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Critical Videos And Photos Proving Many Shooters



Gio Rios Tells Of Massacre & Tropicana & NYNY Shootings,
'It Was A Terrorist Attack...Group Organized...Choreographed
I Don't Want ANYONE Thinking It Was One Person Shooter!' - Vid

Here's How The Shooting Started… - Vid

Proof Paddock Windows Shot Out AFTER Massacre
Eyewitness Hears Shot And IDs Glass Falling - Vid

Rense Analysis Of Stunning Video Showing 2-3 Man
Armed Kill Team Taking Positions On Top Of RV - Photos

Three Guys Out Of Nowhere Appear On Top Of RV
Dressed In Blackout Camo…Take Up Shooting Positions - Vid

Rense Frame Analysis Of Luxor Located Kill Team And
Helicopter Gunship Flying Halfway Up Mandalay Bay - Photos

Listen - Several Automatic Weapons Firing Simultaneously,
Proving Multiple Shooters In Massacre - Vid

Audio Evidence From Half-Mile Away Proves Multiple Shooting - Vid

Rense Frame Analysis Of Gunshots From A Room
In The Saudi Muslim Owned Top Five Floors Of
The Mandalay - 7 Floors ABOVE Paddock's Suite

Rense Frame Analysis - Was Mystery Man Being, Quickly
Hustled Out Of Tropicana Casino Under
Heavy Armed Guard Saudi King-To-Be Crown Prince
Mohammed bin Salman - Otherwise Known As MBS?

Rense Analysis Of Newly-Released Photos From The
Paddock, Suite Crime Scene In The New LVMPD Report