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Americans In The Crosshairs

By Jim Kirwan



America is under attack on multiple fronts:

From the global-corporations at home and abroad and from both Israel and the global-banks.

We’re also under siege here by Agenda 21 and the UN

On every front; Americans are in the Crosshairs

And it’s only a matter of time.

Let’s take these potential disasters one at a time. Each of these attempted stealth attacks could destroy whatever remains of the old USA. Some of these plots have been going on far longer than others: But all of them are deadly enough to each be able to terminate 95% of all Americans”, with extreme prejudice”.

Overseas: Israel has been playing with global-nitroglycerin as she continues to shamelessly push the entire world to start WWIII, to appease her maniacal obsessions for total-global-dominance, regardless of the real costs of that disingenuous effort.

The US empire, which might be more accurately termed the New World Order Bankster empire, seems to be lashing out blindly as it enters its death spasms.

In Ukraine ­ as in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere ­ the Empire's forces are in disarray. The loss of Crimea, and setbacks in Syria, are merely the latest of many debacles. The cause of this ongoing disaster: A series of self-inflicted wounds.

The worst wounds have been self-inflicted by the Empire's lunatic fringe: the Israel-centric neoconservatives. This group, which includes both Jewish chauvinists and Christian Armageddonites, is burdened by fanatical devotion to an impossible project: The maintenance of a sustainable "Jewish state" in Occupied Palestine.

Irrational attachment to Israel has lured the Empire into a series of disastrous attacks on Muslim-majority states. In 2008, economist Joseph Stiglitz estimated that the war on Iraq alone had cost the US more than $3 trillion. Since then, he has repeatedly revised that estimate upward. Throw in Afghanistan and other theaters of the anti-Muslim pro-Zionist crusade, and we are in the double-digit trillions.

Bottom line: The Zio-con 9/11 wars have crashed the US and world economies.

In a 2010 Washington Post article, Stiglitz wrote: "It seems clear that without this war, not only would America's standing in the world be higher, our economy would be stronger. The question today is: Can we learn from this costly mistake?"

Alas, the answer is no. Though Obama has thus far resisted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's orders to attack Iran, the US is still doing the bidding of the Zionist Bankster oligarchs who are the real power behind the Western throne. And those oligarchs ­ or at least the hawkish among them ­ are still pushing for world war.

The Western Bankster oligarchs love war because it forces governments to borrow gigantic sums of money at compound interest, condemning whole nations to perpetual debt slavery. The oligarch hawks and their front man Netanyahu, frustrated by US resistance to attacking Iran, are trying to start World War III in less direct fashion. They overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine in a fascist coup d’état in order to ratchet up tensions between the US and Russia. Now, with the great powers on hair-trigger alert, Netanyahu, who has spent $3 billion preparing a go-it-alone plan to attack Iran, can light the fuse of World War III any time he chooses.

There are indications that Netanyahu may light that fuse sooner rather than later ­ maybe even this week. On March 23rd, Reuters reported:” There’s more at this link. (1)

Yesterday’s article, shows just how all this has been connected since at least the days before the fall of the USSR.

Morris: “…the hegemony was part of the plan?

JT: “Absolutely yes, and you had people like Gorbachev and Yeltsin who were absolutely complicit ~ One of the reasons that the United States was able to take down the Soviet Union was that there was a failure within the Soviet Union. Within its own culture.”

K: Russia had its Gorbachev and its Yeltsin: The US had George W. Bush and Obamanation who did very much the same “weakening from within”, as Gorbachev and Yeltsin did to the USSR. The primary difference being that the USSA has always sought global-expansion to destroy the planet, where Russia was, in theory, trying to preserve and protect her interests, for the most part…

JT: “There was an abandonment of the basic tenants of Geo-Politics and Geo-strategy. Gorbachev and the inner circle were entirely convinced that it was a matter of ideology and they had no guarantees that NATO was not going to expand into Eastern Europe…” (4min 44 sec)

Morris: “…At the same time I see Israel jumping at the leads; you know wishing that if there’s any trouble in Ukraine it will use that to attack in the Middle East.”

K: That’s precisely why yesterday’s revelations about Israel’s attempt, with Soros, to use Flt 370 to concoct a major false-flag attack on the US and blame the destruction of half the US Capital on Iran, in order to start WWIII, from which there could be no “turning back” from what Israel sees as the absolute requirement for their version of nuclear WWIII.

