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Part 8 of COVert-19: Bats in the belfry, barbarians at the gates

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

News Flash 1: The CDC has tested 14 residents of Dane County, Wisconsin, location of the University of Wisconsin-Madison animal lab where faculty researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka pioneered the 2011 modification of influenza viruses with HIV proteins, the prototype for COVID-19. One of six Dane County residents who just returned from a trip to China was found to be infected with COVID-19

News Flash 2: Initial pathologist findings, still to be confirmed and documented with data from autopsies on the tissues of the dead, indicate the HIV-modified coronavirus targets the sperm-production tubes in testicles, which accounts for the disproportionate male death rate in Wuhan. The finding is consistent with Yoshihiro Kawaoka's insertion of HIV proteins in the viral replication structure and points to the larger goal of selective population reduction by limiting fatherhood to refrigerated sperm banks, as a key part of the feminism-driven agenda of eliminating "toxic masculinity", which categorizes men as would-be rapists ill-fit for parenthood, without harming the consumer capitalist economy driven by women's shopping addiction. Political correctness is the ideology of social engineering through mass murder. Impatient readers may want to scroll down to the section sub-titled Agenda 2023, although the facts in are still sparse.

The topics in this Part 8 include:

- China is the only country with the scientific capability and geopolitical motivation to defend Africans and Latin Americans from genocidal biological warfare under a thinly cloaked Western strategy to prevent the global population from reaching 8 billion over the coming 3 years.

- The Event 201 simulation sponsored by Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates in mid-October set the game-plan for the COV attack against the sole laboratory for bio-defense of developing nations.

Initial findings, yet to be detailed indicate the HIV-modified virus targets male reproductive organs.

- Why the British loyalties of election candidate Mike Bloomberg, a population-reduction supporter, and eugenics-minded Bill Gates are replacing an ebbing allegiance to the US national interest;

- A geopolitical struggle being waged by the maritime Third Anglo-Japanese Alliance against cooperation between continental powers USA and China as symbolized in the Xi-Trump friendship.

- The failure of COV detection kits issued to US airports by the CDC is part of a systemic failure to organize a more realistic quarantine policy, including set up of offshore patient centers.

- Electronic brain-stimulation "therapy" administered to Frank Plummer, chief of the Canadian microbiology lab embroiled in accusations of sending ebola samples to China, led to his death.

- Biologically absurd claims that horseshoe bats and pangolins were carriers of COV to Wuhan are countered here with the basics on their geographic habitat far away from the Yangtze River valley.

In this series on the newly labeled COVID-19, it's time to pinpoint the underlying motive for unleashing the contagion against Wuhan and the parallel disinformation campaign by the British intelligence-linked sources assigning blame for the outbreak on a leak from China's bio-defense program, especially the National Bio-security Laboratory in Wuhan. Another diversionary narrative has insisted that the virus carrier was an insect-eating horseshoe bat, which has no history of habitat in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River valley.

The patently false claims come with political bias, including from the Falun Gong cult-linked Epoch Times and other fictive accounts that stylistically resemble the chicken-scratch from a London-exiled Chinese writer of pot-boiler novels. The misdirection is not mere speculation but part of a deliberate campaign of disinformation by the same intelligence agencies in London that fabricated the Russiagate hoax. Their ultimate goal is, of course, political coups to remove those geopolitical partners, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump from high office as the precondition for restoring the Deep State globalist regime.

On the other side of the ledger, the heavy-handed attempts by Beijing officials at damage control by underestimating the numbers of infected patients with milder symptoms, which have nonetheless resulted in a death wave, are pathetically typical of bureaucracy worldwide from past crises including Chernobyl, Katrina, Fukushima and the Tokyo subway gassing 25 years ago. Blanket censorship and pervasive surveillance to silence independent reporting have been met with ever-wider and deeper public distrust of the official media and government sources, which not only among the citizenry of the Wuhan region but throughout Chinese society.

Meanwhile unsustainable workloads have led to fatigue and constant exposure to virus-swarmed environments, taking a serious toll on medical staffers, emergency crews and security personnel, who have shown dedication far beyond the call of duty. The inept and heavy-handed approach of officials and propagandists have provided added justification to the cowardly foreign foes falsely blaming the Beijing government and local authorities for this biological warfare attack against Central China.

