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Crazy American Whites Coddling Illegals And Giving
Away Free Everything To Them While Americans Suffer

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff ... These sanctuary cities, like Baltimore, are now filled with illegals.   The crime rate is through the roof.  Most whites who can afford to move out have already gone.

 The area is so bad with criminal illegals that Pimlico racetrack, home of the second leg of the triple crown, the Preakness, may close.  They are talking about doing the Preakness from Laurel Park in Laurel, Maryland now.

 The quality of life in Baltimore is horrendous.  People who go to the Preakness routinely have their cars broken into and others have their cars stolen.  Muggings of patrons are also routine.

 Wait until we have the next generation of Somalis, Mexicans and other savages.  It will be living the old West again…only the old West and Dodge city got a bad rap from Hollywood.

 Dodge City never had anywhere near the crime that we see today.

 It is either deport these savages or lose our Country.   Look at that liberal lunatic feminist in Germany…she finally saw the insanity she was supporting is trying to assimilate the Third World muslims and African blacks and made her statement.  She said they will never yield from or leave their Medieval behaviors, that they have been allowed to destroy Germany and that she is emigrating to Poland.  People here had better rethink who they are letting in NOW rather than waiting until we, too, have been destroyed.   Wait until the savages reproduce.  Whites will be surrounded by savages who want the whites dead.  They are not grateful to us to be here.  They want us out of their way.  DEAD out of their way.   

 This is ALL about Trump’s betrayals and Obama’s before him.   He could, with the stroke of a pen, STOP the UN program from EVER bringing another savage in here.  He could order their apprehension and deportation.  He can, with a phone call, order the CDC to stop flying sick and dying diseased blacks and arab muslims into our homeland.  But Donald Trump is taking orders from the Zionist World Order and will never move to stop the invasion.  That is crystal clear.

 Think about what life will be when we are surrounded by these white-hating savages.  Their birth rate alone will ensure we will be surrounded in just a few short yeas.  Think about 2030.

 IF we do not stop them and the gravy train ‘our’ government is giving them, we will be sorry.   DAMN SORRY.   All areas of the US will be no-go zones…for US, the American white and other citizens. Just remember the repentant German feminist who wishes with every ounce of her being she had opposed Merkel and Soros and the ZWO and never tried to help the savages in her country.   The laughed at her and called her ’the stupid German WHORE.’   That is our future unless we somehow, someway, put and end to this Trump-endorsed insanity and treason.  Look what the man has already done with DACA…he has stabbed America in the back and wants to find a way to give these illegals CITIZENSHIP.