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Counterfeit Money Is The Motive Behind Gangland's
George Floyd Arson And Looting Riots

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Friends of the rioters and su[porters of gangsters are now threatening the Cup Foods store, whose owner is an Arab American, Apparently brown skin isn't enough if you run an honest business serving a poor community,  and he was expected to subsidize George Floyd's cigarette habit. Many of the new liberal friends of George are the same people who are offended by smokers inside bars or on the sidewalk, hypocritically defending a smoker's right to defraud a local small business with a counterfeit 20-dollar bill.

Most people have never had to deal with gangs, the way I did in placing immigrant teens saved from gang leaders and released out of New York City's juvenile detention center, thanks to the police officers and the warden's program who tried to save them from damnation. Of course the Chinatown gangs wanted the youths back to gun down their rival criminal bosses, but my program would not allow those teenagers to drift back to criminal activity and spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Glorifying street violence and looting today are beyond ridiculous, it's nothing less than advocacy of crimes against society and encouragement of a warped mind-set among the younger generation glorifying anti-social violence.

Even more hypocritical are the feminist protesters who make a lot of noise about  women's sexual rights. It so happens that George Floyd was a performer in the black porn industry in his home state of Texas violating African American women. Where is all the outrage that was directed at Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein who at least paid the female talent a high-end salary, up in the 90 percentile bracket?  Before going to burn down a mom-and-pop shop, do your research, you irresponsible fools.

Counterfeit from China

Now let's deal with what's behind the police's harsh dealings with George Floyd, basically the question of. fake money flooding Minnesota. In mid-December, during the Christmas rush, U.S. Customs officials seized  $900,000  in fake one-dollar bills printed in China , rolling into the USA inside a cargo train at the Canada-Minnesota border crossing at International Falls. Obviously customs officers had been tipped off by state troopers and local police that cities like St. Paul-Minneapolis were being overwhelmed with counterfeit, affecting especially the poorer neighborhoods. The employee at Cup Foods obviously has since then been trained to use a counterfeit detector at the cash register.

Nearly a million in fake dollars is just the tip of the iceberg floating onto American shores. Over the past five years, there's been a spectacular rise in counterfeit of low denomination, especially $20 bills now that C-notes are routinely checked by cashiers. At any given time, there's more than $70 million in circulation across the USA, nearly all of that being newly smuggled notes, following routine detection at currency exchanges and banks sending bundles to the U.S. Treasury for inspection.

Counterfeit harms poorer families the most, because whenever a cashier rejects payment,  some child is not getting their birthday present or new clothing as planned and saved for. If you happen to be traveling, fake bills can be a major headache. When I was reporting on the Kashmir conflict, on the Indian border following the Battle of Kargil, I received a couple hundred dollars' worth of rupees in counterfeit from a Citibank money exchange machine. The bank refused to admit liability, and so I had to move out of my hotel pronto and find cheaper accommodations in a cold water inn, plus curtailing some of my travel plans. I had come thousands of miles from Japan for the story, but some bank employee replaced real rupees with fake notes at my expense doing harm to the only reporter then dealing with human rights in that troubled zone.

Therefore, any defenders of George Floyd are, to me, nothing but apologists for robbery, and all I can say is to the protesters is this. May it happen to each one of you, and remember to feel sorry for the thief who defrauds you.. Give him the rest of your savings, be kind to pickpockets.

After defending the circulation of Made-in-China counterfeit dollars, which may be just a criminal enterprise and hopefully not strategic financial warfare against the American economy, these supporters of George went on to torch local businesses, exactly when employees were expecting to go back to work towards the tapering off of the lock-down.  Trashing strip malls, torching mom-and-pop shops and restaurants is reckless vandalism, an evil assault on the U.S. economy at a most crucial moment, dashing hopes of recovery. Every rioter who's not shot on sight during curfew should be thrown into prison for many decades for their own good, and hopefully do some hard labor to teach them the virtue of word instead of theft.

