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The Gods of Global War

By Jim Kirwan

In 2002 George W. Bush obtained a Global License to Kill

People, in any and all States or Nations on the planet. That license was then used by Obamanation to create the current form of NDAA.

National armies used to be the logical extension of nation states. Armies were formed to protect and defend their populations from attacks. Without loyalty to any population to defend, these newly created private corporate armies are only controlled by the money they’re paid to make war anywhere that outrageous aggression is introduced today.

Private military ‘security forces’ answer to no human-population, no national agenda, anywhere. They are private armies cut off from any civilian oversight that represent only themselves and now they are running ever-increasing wars around the globe on behalf of whoever pays them to maim, rape and kill the most people, just because they can.

For any business to apply for corporate status in the US; documentation must be submitted outlining the services the private corporations plan to offer. However when one takes a closer look at the types of security-services that they offer it becomes apparent that they are literally offering murder for hire. These corporations are getting military contracts which are being paid for by American citizens and they have been getting away with torture and murder worldwide.

Moreover the public is already paying the government to maintain the US military, to respond to situations that involve the laws of war and the UN in any international conflict. Our “military-forces” are subordinate to US civilian oversight, by law. The same cannot be said of the Private Military Corporations.

These private for-profit corporations are not obligated to answer to any authority at all. They answer only to whoever pays them to do whatever the money-masters require. Their existence is a public testament to the secret-sanctioning of the Privatization of War itself.

These private-military-corporations (PMC’s) cost the American public roughly triple what we are already paying the government to provide. Not only is the current policy redundant and massively wasteful, it’s illegal. The US military is supposedly responsible to civilian control over the entire US Military. In the case of the hundreds of these mercenary forces, there is no higher authority over anything they decide to do, because they’re independent from any government oversight, regardless of US or international polices worldwide.

No nation has ever contracted any force without a country, to do what their military is officially charged with doing. Bush kept both their services and their existence a secret. Obamanation has expanded on these services and they are now more than 62% of the military, even though the military has no control over anything they do.

Superpower for Hire ­ 3min 41sec Video

The Catch 22 here is twofold: No “corporation” in the United States can be legally licensed for the purpose of destroying this country, which gave birth to their right to exist as a corporation in the first place. Beyond that: These “security-firms” now claim “a right” as private corporations, to ignore every law on the books: Be that US constitutional law, the UN Charter mandates on rules of engagement in wartime, or any of the settled laws that supposedly govern the Community of Nations.

The actual-purpose for these pretend security-corporations is private-murder, extortion and blackmail which cannot be legally approved of, in order to form a private corporation which has as part of its corporate charter, principals for the act of making war on anyone, anywhere on the planet. That “right” was supposed to be reserved to the people of the nations that own their own armies are charged with defending.

This free-floating force that owes no allegiances is something not seen before on this planet. The PMC’s would seem to have no barriers to their outrageous forces. But there is a lynch-pin that literally controls this parasitical disease. Their Achilles Heel is contained in the stability, or lack thereof, of the global financial situation: Because once the world economies collapse, then so does any and all payments for their “illegal-services” worldwide.

The video above asks the question. “What happens when the people you pay to protect you get a better offer? One big concern is a question of allegiance. Who exactly are they working for…”

k) You and I know the answer to that question: They’re working for the criminal global banks of the world.

We’ve seen them work for human rights groups, environmental groups, drug cartels, terrorist groups; they cover the entire moral spectrum. Some people argue that they’re already well regulated. That’s just false. Which leads you to wonder with advanced weaponry, highly trained soldiers, billions of dollars at their disposal and few regulations: What happens if they stop taking orders and start taking over!”

Ukraine in the Crosshairs

Throughout the conflict surrounding Ukraine virtually ever action coming from inside that conflicted place has been contradicted from the moment that each new outrage has occurred. This has happened in Ukraine, from the moment that the government of that nation was overthrown and what is still happening there consists of nothing but lies.

The private-military-corporations, the PMC’s are in tandem with the Right-Sector Nazis and again are behind the headlines in everything that’s happening.