The official knee-jerk reaction to protect economic growth despite a high toll in illness and death for hospital staff and public-health workers have cast the leadership as a greedy, corrupt and cruel despotic regime, which now appears to be arguably worse than the post-Chernobyl late-Soviet regime. My long experience in China informs me otherwise, that the situation is desperate, the shock was intense, solutions are elusive and that the Beijing bureaucrats were caught by complete surprise in the sneak attack by a determined foe.

The probability for just such an attack with a weapon of mass destruction should have been anticipated by China's leadership, the country's emergency-response system and its national intelligence service, which has been much too preoccupied running an absurdist technology espionage operation against the USA and other high-tech economies for the ultimate purpose of enriching the spoiled sons and daughters of the party elite and tech executives. In both the USA and China, the national interest and social responsibly have been seriously damaged by obsessive self-enrichment, criminal corruption and absence from public office of social responsibility. We must get back to root ethics and strong values.

In the best interests of the innocent victims of biological warfare and foreign societies now facing the worldwide spread of contagion, I continue to track the killers and, here in Part 8, begin to decipher their motives in a geopolitical perspective. This a war in the shadows, waged with bio-weapons incomprehensible to the public has massive consequences for global security on a scale a thousand times larger than the first-ever attack with a weapon of mass destruction a quarter-century ago in the Tokyo subway attack, which I covered first-hand as an investigative editor. In the span of 25 years, hardly anything has been learned about readiness and crisis response for a large-scale terrorist attack against major world cities, other than the urgent desire to cover-up the failings of bureaucracy, a controlled media and corrupt leaders. My objective back then and now is to uncover who did it and why.

The China Syndrome

Motive, being based on the subjective perspective of the assailant, is the most elusive element in any serious crime involving premeditated murder or a violent attack against the public. The reasoning behind a criminal plot involves prior experience and interaction between the targeted victims and the perpetrator, here the residents of Wuhan being the former and the Anglo-Japanese strategic alliance as assailant. In my seven preceding essays, multiple dimensions of the deadly offense against the global public have been tracked, researched, considered and presented, forming a totality that suggests a compelling motive.

The element of timing also factors in, given the fact that the biostrike against Wuhan occurred precisely when the American and Chinese negotiating teams were completing final details on the long-awaited bilateral trade deal. The impending trade agreement, aimed at re-balancing trade flows, was expected to reduce bilateral tensions on several fronts, including copyright infringement, telecom security, the military standoff, hacking, espionage and so forth, in a gradual process of resolving these issues through negotiation and confidence-building. The end-game was foreseen as a restoration of a trustworthy US-China relationship based on the Xi-Trump personal friendship. That goal would indeed be a triumph for both sides, reaffirming the half-century alliance between these two great powers, which has its roots in the American good will policy and Open Door laissez faire trade philosophy fundamentally opposed to British, Japanese and Russian aggression against China.

The China-USA concordance, however, is increasingly viewed in certain quarters, foreign and domestic, as the basis for global domination by these continental powers, with negative consequences for rival less-than equal nations, most of all for former imperial powers Britain and Japan, which were naval allies under two successive Anglo-Japanese Alliances that soundly thrashed the Qing dynasty in 1894-95 and devastated Tsarist Russia's military in the battles at Tsushima Strait and Port Arthur in 1904-05. Proud empires do not accept second-class status without resistance.

Tokyo views the imminent US-China trade deal as a boon for Chinese geopolitical and economic influence throughout Asia, enabling its upgraded military to flex their muscles, especially in the confrontation with the former Japanese colony of Taiwan. British neo-imperialism, during the present reassertion of London's traditional leadership role over the Commonwealth, recognizes the greatest threat to an economic-political re-consolidation is population growth in Africa and on the Indian subcontinent. The global population will surpass the 8 billion mark by 2023, frustrating development and spawning major regional conflicts, which could relegate the UK as just another small insignificant European state.

Astute observers recognize that China's greatest potential source of power and influence is its rising prowess at science and technology. At present, China is the only nation with the political willingness and scientific capability of suppressing contagious diseases across Africa and the rest of the developing regions. Its proven capability at preventing outbreaks with modern medicine and traditional herbal therapies, for example against malaria, and improving basic sanitation comprise a key factor in the Chinese drive to access and expand the mineral, energy and even food-production resources on the African continent, which until recently was a preserve of former European colonial master.

