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The Coup That's Coming

By Jim Kirwan


What we're seeing now is this country being set up for a Constitutional Crisis...”

Look at the bigger picture, It seems to me that the people in power, what I term the globalists are in the process of 'taking over' ­ fully capturing this country, through global chaos ~ and all of it will make the elections appear as 'not legitimate'.”

Doug Hagmann Special News Report - Beyond the Video - A Constitutional Crisis? 9/12/2016

k, The current situation, a possible coup, seems more than "likely" ­ as this is a perfect opportunity to steal the election based on the flat-out ignorance of the people; when it comes to how 'we' understand or in this case - fail to understand the whole process of the "ELECTORAL COLLEGE".

It appears to me that whatever configuration comes out of this in Hagmann's article - will amount to an outright political-coup from the inside, that will never be accepted by the public no matter how this impending coup might be presented to the nation.

If Hagmann's possible Coup happens, this nation will shatter into hundreds if not thousands of pieces. But in the meantime - this nation is now completely upside down

Given all the garbage swirling around every component and potential that keeps trying to surface with evermore bizarre potentials being raised:

Roger Stone suggested today that if Hillary is dropped, for whatever reason she could be replaced by Michael, despite the fact that he's a fake transsexual. He's also a disbarred lawyer with zero political experience and a blatant hatred for America and everything this nation once stood for.

The real sex of 'the first lady' can be proven by a DNA swab. Is 'she' an XX or XY? Regardless of the coming election this question must be answered.

America Talks Live | Roger Stone: DNC Will Pick Michelle Obama If "Gravely Ill” Hillary Can’t Go On

America must change course and kill the lies that continue to swirl around the presidency and the policies of this nation. Most Americans seem to think that we once had a nation that was 'a bed of roses' ­ which was never true. If we're serious about dealing with this totally destroyed world then we must do more than “vote” for change” ­ we must do what must be done ourselves, because no one else is going to save us from our previous failures. The United States has become the most dangerous political obsession the modern world has ever seen and it's our job to put that “Amerika” in the ground.

Below is what we shall inherit unless the public get's serious about everything we've colossally failed at, since we allowed the murder of JFK to go unpunished.

The Seal of the President of the U.S.A. in 2017

In an interview with Mike Harris yesterday we were talking about how the nation could begin to “Take Back America”. Mike suggested that if we were serious then we will restore the laws that were in place before Kennedy was assassinated, along with reviving the Immigration Reform Act of 1965

Re-nationalizing the once American Owned U.S. Treasury is 'a must' ­ so that America can do what Hitler did, when he threw the Zionist banks out of Germany and created the greatest economic-miracle the modern world has ever seen. He did all of that in just a few short years when Germany began to print debt-free-money again.

In the world of today we must eradicate the Kazarian Mafia that's been running the banks & the world, since the end of WWII.

Of course there's more, but first we must all all deal with the basic-changes that can immediately put this nation back on track ­ America must put American's first ­ and end political correctness forever.


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