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The Criminal State On Trial

By Jim Kirwan


LaVoy Finicum was assassinated by Oregon State Troopers


The trial of seven people were found innocent of all charges in Portland Oregon yesterday. The Jury found the seven who went to trial, innocent on all charges.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Once There Was a Constitution

And Then There was None

When this all went down, the government had kidnapped over a dozen people at gunpoint on a public highway, after the government tried to kill them all, but settled for killing just Lavoy Finicum. There were five “officers” that have never been named in the murder of the unarmed man, who was guilty of nothing at all. The state of Oregon bent over backwards to protect the thugs that slaughtered Lavoy, while they protected the real murders from the public ­ this situation needs to come to an end.

In fact the five who did that crime should have their pictures splashed across the front pages of the Oregon newspapers that had done the same with the people that were unlawfully detained by the State Police & the FBI. This 'treatment was fair' for the uncharged American citizens, so it would only be “fair” to give the exact same treatment; “detained in Isolation, without charges,” after being summarily fired for their actions on that day when all this went down. Their assets should be seized and turned over to the fund that will have to compensate the seven who were illegally tried for crimes they did not commit. The same thing should happened to all the city, county, state and federal officials who colluded in accusing these innocent people of a whole series of crimes that did not happen—unlike the cold-blooded murder of Lavoy Finicum, which was the one irreversible result of their criminal activities on the day in question.

Beyond this, the local Sheriff, the County Judge, the DA, and the Attorney General of Oregon who approved and cooperated with the false arrest and the completely bogus charges that prolonged the illegal holding of the accused, with no real evidence at all - should have their pictures splashed across the pages of the local and state wide newspapers, just as those organs did with all of the accused, some 14 people at the time, nine months ago: Along with a full story about the fact that the people first charged were all set-up by the government ­ because no crime was committed.

And of course there's also room for blame to be shared with Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney General, and Obama who both colluded with the criminally conceived prosecution which created the situation that led directly to the death of an innocent and unarmed American citizen-rancher, father of 7, and an outstanding leader in his community, who was slandered by the U.S. Government and then slaughtered under false pretenses ­ something else that the state and the feds will now have to pay and pay dearly for, in the only way that any real compensation can now be made, which is money, money and lots more money ­ ASAP.

But this is only half of the real question, the other half of this same railroad, took place in Nevada back in 2014, and it too is full of false charges and government lies. The idea was to tie the 'convictions' in Oregon to what happened in Bunkerville, Nevada in 2014 ­ where the government thugs were driven off by militia members that had shown up from across the nation to defend the Bundy's from an illegal government action.

Mugshot Journalism

The Real Price of Tyranny

Lynch, The Attorney General

A lot of people around the United States know nothing about these crimes in both Nevada and Oregon, which is why I've added some of the articles I wrote around the time that the arrests were being made in Oregon. I wasn't alone in this, there were many others writing and one of the defendants, Pete Santilli was reporting by Live-Streaming the events, as best he could until he too was arrested.

The Feds and the States of both Nevada and Oregon must bear the brunt of the fines and costs as well as the arrests that need to happen now that their whole case has been blown out of the water.

Of course the various governments will want to delay as long as possible, which is fine, so long as everyone involved is held without charges, in isolation and beaten occasionally just as the 12 were in this case. And the case against these as yet uncharged individuals must be tried in the media, against these murders who must be named and treated as the criminals they have always been...



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