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Corporate Plundering!



Of the Natural World

When we were young most never understood how business really worked. We watched how it worked then but the questions that were not asked, were never revealed; until much later. By that time most people had already accepted “how things worked”, including the massively privatized corporate-theft of everything that had once belonged to every man woman and child on the planet. But by that time the questions had already become trite and laughable. That continues to happen because the formerly ignorant have joined in the feeding frenzy that has depleted the natural resources of the planet to well below any possible survival rates.

Technically the water, the air and the soil belongs not to private corporations but to the population of the planet. That’s a major part of natural law that the entire world continues to spit upon. And now we’re running out of everything we once considered to be inexhaustible: While our corruption of nuclear weapons, wars, torture and mass murder along with our inability to manage natural energy is destroying what’s left of the planet.

This has been one of the world’s best kept secrets: Business is nothing but a pack of rabid-vultures that feed upon our bodies while we’re technically still breathing.

Here’s some of what we did to this fantastically bountiful planet.

We’ve chopped off the tops of over 500 mountains, in the US alone, to strip mine for filthy-coal.

We’ve polluted our streams rivers and lakes because corporations made no provision for the removal of their waste products.

The corporations stole the raw materials for their products, packaged them in plastics that we pay for: Then we’re left with paying the costs of cleaning up the mess that was created, along with being charged just for using what nature gave to every human on the planet. That’s why we have corporate-privatization over most of life’s necessities.

We’ve destroyed uncharted millions of miles of rain-forests the world over. We’ve turned lush vegetation into vast deserts and polluted whole sections of many nations with nuclear radiation. We’ve burned out and poisoned the once vibrant soils of the earth while we continue to poison and pollute the water and the air in pursuit of a quick buck or two.

We’re fracking the whole planet now to steal every drop of oil—without even bothering about the possibility of hitting magma, instead of oil, in our race to drill ever deeper into the core of the ring of fire. Now we’re reaching the bottom of the resource barrel that just a hundred years ago was a marvel of nature that we all thought was inexhaustible.

Our problem is that we have allowed the private-corporations the supposed right to steal any and all of natures’ resources without any requirement to replace what they’ve stolen or even pay any of us a token fee for our resources which they’ve blatantly stolen from the entire planet. Now we’re about to allow global-corporations to take over whole nations as global-states via the TPP. Between that and having already illegally allowed corporations to technically become people the world is in danger of outlawing actual-beings from any place on the planet to even exist.

Yesterday’s Distractions are Today’s Outlaw Victories!

Yesterday I mentioned a national-international problem we’re having with taking ‘Sworn Oaths’ seriously, inside this prison. It’s ironic that no one puts any faith in them any longer: Many consider those who routinely violate them are ‘just another distraction’. The truth is that for over 50 years the real distractions that have kept us from paying any attention have always come from what we so casually call American-politics. Every aspect of that “all too real distraction” is now criminal to the nines; yet no one seems to notice how much we’ve surrendered to our jailers, especially over the last thirteen-plus years. That surrender is rapidly becoming “unconditional”!

We’re living instead inside privatized ‘’wheels within wheels” while pretending that all other versions simply don’t exist.


I met with a friend of mine yesterday for a casual cup of coffee, in the coffee shop downstairs. I’ve known her for well over twenty years. I rebuilt the apartment she lives in, when I was living there, a very long time ago. We don’t get the chance to talk often, but when we see each other, we pick up as if we were continuing a conversation that never stopped. We still live in the same building, but in totally different worlds. The people in this yuppie place were talking about taxes and opportunities yesterday, as if this was an island in the 1980’s.

They have no idea of anything that’s going on now, because they’re too busy with their transportation problems, their jobs and their lives that don’t involve any of the global-crimes that are making their world so precarious today. The others in the shop are pretty much consumed by the exact same things that were once the centerpiece for life in Amerika today. For them, all of yesterday is still true: When the onslaught hits they will be struck-dumb, almost immediately because they have no clue whatsoever that anything is even different, much less that the world itself is now totally toxic, criminal and blood-thirsty beyond anything that ever went on before.

No knowledge about nuclear contamination, global financial collapse, worldwide-torture, global-slaughters, nuclear conflagrations, toxic foods or drinks: “Things just cost more, which is obvious, but they haven’t time to pay attention. “Politics” is the very last thing on any of their “minds”. Those people have known me ‘forever’ and are rarely surprised by whatever I might casually say. So I mentioned the problems that the Tarnished House is having now, to my friend. And as promised I sent her some of the core questions which that issue raises, that will probably not be answered. But I came away knowing that these worlds we try to straddle now will never come together again, unless the whole planet suddenly finds itself under-siege from outside this universe.

I’ve known “that’s just how things are here” and have been since we entered the New Millennium, yet most of those who are not poor have no idea, when it comes to what’s happening now—anywhere besides in their own ‘private lives’. In fact although they ‘know’ about the spying and the police-state, on a definitely removed level—you would never know it: To listen to what they continue to say and do each and every day…

If they were to become aware of WIPP or Hanford or Fukushima they would simply not believe it. If they were to become aware of the death-blows which the US now continually suffers daily in the Russian arena of the wider world, they might be dumbfounded; but they simply would not believe that it could ever be happening in the way that it continues to favor Russia over the broken USSA & our backstabbing criminal-collaborator in global-crime: Israel…

They believe in sanctions. Yet they could never believe that the current round has boomeranged and is cutting more deeply everyday into American corporate charters all across the board—right now. They worry about a pound gained or lost, and how they’ll be able to survive paying their taxes (they would never believe that those same taxes are totally illegal), or that this government is nothing but another group of international-thugs out to plunder the planet at their expense. Most of them still have no idea that before this Fall in 2014, their ‘money’ along with their ‘investments’ will have lost its power, thanks to the global monetary revolution that’s booming as we speak. Oh, and of course none of them own a gun… Come September this is going to get well beyond ugly.

By the time we get to the Fifth of November, this year, then perhaps the words of Guy Faulks Day might well have come true: “Remember, Remember the 5th of November and what Anonymous brought to the fictional British film that recounts what happens when the people have finally had enough of the barbarity inherent in Communist Capitalism combined with their overtly authoritarian police-state tactics, which have turned this nation into a giant FREE-FIRE-ZONE, against the public. The Outlaws seek to kill as many ordinary people as possible: Now that there’s no longer any need to hide their outlaw ways any longer.

Those millions of the native populations that we slaughtered had it right, when it came to how people the world over need to live with nature to survive, in a beautiful and bountiful world, on a planet that values life and natural-resources as part of the universe and not just as our own private treasure-chests, to be looted at will, whenever we feel like it!

So here we are in the USSA ­ poorer today than we were yesterday, more threatened by every passing moment and yet those of us who know this place and what we’ve all been doing to it will probably survive, as will the planet: Yet everything that does survive whatever’s coming, will never again allow themselves to become so deaf, dumb and blind, to the global-dangers that threaten us whenever we stop paying attention to the planet that still surrounds us all.



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