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Correcting The Treason's

By Jim Kirwan


The Intervention which the Supreme Court illegally took, in placing George W. Bush into the Oval Office on 12-12-2000 was the one act of blatant TREASON that the people of this place have steadfastly refused to face. It also sparked the first article I wrote, as an unknown commentator, on September 2, 2002, that led me to what I've continued to do today..

You are collectively about to grant an open-ended hunting license to The Commander-in-Chief, in perpetuity. IF you do this you will individually and collectively be held responsible by history and by the citizens of the world, for your arrogant desecration of the rules of all recognized ethical behavior and international conduct. In brief ­ you will officially be opening that Pandora’s Box that contains the chaos, the rebellion, the hatred and bigotry that this world has tried for centuries to contain.

Please make no mistake: What you are about to do is a cowardly act, and IF you do it you will be giving bullyboy Bush a License to Kill on a global scale.

Since this man came to office, the Congress of the United States has failed in its duties to the public you are sworn to serve, and to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold.

In instance after instance you have entertained and passed a steady stream of un-American laws and Resolutions that are squarely aimed at undermining the Constitutional provisions of the Bill of Rights and many of the Amendments to the Constitution, which are matters of existing law.”


k - The specific complaint that has furthered the treasonous crimes of the Congress which began immediately after World War II ­ became public when the congress blatantly granted the 'president' this “License to Kill”

Open Letter to Congress

The Lie at the Center of Everything

That has created our illegal role of “American Exceptionalism”

throughout the world is this:

Unfortunately ­ the License to Kill was not the first time this idea was used. This was just the first time that the issue was publicly raised by a reluctant congress that formally refused to accept any Responsibility for any of the wars that it was clear that USI was determined to create.

The last time that the United States had a “COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” was during World War II. Every American president since the end of that war was never, “Commander-in-Chief” of anything but maybe the ten mile square area of Washington D. C. - because for any American President to become the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces: No military action can be legal until it is recognized by the Congress of the United States, that must vote to legitimized any military action anywhere in the world ­ and since the end of World War II that has never happened.

The License above, I created to show us what the United States Congress did to avoid its constitutional-responsibility ­ by illegally passing the war powers that only congress has, to what was then the 'illegally appointed president' in the case of George W. Bush, and on to Obama who accepted that treason as his gift from 'the Decider'.

Until this travesty of the illegal “License to Kill” is dealt with: And every president and every member of congress that went along with this treason is censored and punished for having exceeded their authority ­ in every war the United States has engaged in since 1945 ­ then nothing about this government can actually be corrected.

Here's where we are today: Obama is not the Commander-in-Chief. Because the Congress chose to ignore their constitutional responsibilities regarding 'taking this nation to War' away to the president. That FACT changes everything about U.S. Foreign policy, and thereby nullifies the millions upon millions of people that we've murdered throughout the last 71 years of the tyranny that we've allowed to be brought upon the world.

Here's a question for you.

The United States is literally drowning in layers, judges and prosecutors, in San Francisco until recently we had one lawyer for every three people ­ yet none of these supposedly RESPONSIBLE individuals have ever tried to raise this issue?

In the nation there are literally millions upon millions of these Officers of the Courts ­ in this place that insists upon calling itself a country: Yet not one of these slimy bottom-feeders has had the nerve to call a press conference ­ to tell the world that the United States has been living within this major violation of the very basis of the U. S. Constitution for over 70 years?

What about the criminal U.S. Supreme Court that has been instrumental in literally tearing the world apart by granting rights to faceless corporations that are now demanding the right to become nations based on the “rights” the Supreme Courts granted illegally to them to be allowed to exist without any responsibility for the laws they routinely break. The Supreme Court first gave the corporations the right to eternal life, along with the right to be immune from any damages they might cause. That was followed by the right for corporations to be able to copyright grass, plants and trees along with the contents of the Human Genome ­ and now they are about to allow the sun and the water to be subject to similar copyright restrictions ­ just because they can.


Smashing the First Amendment

TTIP and other crimes are about to turn private corporations into individual states with rights over the citizens of any nation, for illegal & unadulterated profits that are both illegal and inhumane.


Some BACKGROUND on the crimes committed REGARDING:

The failure of the congress to accept its RESPONSIBITIES

Since Dirty Harry Truman's illegal Police-Action in Korea (Illegal because Congress refused to license his action against North Korea) -That 'WAR' that has continued to this day, would not have been possible. (Something like 33 to 34,000 dead) but since that happened in the 1950's no one bothers to even notice.

Incidentally ­ these crimes that were committed and continue to this day are what has made possible the torture, the slaughter and the enslavement of millions, if not billions of people the world over ­ soon to be followed here in America by the police state that has targeted the entire United States as a war zone, and all her people as enemies of the state ­ Again because THE CONGRESS was allowed to excuse themselves from any of the over the top decisions about who to go to WAR with which the traitors at the top have decided to do to U.S. Citizens ­ blatantly!

Some of the other wars that we did not get the permission of the congress for were Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, not to mention Bosnia and all the related wars therein, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria. And all the other 30 some odd African nations where we're making war with drones and destabilization efforts on a grand scale.

If CONGRESS had to vote each and every time the US wanted to attack someone ­ things might indeed be very much different than they are now.

It's fair to say that if we still had a voice in all these illegal wars, through the congress, which is supposedly why they were elected (to REPRESENT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US ­ through them) in the first place ­ then the world might not be facing the situation that all of Europe is facing today. Ironically the EU is beginning to see that they are about to lose their voices' in how they live their own lives ­ something that the United States lost before we entered the New Millennium.

Americans need to have this conversation ­ now!

BREXIT The Full Movie 

The people of this nation have failed to find and prosecute the creatures

that have dragged us all to this point in time.

But this circumstance can be directly approached if we hold

those responsible for allowing the courts, the congress and the administration for this continuing crime

that so few have dared to bring up.

We have forgotten a few key points that must not be overlooked.

Every society has the right to defend itself, and has always had that right, going back to the beginning of recorded history.


By the same token every nation has the right to mandate

the language that its citizens prefer to speak.

Clearly every legitimate society begins by having far more in agreement, that unites the population, than they have in common with the issues that divide any nation today. But we have allowed the uncivilized to divide us to the core. We have Israel and the Muslim Jihadists, to thank for

the millions of deadly spikes which they continue to drive through the global heart of humanity ­ each and every day...

Americans must come to stand for the overthrow of this criminal-global-power wherever and whenever it comes knocking on our doors...

Below is part of what I said, fourteen years ago

Please consider these matters carefully and resurrect your private consciences, from whichever black hole you placed it in, when you took your oaths of office. But whatever you do, know this: There are millions of people in these United States that love this country. They loved it before 911 and they still love it. Most of us know this nation is, and has been, far from perfect since the day it was born. What is taking place now is criminal, both in the eyes of those who care about the country ­ as well as those people and nations abroad who still hold a decent respect for the continuing efforts of humanity to live in a safe and sane world. That would be a world free from the terror Bush wants to engender under a duplicitous banner of ‘Peace.’

If you give “W” this License to Kill ­ others may decide to pre-empt what they might see, as their own fate, and the attacks on U.S. citizens at-home and abroad will intensify ­ they will not decrease!”

And now the criminals have taken this obscenity

beyond our capability to comprehend

Last chance people!


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