The dilemma for the Establishment in London and allied European capitals is that the Chinese capability of preventing pandemics by ebola and other zoonotic diseases, will increase population growth across the developing world, which is expected to surpass 10 billion by 2050. In the zero-sum game of Malthusian fears of demographic expansion, and also Europe's diminishing capability to provide development aid, Chinese biomedical aid to Africa will have dire consequences for Western domination and is completely unacceptable to the globalist elite.

The perception in London and Tokyo is that Chinese biomedical advances are threatening the covert British-European policy of population reduction with chemical tainted vaccines and highly contagious bio-engineered pathogens, as witnessed in West Africa and Congo regions. Therefore the thumbs-down was given for a preemptive strike against China's new showcase National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan, inaugurated in 2017 and not yet fully operational at the moment of attack. The baseless accusation that the coronavirus "leaked" out of that lab is summarily overturned by the 2011 research paper by Yoshihiro Kawaoka claiming credit for the first-ever creation of an HIV-modified flu virus, the prototype for COVID-19, which Chinese researchers do not yet possess.

Not only China, but also the USA is facing the grave threat of biological warfare, with the NIH and CDC "not up to speed" against unethical researchers like Kawaoka and Ron Fouchier who were nurtured with American science grants, unwisely as that has proven, even during their outrageous public defiance of the NIH ban on Gain of Function from 2016-19. At this very moment, the American population is facing an imminent threat of an unstoppable contagion, not just by COV but possibly other biological agents, in a not-so-covert geopolitical struggle during this presidential campaign year for a polarized electorate, when national unity is fractured along partisan lines. It's no secret that increasing bitter former allies Britain and Japan have been plotting to oust or otherwise eliminate the populist American president and install a globalist lackey such as candidate Bloomberg.

In this tense situation, disinformation from the forked tongues of venomous enemies of both republics must be opposed. Public health preparedness needs to be bolstered post-haste, while political resistance should be ramped up against hostile foreign forces aligned with the Deep State subversives. Russiagate was not the end of story but the start of this ongoing drama.

China has been seriously wounded in a heinous attack reminiscent of the merciless operations of Unit 731, and the United States could well be next. The Chinese side must come to their senses and encourage American biomedical teams with entry to combat this contagion and to research the methods used in the assault. Beijing needs to totally repudiate its massive IP theft, spying and influence-peddling against the USA, and instead the cherish the bilateral relationship as beneficial to their nation and to the world. On the defensive in a clandestine war, neither Beijing or Washington can mount immediate retaliation against the cowardly foes but the time will come sooner than later to mete out punishment. This is a struggle in the darkness, a type of cold war that demands courage, vigilance and patience. That said, let's shift to a lighter mood in my usual sardonic style.

Deadline 2023

Rather than keeping everyone in suspense in the cinema noir style of Alfred Hitchcock, let's get on with it as my Brit feminista friends used to say, along with "you are incorrigible". So here's the Full Monty. In a mere three years from now, 2023, the global population will have crossed the threshold of 8 billion, far beyond the tolerable limit given the current restoration of British imperialism, requiring an intervention by the brave members of the Order of KBE (Knights of the British Empire), Sirs Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg and Lady Melinda. Their past diddling with toxic vaccines and abortion pills utterly failed to halt the population grown since the 7 billion mark was passed in 2017. (For fans of political intrigue, Bloomberg's knighting in 2014 was attended by Joe Biden.)

The urgent globalist mission to conserve natural resources, limit carbon dioxide emitted by too many pairs of human lungs, combat climate change due to an excess of flatulence from cattle and pigs, protect endangered hippos and Komodo dragons, and save the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve depends on stopping Chinese meddling with bio-defense of Africans, Latin Americans, Burmans and other parasitic races from the ravages of ebola, Zika and other pharma-improved contagious diseases. Therefore, the world's only microbiology laboratory with the political will and technical potential to stop contagions must be discredited and, if at all possible, destroyed.. The Wuhan BSL-4 defenses was slated for destruction. It wasn't was not the source of this demented outbreak strategy, the lab was the bull's-eye of the target.