Ineffective mayors and governors should not only be dumped at the polls, but investigated and prosecuted for dereliction of public duty and as accomplices to murder and mayhem. These sorts of political criminals are worse, and stern punishment is necessary to re-instill a sense of public duty and respect for law. There is no compelling arguments at this time of an unjust major war or mass oppression of minorities as there were during the Vietnam era and during the Civil Rights movement. Minorities have never had it better than now, and some individuals are actually super-privileged beyond the bounds of sensible generosity and decency toward our fellow citizens.

George Floyd was in bad health due to his drug addictions. He knew his condition and all he was expected to do was agree to turn over a list of names involved in distribution of fake money. Most grown men can handle being wrestled down to the pavement. The four police officers had no reason to kill him but to the contrary needed to keep him alive as a witness in the counterfeit racket. Reading him his rights and calling in a lawyer makes for good legal theory by the book, but in reality tough methods are the only way to bust large-scale criminal operations. If Floyd has one iota of respect for his society, he would have confessed the names of his criminal associates preying on the poorer communities of Minnesota, and he'd be alive today under a witness protection program.

The police are not sadists who enjoy violence but must be tough to break the code of silence enforced by murderous gangsters. It's a civil war and getting worse due to liberal judges and wide-open immigration for foreign thugs. Adding to their urgency in first-target Minneapolis was the need to crack the international mafia and interstate criminal ring undermining the American currency, in what could be a secret state-sponsored operation representing a major national security threat, related to trade conflicts and in preparation for social destabilization prior to military clashes. So let's not be naive about the big picture. Precaution is necessary to prevent another world war, this time around with nuclear warheads and biological warfare. Deterrence of economic warfare is a means to extend the peace and prevent bloodshed.

I respect tough cops in times like these, when we are starting to face all sorts of emerging threats, because these officers are the honest ones, unlike the smug smooth-talking captains on the take from crime bosses, put there to keep the gangsters safe from arrest and the corrupt politicians happy on the payroll, the California Democrat model of treasonous governance.Those police officers who are being unjustly vilified are on the front-line defending honest folks who suffer the humiliation of poverty in silence without any help from the liberals and the entitlement minorities. Poverty creates criminality, but criminals reinforce poverty with their predatory destruction of neighborhood economies.

Now, after the politically correct arsonists torched businesses, jobless employees are in  even deeper financial trouble than ever, just so some thieving punks can wear new Nikes to show off their crimes against society. Can you see the injustice here brought on by that irresponsible and dishonest fool George Floyd?  Strong mothers and fathers should bawl out their sons and daughters who participated in the protest and looted stores, and drag them down to juvenile court with the evidence in hand where they need to learn some lessons about life and liberty. Disown them, because strong medicine is needed at this desperate hour. Otherwise these young wolves will grow up to destroy your family ties and bring on immeasurable disgrace to your community. At first, they won't like Sunday school, but that's exactly where they belong and will benefit away from bad company by learning that evil is not to be obeyed, much less idolized.

My childhood was spent in the black-majority Compton area, where I was picked on and drawn into a fight nearly on many a school day. I had friends among by black schoolmates, but some of them had to be helped out of trouble with fisticuffs against the bullies, of which there were no shortage. I was involved in at least 50 bloody battles and won them all, or would have been killed before becoming a teenager. The children influenced by gangsters do not quit or apologize until you are bashing their heads on the pavement, when they then come to the realization they will be killed unless they grovel and apologize. On the other hand, they would have just killed me ruthlessly, so I can say is that liberalism gets nowhere in the concrete jungle whenever taming the beast in men.

That's why if a cop's not tough, he's not enforcing the law by teaching outlaws that a life of crime shall not pay. The policeman defending social order is your savior not an oppressor. Having been there in the Hell of poverty and violence, I sincerely hope that the jury understands what this nation is up against now and let the police officers off with a light sentence. Sure, I feel sorry for George as low life damned since youth, but share a lot more sorrow for his many victims. A man must not pass the harm he's endured onto others. Let's just hope the final  lesson is for young people to take the straight and narrow path instead of wandering off toward the fires of midnight.