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Creating The NOW Cost Us The World

By Jim Kirwan


In 1985 The Holcroft Covenant by Robert Ludlum. was made into an MGM film of the same name. In the film one of the main characters describes the cause-celeb beneath everything that's taken place. This obscenity is the basis beneath the confusion and the slaughter that the world has gone through, and is still going though, because of all the lies ­ which we must return to, to untangle this nightmare, as typified in the dialogue below.

...I too dream of a better world. It's been 40 years since Nuremberg (today it's been 72 years) since Nuremberg. 40 (72) years of so-called Enlightenment and Democracy. And what has that accomplished?

Mr. Truman dropped Atomic bombs on women and children and it is my father who is posthumously adjudged 'the war-criminal'. At Yalta, with the sweep of a pen a senile president condemns a third of the world to communism. Europe with the zeal of a communism gone mad, hands over the wealth and resources of Africa to savages who have barely learned to beat a drum. Then you give them tanks and guns, to replace their bows and arrows. And when our deep freezers arrive; they use them to store their fallen enemies till Sunday-dinner.

I have the grace not to mention Vietnam.

All over our brave new democratic world: Inflation spirals as literacy drops. And in America? In America they vote for “law & order” whilst shooting down presidents, school children and rock stars in the streets.

You see the world must not be run by the frightened, the ignorant and the weak. And because of my father and because of Kessler and because of Klassen ­ it will not be much longer. The List? 'The List' you are so apparently interested in, oh it does exist. I have it here in my pocket...

It's a list of a thousand names ­ but the right thousand names. A thousand names that will change the world...”

Fast forward to today's “LISTS” composed by Soros, Cheney, the Rothchild's, the Clinton's and the Bush's not to mention the holdover dictatorship of Obama.

These barbarians are but the latest chapter in this now 72 year cycle of global-horror that has been so vastly added to, during all those years when virtually no one was ever punished for any of the massive war-crimes and the millions of crimes against humanity that we've all been forced to face in 2017.

Just take a look at the list of the national and international problems that are front & center today on

This is just a snapshot of one impossoble-day amid the decades

of crimes without end.

This has continued to everything that we're now all part of, in allowing what came after WWII. We must add global-sex trafficking, global disease, and never-ending wars,to the epidemic-global-pedophilia as a way of existing; that equals the living-death and destruction of humanity world-wide. The global-sale of human body-parts was spearheaded by the Askenazi Jews in their unending lust to expand Israel to “The Greater State of Israel” which they seek to build upon the still-failing corpse of Palestine.

And all the while we continue to ignore the original crimes of Yalta, that have continued right up to this blood-stained moment

that we must deal with now!

This includes the thousands of traitors inside and outside this government and the completely top-heavy government along with all bureaucracies unlimited where no one works but where there are four or five parasites for every person that the outlaws are feeding off of, while the nation and the world go straight to hell.

This problem is too big to “fix” - without a total and deadly serious commitment to the total change in everything that we've allowed to grow-unchecked, into something so lawless as to now be totally unrecognized as anything that went before everything we've created, to affect this global form of suicide.

Always before: Wherever any particular nations or tyrants have practiced their evils, those Empires were always kept in check by the very fact that no Empire was ever totally successful in the then “known world”. This goes back all the way to ancient China, thousands of years before Rome, and Egypt: and yet because we have failed to learn from our histories, this time, the pure-evil has decided that they really can take it all: Because of global technology's, they actually think they will be successful in literally conquering the entire planet. But they are “WRONG AGAIN”!

What prevents “them” from winning is one of nature's simplest laws­
they cannot live long enough to ever see their evil-dreams completed.

The creatures that are dircting this takedown are all old men.

Very old men, and many of them are only able to

be here now because of body parts that were never theirs.


This evil cadre has spent their lifetimes' creating this obscenity, only to come to the end of their lives without having seen the victory they were certain they would have: But they have almost no real successor's.

They have many imitators, and pretenders, but these evil-children of today are nothing like the vile old men. Creatures like Zukerberg, the CEO from Google, Sundai Pachai, and dozens of wanta-be global-criminals. George Soros has sons, that are nothing compared to “daddy”. Too much actual wealth has already been stolen, the golden-goose has already been slaughtered in every place that one ever lived, or wherever one was created to further the future of mankind.

All that's left resembles a fake form of Humpty-Dumpty that they keep on trying to paste back together again. When no one is allowed to work, individual talents are spit upon. When there is no income, there are no products to rip-off ­ that ladies and gentlemen is this lowest point in human history, where we have now allowed 'the most ignorant, the most frightened and the weakest among us: To take charge of the burial of what's left of the human race.

These Barbarians will not win this time either, but the price of this obscene experiment will mark the end of humanity worldwide unless we chose to act against them all globally...

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