The genocidal population-reduction agenda is the essence of "rogue" COVID-19, as deduced from early tissue analysis on mature male victims indicate that this HIV-modified virus targets the male reproductive system, particular the sperm-generating tubes of the testicles. This is post-human transition biological war on fatherhood is totally consistent with the Gates, Bloomberg and Johns Hopkins secret Agenda 2003 and not some freak of nature. It used to be that sheepish fellows, intimidated by girlfriends or wives had their testicles tied, but now your cojones are slated for mass destruction now that they've got you by the balls. Feminist fascism aided by the unnatural force of selective microbiology is way more evil, in its demented Maleficent logic, than any other ideology, a revival of governance by primitive wicked witchcraft. It was Eve's delighted choice to bite into the apple of knowledge, and that foolhardy nature-loving Adam should have sacrificed another rib instead of condemning his progeny to slavery. We await the full report, that is if it is not suppressed by the globalist cabal.

This nefarious plot may sound utterly preposterous to the gentlemen slumped in armchairs at The Athenaeum or Boodle's in London, contemplating survival of the fittest over a glass of 25-year mellowed Scotch whiskey. Simply unthinkable, my dear chaps, just more false news. Well then, sires, what about the origin of modern biological warfare during the Boer Wars, when the Royal Army veterinary corps unleashed rinderpest against the draft oxen of the unruly Dutch settlers in South Africa? Or the role of Porton Down and its extension in Manitoba, the Canadian National Microbiology lab, where Nazi-era virologists were installed by the British equivalent of Operation Paperclip in friendly competition with the Rockefeller Institute and Plum Island? And what use did the British spy service have for eugenicist Bill Gates that prompted his knighting by the Queen way back in 2004?

Murder on the Polar Express

Before delving into Event 201, the Johns Hopkins University simulation sponsored allow me to suggest that there are more persuasive ways of influencing Third World dictatorships to discourage the traditional agrarian impulse to breed large families, though incentive programs that encourage a one-child policy and isolation of fanatics who insist on the divine injunction to "go out and multiply". Resistant dictators can be easily be replaced by more reasonable leaders without harm to social justice or democratic norms.

For legal purposes, here's an excerpt from a disclaimer after the Event 201 simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic held in New York in mid-October, "Event 201 Model disclaimer. This model was current 2019-nCoV outbreaks because the epidemiology inputs in this model differ from what is observed in 2019-nCOV." Repeat, that's not meant to be the confession that it is.

For little children, Gates and Bloomberg are not exactly Santa's helpers but more like dysfunctional train conductors like the Tom Hanks character in that animation, clipping tickets and tossing third-class passengers out into the cold to the hungry wolves.

Gaming the cheats for Wuhan CoV

The cheat codes for gaming Wuhan were embedded at Event 201 held at the Pierre Hotel overlooking Central Park in New York City. The multi-player game for key business executives and NGO leaders in the public health sector was staged on October 18 by the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University with generous funding from the Gates Foundation. Conjuring up a global coronavirus pandemic that kills 65 million worldwide and wrecking global financial markets, this parody of Crichton's "Andromeda Strain" and Soderbergh's movie "Contagion" had a cast of stand-up comedians spinning off anxious one-liners.

The Bloomberg-Gates production deserves an Emmy in the funny-bones category of Disinfo and Misinformation, with shock-effect one-liners like "an Internet shutdown will be needed to challenge fake news", "tech platforms must realize they're not broadcasters but must act as a counterweight to false reports" and "enforcement action is required to prevent fake news from flooding the zone."

That last quote is one twisted choice of image, "flooding the zone", as in the tsunami that triggered the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. Or alternatively, a Freudian slip of the tongue referring to plans to flood the Yangtze River region with lethal viruses. Whatever the intent, it seems that the most noxious virus targeted by Event 201 is freedom of expression.

COVert War Games

The paranoiac mood at the Bloomberg-Gates "war game" was reminiscent of the existential threat of The Bomb during the Cold War, back when the civil defense network stretched from the Dew Line down to our schoolrooms where my generation of kids had to clamber under tiny wooden desks with arms folded over our heads in case the ceiling caves in from the megaton blast of a Soviet ICBM. Meanwhile our parents stockpiled canned pork and beans and anxiously urged the neighbors to finish digging out that storm-flooded hole for a backyard bomb shelter. Ever since Chernobyl and Fukushima delivered actual fallout, Nuclear War is OUT and Bioweapons are IN.

