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Time for the 'Creative' to Survive

By Jim Kiran


Addendum to:

We've Been Blown Apart From the Inside Out

Devote some real THOUGHT to the situation we're in now

Then ACT upon whatever you can do to change what looks like the inevitable.


This world has become a totally lawless place where nothing is too criminal to pursue: Seemingly no outrage is obscene enough to stir the

public to revolt. And without any laws the universal public has been left on its' own to starve or die or to survive which will you choose to do, now that we're out of time?

It no longer matters, anywhere, who is appointed, selected or elected to any office in this living LIE: Because nothing that any of them has to say is ever true. This has been so my entire life and I'm 78 years old. That's what happened when we allowed the political impostors to throw away the needed proofs for whatever they chose to say or do, all the way up to and including nuclear war: Regardless of the severity of the actions that we are supposedly helpless to prevent: Because it's clear that we have been left totally on our own.

Are we going to continue to wait for Trump to turn the USA into the next chapter from the one unfolding, (in the link above) throughout Europe and that chapter that's just beginning in South America and the rest of the planet?

We must get Creative, one person at a time.

Stand up to them and stop obeying the Criminal Deep State,

in every way that only you can do?


No election, no appointments, no savior's nor any new creatures

are going to be coming to save us, only we can do this for ourselves.

We must all fight this now or die trying, it's the only way out!