended the global deadline set for the next attack on the world by the Gangster government of this country. Since the first of September a whole new series of events has come to light.

Nine-Eleven also just happens to be the birthday of Bashar al-Assad, the leader of Syria which we targeted for regime change. The creature leading the current-cause for The Gangster Government is none other than the Bonesman John Kerry. Kerry, the current Secretary of State was a classmate of George W. Bush who along with his daddy, GHW Bush, are all proud members of the secret and evil, Skull & Bones Society.

When you add the current supposed-nine-day delay to Nero’s new target date you get “911”. If anyone thinks we would use 9-11-13 for anything less than what we did to Libya, then those people really are too dumb to live!

The true history of these traitors, says a great deal about who and what this nation has become—given that the entire Bush family beginning with Prescott Bush, who was found guilty of trading with the enemy during WWII and funding the NAZI war machine: Together with his son George HW Bush who was not tarred with the sins of his father when he ‘became’ the 41st president of the US. That was because both political-parties here kept the facts secret from the public. The Bush family connection to the Third Reich never came up. When George junior became the 43rd resident of the Tarnished House; USI under Junior secretly became the US leader of the 4th Reich. These Nazi’s and their Bonesmen were puppets in charge of directing US policies, to the present moment: Yet the unsuspecting world remains unaware of what has happened.

Yesterday In an article entitled ‘Obama Has “the right to strike” regardless of the vote’.

Kerry also suggested that Obama will not limit US involvement in Syria's civil war to cruise missile strikes provoked by the use of chemical weapons. The administration "may even be able to provide greater support to the opposition", he said. Obama began providing weapons to Syrian rebels after determining earlier this year that Assad had carried out a smaller-scale chemical attack.

But there is a deep reluctance within the US military to bless even a one-off military strike. General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and a multi-tour veteran of Iraq, has voiced such fears for more than two years.” (2)

Some of the reasons why Dempsey and others are fearful of conditions if we do not pay attention to what those opposed to our determination to slaughter Syria are about to do: Just as we slaughtered Libya totally - a reader mentions:

There are so many questions - but at the moment the wannabe Masters of the Global Plantation seem to be committing suicide. Putin has made it very clear that he has "red lines" too and he is not about to "blink". Iran has made it very clear that it has their missiles trained on every US military installation in the Middle East - and others directly at strategic spots in Israel. They have the most modern missiles in existence. Syria has said that they have missiles aimed at Jerusalem and other Israeli targets and if they are attacked - off those missiles go! Keep in mind that Iran's missile batteries are generally installed in caves at the Strait of Hormuz and other locations. The US has often enough bitched that their satellites cannot locate them.

And now they are sending another aircraft carrier group ... something is REALLY WRONG with this picture.”

It would definitely seem so. to any thinking person—but of course that automatically eliminates most of congress & the former country that is now The Gangster State. The reader omitted the fact that Russia has promised to attack Saudi-Arabia. If this unwarranted attack on Syria goes forward, that would be the end of many things. The second link continues:

Yet the negotiations and the outcome on Syria could set a precedent that limits the latitude of future presidents — or makes them wary of consulting Congress at all.

Obama has not said what he will do if Congress rejects the strike resolution. The White House maintains that it does not have to seek congressional authorization for the brief military campaign it envisions.

Constitutionally the RESPONSIBILITY to declare WAR has always been the sole duty of Congress.

No “US president” can declare war without the approval of Congress! In 2002 Congress officially gave their constitutional responsibility to the president, which

was and is unconstitutional.

Congress & the president have been acting outside the law since 2002: Yet nothing was officially ever said about this,

At that time or since!

The Congress was supposed to provide the constitutional Checks & Balances that would keep any US president from becoming either a dictator at home or a tyrant on the global stage. By granting Bush Jr. his “License to Kill”, Congress gave that license to kill equally, to every succeeding US President. Congress thereby opened the door for Obama’s NDAA when it gave the illegally-appointed Bush, “the right to KILL any and all persons in any country on earth”, based on whatever that president thought might be any kind of threat. The Bush Congress gave the Nero Congress the whole nightmare, which included making the current use of DRONE warfare against the entire planet possible. The issue here is not “punishing Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons” ­ the issue is - are we allowed to slaughter any other country we choose to, whenever we decide that we want to change their government?

Moreover, if the US is SO CONCERNED about chemical weapons and innocent death: Then where was our OUTRAGE when Israel clearly used mini-nukes to kill hundreds of Syrians in a series of blatant Acts of WAR (3 or 4 times) inside Syria. Neither the US, nor the world, did or said ANYTHING that led to any action against Israel for their war-crimes against a nation that had not attacked them.

Preparations for that operation continued Monday. The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and other ships in its strike group moved into the Red Sea to help support a strike, if needed, defense officials said.

Adding to the challenge of winning congressional approval is the fact that Obama is undertaking it at a time of hyper-partisanship that has produced gridlock on a host of domestic issues. White House officials say they hope that this vote can be elevated from the political morass and made on the merits — a view that has been echoed by influential Republicans, including House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (Mich.).” (2)

The Issue Is:

Does corporate USI have the right to slaughter any nation it deems to be a threat to their corporate profits? Do the people of the United States have any rights at all? Can our military just attack anyone who we decide to utterly decimate: And then literally turn any targeted nation into a ruin that makes the stone-age appear prosperous?

The world has said NO!

Now this corrupted and treasonous Congress must also say NO as well or be condemned with Obama by the court of world-opinion; to be followed by global-actions based on International laws that have outlawed what this congress is about to do. Congress must deliver a resounding NO to the Israeli-American traitors in Washington Tel Aviv and Saudi-Arabia! If they do not, then they too will formally be charged with Treason & Crimes Against Humanity!

1) Shame Are we Capable of it?

2) Syria Crisis: Obama has “the right to strike” regardless of the vote Says Kerry

3) On Syria Strike, Obama administration ramps up pressure on Congress



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