Meanwhile over recent decades inhabitants of America and China have lost their fear of the "population bomb" due to the pill and condom, plus the added factor of an urban consumerist lifestyle. Across the less-developed nations, in contrast, unsafe sex formerly known as procreation has been churning out vast numbers of new global citizens. The country with the politically incorrect name of Niger (the "g" is pronounced as a "j" like jazz, so dat's cool, bro') has a birth rate of 46 percent. That ain't packin', man, cuz they been pumpin'! (My bomb shelter during childhood was in the Compton area.)

Down the list of worst unprotected sex offenders are 8 other African countries, followed by Afghanistan, an automated factory of little recruits for Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Up next are the rest of the African nations. These are the barbarians at the gates of Western civilization, to be mowed down in droves by centurions armed with viruses and MD degrees. Last on the list, with the lowest birth rate in the world is Japan, at least since I've been away due to fear of Fukushima, followed by Italy. So much for overrated Latin lovers, who are in the same league as me with no homers, no bases stolen and no hits. I feel better now about striking out. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, that Johns Hopkins planning session for the Wuhan outbreak.

Hey, there's another one tossed over the transom, a new article from The Telegraph (London), which reads "Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, has warned that coronavirus in Africa could overwhelm health services and trigger a pandemic which could cause 10 million deaths, speaking just hours before the first case was confirmed in Cairo, Egypt." Wishful thinking or strategic planning?

Knights of the Round Condom

The stated purpose of Event 201 was to encourage the formation of a coalition of businesses, including pharmas and airlines, business leaders meaning Gates and Bloomberg, and non-profits, along with CNBC, the only media group among the 21 participants other than "GNN". The objective was to create and manage a supply-chain for epidemic emergencies around the world. The underlying agenda was blatant, to protect the global economy and financial markets from a panic-driven crash. If people die beyond a certain threshold, the money markets become endangered by panic selling. This same attitude of putting profits over people is now happening in China where the Beijing authorities issued a back-to-work order even at the risk of wider spread of coronavirus. Money talks, zombies walk, or just lumber around aimlessly, which puts the fear of contagion back on to late-night TV.

Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg isn't worried about COV starting to reach US airports, now that his massive new Bloomberg Center in the City of London is nearing completion. The erstwhile mayor of New York already owns a huge mansion in posh Knightsbridge after evicting his former English wife. Mike and Bill's coziness with the upper crust in Britain was conferred on bended knee at their knighting, along with Melinda's title of Lady, conferred by the Queen herself. Bill was knighted in 2004, Melanie with a curtsy as a dame of the British Empire in 2013, and Mike taking a Kapaernik knee in 2014. Bill and Mike are Tories like Benedict Arnold, who however should get a posthumous reprieve of treason charges since he never tried to depose George Washington by running for president.

Now, the latest tip over the transom is a news clip from the New York Post, "Bill Gates reportedly has his eye on the world's first hydrogen-powered super-yacht, a $644 million, environmentally friendly oasis on the sea with its own infinity pool, helipad, spa and gym." Welcome aboard, Her Majesty's Royal Navy! Hold it, how much carbon-fueled electricity does it require to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen gas, and to pump these gases into storage cylinders? Was this the secret behind Greta's unbelievably fast crossing of the Atlantic? Speaking of abortion, better not go there.

Tokyo and London Calling

As with many Americans, Bill Gates has special affection for his family's original homeland, that being the town of Halifax in Yorkshire, meaning he's a natural born Tory. Brit Bill is investing in livestock genomics in Scotland, the birthplace of Dolly the cloned sheep, in a project called Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines, which gains his vaccines access to partner nations India and Kenya as passageways into the (former) British Empire. The rinderpest redux. His re-positioning toward the British imperium conforms with the focus of the Johns Hopkins Population Center on developing economies, as shown on the map of its projects. For double coverage, the Gates Foundation has donated $40 million to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for "advance family planning" in developing countries.

