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The Countdown Begins


By Jim Kirwan


On the rifle of the closest GI there’s an Israeli flag crossed with an American flag just above his right hand that speaks to the truth behind the outlaw-force that directs these mercenary-robots...

For the last 102 years this ‘nation’ has been owned outright by the Rothschild’s that stole our treasury and made our ‘dollars’ into their

Private Corporate Property since 1913

Yesterday Obama said this:

Obama heralds first U.S. Memorial Day without ground war in 14 years’

ARLINGTON, Va. President Barack Obama heralded the first U.S. Memorial Day in 14 years without a major ground war in an annual ceremony of remembrance on Monday for fallen American forces.

In remarks at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, Obama paid tribute to U.S. military personnel who served in conflicts such as World War Two as well as the more recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which he wound down as commander in chief.

"For many of us, this Memorial Day is especially meaningful. It is the first since our war in Afghanistan came to an end," Obama said. "Today is the first Memorial Day in 14 years that the United States is not engaged in a major ground war."”

Kirwan: This is such a massive lie that clearly condemns this traitor for everything that’s going on in the currently lawless world, that for this alone he should be immediately removed from office for lying to the public and the world…

For the last fifteen years the world has been in a global version of a massive poker game where each individual group of players’ are all using different decks’ of cards, with which they each tries to force their own way of determining their own private version to an ending that will continue to afflict and destroy the planet while all the rest of the chaos continues in every other area of life around them.

Because of truth behind this virtually every aspect of our lives is now under siege: and in many cases these blatant attacks come from several different angles simultaneously—yet each ‘independent-outlaw group’ has their own goal and their own private SET OF CARDS TO PLAY which are designed to overturn the world as they see it.

Whether Social, Military, Financial, Political or Power-Driven ­ it’s IMPOSSIBLE that all of these traitors could ever “WIN”. On top of that nature is going totally ‘WILD’ with earthquakes and volcanoes, not to mention totally unpredictable weather which we have earned because we’ve allowed the corporations to ignore all the natural laws - that would have kept this planet ‘in-balance’.

But despite all that: It just might be possible that these specialized categories could each still lose individually - in their current race to crush the real people of the planet. And therein lies the key to what’s coming in the next few days…

The money collapse that has been kept alive on artificial life-support since 2008 is actually dead. That fiasco should be thrown into that still open grave at any moment. Simultaneously with that impending collapse there’s the current disintegration of the EU and the forced exit of Greece from the EU, followed probably by the crash in France that was precipitated by the end of their once thriving arms business ­ just to fall down and worship at Obama’s doorstep, one more time.

There’s also the FREE-FIRE-ZONE that could easily accompany JADE-HELM, if anything just happens to “go wrong” ­ or indeed if that has been part of their pretend planning all along: Then ‘we’ may never really know the truth of this pretend exercise. But all signs point to a disaster of immense proportions: We just don’t know for certain which of these tidal waves will hit us first, second or third: About the only thing that seems certain now that there are so many crimes against the human-race in the works right now ­ some of them are bound to make their way into the lives of millions of people.

Until now the “militarized-police-forces” in the US have always been staged, because there are simply not enough cops to do anything major to any major city by themselves. They always have to send for reinforcements as they did in Boston and before that in Oakland. If there had been related disturbances in any other major cities at the same time and in the same areas: Then the country would have to have stripped surrounding communities of their privatized-thugs to keep up the show of the fake force they’re desperately trying to prevent the public from seeing.

That’s because when it comes right down to it ­ USI doesn’t have the cops to even begin to man all that armor, all those tanks or to man those rocket-launchers that they are parading all around the United States - especially outside the JADE-HELM region ­ as if they could put trained troops into those vehicles and just crush any and all resistance to their pretend powers. They might have purchased the ammunition to murder every AMERICAN FIVE TIMES OVER, but they won’t have that ammunition long - once ‘The Countdown’ morphs into the real thing.

The active military that is opposed to this impending treachery is just waiting until the official order comes down. Until then they can’t really do anything until the traitors make their move first: After that we’ll begin to see which troops are with us and which are definitely in opposition. The same is true of the millions upon millions of former troops that have been sidelined or made homeless. Once the lines of razor-wire are clear then a great many of the parts of this society that the military has taken for granted will begin to finally reappear.

The vets understand intrinsically how the military works and what will upend their plans with the least amount of effort for the greatest effect possible. The goal here is to stop the TREASON cold which they have planned for the people of this country.

Apparently the inexperienced political flacks in-charge of this charade have absolutely zero knowledge about the military or what it would take for them to actually win anything in this massively huge nation ­ which they are determined to steal from us ­ using just handfuls of trained special-ops traitors?

This is reminiscent of General “Hate-Love” who currently leads NATO ­ a man whose medals are all for “good-conduct” because he’s never even been in any war. And this entire administration could not collectively produce any kind of manual about anything to do with any aspect of the real military, which they think they are “commanding”: Especially when what they will be forced to fight against could easily OUTNUMBER their so-called Obamanation Army by well over 10,000 to one.

BTW military forces, just like civilians, must have fuel above all else, along with communications and food and water. Without fuel the planes can’t fly and the tanks can’t roll. Without enough food and water battle-conditions rapidly degenerate into just staying alive: And that’s something which the millions of ex-combat vets know all about, along with how to use weapons and how to complicate attacks to the point that they will fail, before they can even become engaged…

There will also be the home-front for the traitors to think about, if any of them have ‘others’ that they actually care about? Once this begins there will be no more jobs, there will only be the war in every city in this country and it will soon become apparent that the fake-government does not really have the troops or the training to take down the ordinary people of the old United States…

Being a soldier requires a lot more than just wearing a uniform and carrying a weapon. Once those around them begin to die in the way that people do in any war, but especially in this ‘action’, because this will be about more than homes and lives. Those who will fight have always given more than a damn about what their lives have always been about.

The “cops” that thrive on going four or six to one now, against unarmed people, will have to fend for themselves. When necessity requires it, then the fighting will be one on one and that will be the end of most of them, almost immediately: Not to mention what will happen to the massively overweight pigs that currently wear the gear, once they’ve had to stay on those lines for ten days to two weeks ­ when most of them can’t last 24 hours at a stretch?


These creatures just moved the start of this Treason ahead by 30 days. That means that they are beginning to panic, or maybe they know something the rest of us don’t? In any case this means that instead of starting on July 15, 2015, now they want to “go” on June 15, 2015 ­ but of course there are no guarantees and we can’t forget they’ve lied about everything for the last 102 years, so why should they start telling us the truth this late in their unending games? Did they move the date because of something they either know about or are planning to force upon the world?

We must oppose everything they suggest from this point forward!

Ask yourselves what will happen to these robotized thugs when they’re surrounded in those dozens of cities which they can’t control, because most of them will have to be imported from the outside world, to swell the ranks, and they won’t know shit about where they are or who to concentrate on: Because their ‘INTEL’ will be worse than useless once the chaos turns to carnage all around them.

This promises to be one very ugly slaughter, because there will be so much road-kill cluttering up the scenes - but it’s still unclear which side will survive, because officially this really hasn’t started yet!

What the people will be aiming for is to ‘Lock-Down the Outlaw Government ­ ‘in-place’. Once this begins people, need to use those razor-wire enclosures they planned for us, to house those that had planned to be the wardens of our lives: If that doesn’t happen soon enough - then this could be a much longer process, but “this state” is not tough-enough to survive. In fact the corrupt state is the exact opposite of “enduring”, because they have never had to earn anything in their self-indulgent fantasies unending.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out, because in reality there is no other alternative than to fight this treachery to the bitter end.



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