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The Counter Coup Begins

By Jim Kirwan


The information that is literally pouring out from all over the planet, has
been a very long time coming but it's finally here.

Who Is Dr Steve Pieczenik In 'Clinton Coup Of America' Vid?

The Hillary Clinton takeover of the United States

4min 10sec VIDEO

The Clinton Pedophilia Connection

2min 43sec VIDEO

The Clinton Crime Family - On Pedophile Island (#LolitaExpress & Bill Clinton)

This might explain why Hillary emailed so much about Yoga

13min 48sec VIDEO


6min 53sec VIDEO

BREAKING NEWS: Democratic Fixer Revealed

7min 18sec VIDEO

k The damages done to this nation and that are still being done universally, by these totally obsessed creatures, is about to all be subsumed in the U.S, takedown which this Counter-Coup has targeted.

The substance beneath these recent news releases is above, with much more to come. We need to track these events from here on in, so that we can each do what we can to insure that all of this finally ends this global nightmare...

Pass these stories on, if you want this to receive the kind of notice that only the widest possible audience can bring, to these last few days before the completely fraudulent elections on November the eighth.

The real time release below shows how the above information is

constantly being used...

Hannity 11/1/16 | Fox News | November 1, 2016

40min 22sec VIDEO



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