Meanwhile Bloomberg's life-changing shift to London casts doubt on the sincerity of his presidential election bid. He's pulling the plug on New York City where he served as mayor and profited by his financial news service while bidding farewell to his birthplace in Massachusetts. Americans should wave farewell to that pair of buccaneers who rival Blackbeard and Henry Morgan as cut-throats and plunderers. Go back to where you belong, good riddance!

A failed US quarantine policy

The epidemic preparedness exercise at Event 201 was obviously of zero help to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, now that the CDC has admitted that the COV detection kits from the supply chain are showing "inconclusive" findings at airports. At the time of writing, the CDC has sent to laboratories in 30 countries about 400 kits. each containing test results of up to 800 passengers on arrival, which tallies to about 30,000 false negatives. The numbers are alarming, since the USA should have sufficient laboratory capacity to handle all incoming passengers rather than relying on foreign contract labs and overseas manufacturers of test kits.

Another flawed policy is to temporarily house positive test subjects on military bases across the mainland USA. Isolation centers should be rapidly set up on offshore islands by professionals with the US Marines knowledgeable about field hospitals and encampments. Temporary facilities can quickly be set up on now uninhabited islands including the San Clemente bombing range off Catalina near Los Angeles, and other islets in the Santa Barbara Channel, the Farallon islands outside Golden Gate Bridge and abandoned military facilities in the Salish Sea near Seattle, along with similar arrangements along the Eastern Seaboard. The border with Mexico, however, remains a open gateway for entry of illegals who might have caught COV from the massive numbers of Chinese across Latin America. Politically correct opposition to construction of the border wall could result in the loss of thousands of American lives. Contagion is among the reasons for opposing open immigration, when we lack the capability to protect the health of your neighborhood.

The USA is more vulnerable than China to epidemics. This is due to the urban sprawl of American metropolises with hundreds or even thousands of connecting roadways, too many to be monitored with checkpoints. By contrast, the major cities of China are based on the ancient walled fortress plan and surrounded by uninhabited green space, with only 6 or fewer major highways for access, along with only a few commuter rail lines entering the urban area. This limitation on access enables the Chinese police and medical personnel to check every vehicle and person entering or exiting a city. At this moment, every city in China is under a travel lock-down, and villages have organized self-containment to halt or slow the cross-infection rate. The Chinese have combated the black plague and other contagions for thousand of years. Instead of idle boasting and putting down China, Americans need to focus on their own problems with rogue microbiologists and the suburban sprawl that is an open invitation to contagion.

The strange case of Canada's Dr. Frankenstein

The National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada has been the focus of hysterical accusations over alleged air-freighting of virus samples to China by the temporary lab administrators, a Chinese couple with Canadian citizenship. Neither are microbiology-trained but merely stand-ins after the research staff were hired at much higher salaries by US pharmaceutical labs. Step back and ponder for a moment the fact that the huge Chinese medical corps in West Africa and the Congo can obtain and ship home thousands of vials of ebola-infected blood or tissue samples with ease. If the Chinese did obtain NML sample,s then their researchers are trying determine whether ebola has been artificially modified. It's not clear why NML, which was created by Porton Down, should withhold shipment of dry samples unless their scientists are guilty of biological warfare.

The sudden death of lab director Frank Plummer on February 4 during a lecture series in Kenya has triggered a burst of ridiculous theories suggesting he was silenced by Chinese secret agents. Wonderful plot for a thriller, but unfortunately for the GCHQ-MI-6 propaganda mill a baseless accusation, which cries out for debunking.

The facts of the care are that just prior to his journey to Nairobi, the renowned HIV researcher underwent experimental treatment as the first-ever North American patient suffering alcoholism with Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. The electronic device transmits pulses via electrodes implanted into the skull to target specific regions of the brain related to the disorder. The death of Francis Allen "Frank" Plummer was probably not the work of an evil Chinese assassination but caused by a post-treatment cerebral seizure or reversion to alcohol and recreational drugs. Or perhaps that's an alibi for erasing his memory bank.

The plot thickens because Dr. Plummer was a close associate of Ron Fouchier at the Eramus Institute in Rotterdam, from whom he had received samples of Saudi-origin MERS. It was also Plummer who invited the notorious Dr. Death, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, to do the riskier operations of creating "an unstopped flu virus" at the BSL-4 Canadian NML lab rather than at the Level 3 facility at Madison, Wisconsin. ( The Chinese were obviously onto biological warfare by the same researchers who were reprimanded by the NIH for increasing the toxicity of viruses or Gain of Function.