In Crimea, the people overwhelmingly demanded and held a peaceful referendum in which 97% of the population voted to leave Ukraine and became formally aligned with Russia.

When the rest of Ukraine was told that they would have elections in the later part of this month, at gunpoint, to show the world that Ukraine was firmly opposed to Russia: A number of the Ukrainian towns and sectors began demonstrating and peacefully taking over government building, to show their resolve against the coup forces that had overthrown the democratically elected government of Ukraine to take their nation captive—with the help and instigation of the USSA which is the Stazi-Police-State that’s being run by Israel.

There was a meeting of the G-7 nations, Russia, the US, England, France and others who came together to offer proposals to the people of Ukraine that could lead to peace in the region. Immediately, the current foreign government of Ukraine demanded that the pro-Russian citizens give back control over the buildings they were peacefully occupying, to protest having lost their nation, as a first requirement before any future talks would be allowed to take place.

The current illegal-government then refused to allow an open referendum that could alter what their takeover had created throughout the Ukraine. Consequently the illegally installed government offered the citizens of Ukraine, who had peacefully taken over parts of twelve cities - nothing by way of a response. There must be some recognition for the give back of what they had taken; by way of demonstrating their dissatisfaction with being ruled over by Outlaws.

There will be no quid pro-quo for the give-back currently being demanded

This was immediately unacceptable to the World Bankers, one of whom is currently serving as the “president” of Ukraine. From that moment to this, tensions have been rising throughout the entire region—egged on by Obamanation and his illegal sanctions.

The UN and NATO are also for the sanctions but neither organization represents any people of their own. The sanctions are being placed on Russia because Russia has chosen not to physically intervene with what the people inside Ukraine are doing, but rather Russia has chosen to support the people of Ukraine to find peaceful ways to resolve this contrived-conflict. The conflict is being pushed to start another needless war for profits that just aren’t there in the already devastated country of Ukraine.

The subtext beneath the headlines has been about the sanctions being leveled at both Putin and Russia. Putin has responded with calm and resolve, along with words of caution about the effects that sanctions will probably have for those who are insisting on intensifying them.

At stake could be many billions in many sectors of commerce, military cooperation and global finance: All of which the West badly needs just to keep our heads above water. But the warhawks care not! We’re back to a re-run of Libya and Syria, only this time Russia is not backing down and the bankrupt USI, G-7 and EU along with NATO and the UN, have no idea of how to force Russia to capitulate.

Russia and Putin have been patient but patience is not endless. The obvious fact is that if the EU is going to survive at all they must be able to cooperate with Russia or there will be no future for them.

If these sanctions go thru there will be no future whatsoever for current global arrangements regarding financial markets, military cooperation, trade or commerce and Putin knows that: The USI is painfully oblivious to everything which they are currently demanding. Once Russia successfully counters these sanctions the people of the world can be certain that his actions will not be open to debate—because Putin is trying every other possible way first to approach this problem from the UN all the way through private talks with everyone that will be affected.

An election in Ukraine now is considered by some to be well beyond absurd as elections at gunpoint never accomplish anything.

What’s still happening is that the PMC forces and the Nazis must leave so the world can get back to having some global-order and some assurance that all the nations involved are respected. (Currently Ukraine is no longer a legal state and its people are without a nation). This situation is what concerns Russia as well as how these outlaws are now killing the pro-Russian population with imported help from the PMC’s.

When the private military contractors attacked the occupants who had seized a building in Odessa, and firebombed the building, killing over forty people, who were not attacking the illegal forces arrayed against them: That violence marked the beginning of much more to come.

The civilian protestors did manage to shoot down two helicopters, but the forces that are about to invade will be much more like those paratroopers that descended on private citizens with machine guns blazing: In other words, professional mercenaries vs. the local civilian population, with no where to run.

The world has to be heard from on this. Those who insist upon pushing the planet into the next global war are doing so because they’ve completely run out of money and because the only way they can continue to deepen the global debt to the outlaw-bankers is by immersing what remains of the planet into a global nuclear war.

Ukraine is being offered as the lame excuse to start that conflagration, but this time the planet must come together to stop the fighting before the enemies of mankind can start the war drums one more time…


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