The world too often forgets that “Everything’s Connected”


At Home: There’s a massive amount of information in this video, which details exactly what’s already happened inside the US to all our people, thru the adoption of Israeli inspired Bolshevik Communism under the guise of the fake-threat of global-warming thru extreme Political-Correctness that’s hiding this corporate-driven takeover of every village, town and major city inside the United States today.

This has already happened: Most Americans are simply just not aware of most of it. This explains ‘the how’ behind so many various programs that have swept through America like an unseen plague that’s shutting down real public discussions and murdering public-resistance in virtually every area of life today, not just in the fake global-warming issues.

This is ‘the WHY’ beneath all the new regulations that will invade every home, apartment or shack in America with the ‘new’ Green-Police who will have prosecution powers that will force every American to alter every aspect of your current existence, and because this is all privately-corporate and totally outside US law, you and I will lose our ability to control where or how we live in this place: This is what’s behind the Wildlands Project.

The key to understanding this map is that the reason the Wildlands are now OFF-LIMITS to Americans (red dots); is because private corporations now totally control every city in America ­ but since the Wildlands are not-incorporated, we can’t live or work there because the private corporations have no control over that land. In “their cities, counties and states” they can force us to do whatever they like because the cities, counties and even small towns have become registered corporate-businesses and that’s who people are being forced to pay taxes, fines and penalties to and not to the old government.

These outlaws want to take away our cars, our use of gas, because it can’t be controlled in the same way electricity can and generally they want to monitor every single thing we think or do or say which will make “1984” look like a walk in the park.

This method of control and total death over the entire nation has been at work, taking control, for decades now but this battle is one that all Americans lost outright—because we failed to detect what was really going on—everywhere in this nation since the rise of illegal-corporate control over our cities states and government at all levels! (3)

Personally I have watched the death of San Francisco step by step without being able to change any of it, once they took over all the public meetings. Today everything from the meetings of the Board of Supervisors to virtually every pivotal-public hearing which includes armed thugs in uniform who will arrest and detain anyone who tries to voice a different opinion from the Communist Manifesto that they have cloaked in Political-Correctness ­ all the way from “No-Smoking, No Eating, No Drinking” to the unspoken, “No Thinking, No Talking and No Questions Allowed”. Americans have become cowardly at almost every turn…

In fact anyone who does not automatically agree with their “corporate-private-positions” on virtually everything from the use of energy and all our natural resources, to how we chose to travel, how long we can drive, and now we’ll soon be fined for allowing a private vehicle to have an engine idled for more than five minutes.

They’re also talking about “car-free-days” when cars will not be allowed to be driven. In the mix “smart-meters” will also be used to measure the use of every appliance in your home. Even the wiring can become an actionable offense as virtually everything in any home must meet “energy-star-approved standards” which means that anything “old” must be replaced and you and I will have to pay for all of this: Unless Americans find ways to overthrow the corporate-parasites that have taken over the entire United States illegally.

First: We must take all the nuclear triggers away from Israel and permanently close their embassies and consulates wherever they were in the world. Simultaneously we must remove Obamanation and the outlaws from office because they are obviously too reckless and far too willing to risk WWIII ­ on a whim, not even of this country but because Israel is demanding it!

Second: We must demand an end to all excessive corporate-rights that were all illegally given to corporations by the criminal US Supreme Court. The “corporate-right” to personhood must be terminated, along with their new bid to be able to now create corporate-statehood’s (TPP), which would end the rights of ordinary people to ever again be in charge of our own lives or our own nation-states.

Third: The copyrights held by corporations over living beings, plants, trees, bushes along with parts of the Human Gnome Project must also be terminated—immediately: Because that is what’s behind all GMO products that are killing the global-food-supply.

Once such actions are begun the equally critical global-tentacles like the FED, AIPAC and all the rest of the murderous traitors in our midst will finally begin to feel the heat and from there; we might then have a chance to take back our lives: If we want to ever again know real freedom: Then some of the above must begin ladies and gentlemen, because this is a major part of what’s required if we want to ever have a life again: And what about all the future generations that we have totally screwed by allowing all of this to happen!

It feels like this ‘corporate-takeover’ will not finish happening to us, At least not fully because of the war that’s coming

Still Americans must change this nation now!

If you don’t choose to do anything else ­ listen to the video in the third link below, because our lives depend on it!

1) Will Israel Kill US Empire This Week

2) Seize This Moment!

3) Who’s Running America and the CAP ­ 1hr 35min 24 sec VIDEO



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