The subordinate relationship of NML to the British biological weapons program at Porton Down, under the authority of the UK Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL or Q in the James Bond series), indicates Plummer and Kawaoka were key players in a secret biowarfare program sponsored by Britain and Japan aimed at population reduction in Africa and covert warfare against their common foe China. Which brings up the strong possibility that Frank Plummer had outlived his usefulness, after the bio-strike against Wuhan. Was his "brain stimulation" treatment actually a cover for selective electrode-induced MK-ULTRA memory loss? You should need no reminder that Canada was a major center for the CIA-MI6 mind-control experiments at the Allen Memorial Center operated by the notorious Dr. Ewen Cameron.

Ignorance of geography or cover-up?

A batty uban myth is being promoted by ignoramuses who know zilch about Chinese geography and zoology claiming the Horseshoe bat and Pangolin were carriers of COVID-19. Get back to school, you class-skipping morons! The natural habitat of the insect-eating Horseshoe bat is semi-tropical southern China and Southeast Asia. A small number of these species inhabit the warmer coastal region of Eastern China and South Korea. The microbat does not migrate inland into the chilly middle reaches of the Yangtze River, nor is it found anywhere within or near Hubei Province. The bats are missing from the belfry at the Wuhan seafood market! Quick, do something!

The Horseshoe bat has been linked to coronavirus infections only in piglets in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, the transmission by proximity due to their preying on blood-feeding flies and gnats. In these cases in 2016-17, no evidence was found of pig or bat transmission to human of that novel coronavirus strain. The infectious agent is not among the 7 COV types capable of infecting humans, with only 3 of these, SARS, MERS and now the HIV-hybrid COVID-19, potentially fatal to patients.

Thus far coronavirus has been transmitted to humans by fruit-eating species with a sugar-rich diet, like the Borneo civet that feeds on palm dates. If this characteristic holds, then that swarm of infected Horseshoe micro-bats (there are more than a dozen sub-species) likely was infected while devouring blood-feeding insects that previously preyed on COV-infected tree-climbing frugivores in southern China, possibly gibbons that consumed fruit infected by the saliva of fruit bats, known as Macro-bats or flying foxes, the primary transmitters of coronavirus and ebola. There are infrequent incursions of the Okinawan giant bat (Macrobat) up the Yangtze, particularly during the heatwave in October and November, as discussed earlier in this series.

Insect-eating microbats have never been sold live or boiled in soup at the Wuhan seafood market. That is a southern Chinese custom. The photos and videos of edible bats and caged bats are not sourced in Wuhan, and have been posted online in sensationalist attempts at exploiting foreign disgust over Chinese dining habits, similar to how Western yokels once were appalled by the sight of Japanese eating raw fish, without ever once considering bacon to be far more offensive to practicing Muslims and Jews. Distraction by a bat fairytale is a classic disinfo tactic, as developed by Winston Churchill's propaganda office and secret service agent Aleister Crowley against Nazi Germany. Bats, of course, symbolize the evil of witchcraft and sorcery, eliciting fear among gullible peasants, serving as a tool of social control ever since missionary friars converted the peasants from heathen paganism. So don't be a clod-hopping peon.

As repeatedly mentioned in my previous stories, Chinese government officials have never dared mention, much less announced that the only possible zoonotic carriers of the HIV-modified COV is the Okinawan flying fox Macrobat, which transmitted the virus by feces to Tilapia, raised in aquaculture ponds in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River system, a multimillion-dollar business that is key to the China's protein supply and overseas sales of frozen fish. The virus was transmitted by aerosol particles from fish tanks at the Wuhan seafood market and other fish shops across that city. Yes, money counts, way more than human lives in the "people's republic" as it does in corporate America.

As for pangolins, which resemble armadillos, none are to found anywhere around or in central China, and by now have been over-hunted, extremely rare and generally unavailable for dining even in southern China and Southeast Asia. Neither of these exotic species can account for mass infection of humans with a genetically engineered virus out of Professor Kawaoka's cabinet of horrors with its millions of castration knives.