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Coronavirus Radioactive Tokyo Olympics
Must Be Canceled Not Just Postponed

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The logical response to the IOC decision to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after Canada and Australia announced their boycott decision is "What took so long?" What force of inertia paralyzed the International Olympics Committee in delaying stern responses to corruption and bribery charges, looking the other way from the horrifying farce of the coronavirus-infected cruise ship in Tokyo Bay, the findings of a Tokyo citizens' group of thousands of alarming radioactive hot-spots throughout the Japanese capital along with confirmed evidence of radionucleotides in food and water? Presumably, some of the IOC staffers have watched my video report on high dosimeter readings at various Olympic venues in Tokyo.

Against the overwhelming evidence of malfeasance and deception by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the IOC response underwhelmed us, your loyal supporters (as a young teenager I attended the 1964 Tokyo Olympiad, a shining moment of pride and glory). The IOC crowd cannot be unfamiliar with sports medicine or unaware of the dangers of radioactivity to young athletes, so there's been an ethical and moral failing that needs to be remedied by necessary reforms. The Olympics stand not just for winning a competition but for the higher ideas of sportsmanship, international friendship, public health and well-being, and social awareness in personal life.

Let me commend the Australian and Canadian athletes and coaches for doing the right thing to protect not only your own health but also to save the credibility of the Olympics movement on the verge of self-destruction. This was one of those moments that takes courage to call for non-action rather than vainglorious but fool-hardy participation, which would have certainly been harmful to all athletes and attendees. May you excel in the years ahead without regrets, for your bold and indeed heroic stance has saved many lives from not only coronavirus but the underlying problem of radioactivity throughout Tokyo, including all the Olympic venues. While many of you are perhaps too young and heavily scheduled to realize it, the choice of Tokyo as the host city was rife with corruption in alliance with sports fixers along with the Japanese mafia. So bravo to you all for decency and honesty! Each and all of you have set a high mark for the Olympic spirit that will shine on down through history.

Multiple threats in the contaminated zone

It was idiotic in the first place to select Tokyo as an Olympic host-city, a disaster achieved by bribery to rig voting by IOC delegates, following post-Fukushima safety assurances based on blatant lies from Shinzo Abe. Isotope-contaminated waste-water is still pouring out of the meltdown-gutted nuclear power plant, while the metropolitan area's water supply in the Tama basin remains radioactive and the geiger-ticking Tokyo Bay sports venues should be banned from all entry. Nor has there been any serious internal investigation by the IOC and member-states, other than a lone French magistrate, into the barely concealed vote-buying arranged by the Japan Olympic Committee with illicit funds funneled through advertising industry giant Dentsu to Senegalese sports fixer Lamine Diack for buying the vote of delegates from impoverished least-developed nations.

The just-announced half-step of a one-year postponement isn't going to reduce Tokyo radioactivity levels from Fukushima waste-water releases into the Pacific Ocean nor any other risks to athletes and fans from an overdue earthquake and volcanic eruption, as well as a latent coronavirus threat, which can re-erupt long after the present surge subsides. Nor can a delay of games halt the yakuza-linked corruption that short-changes the ATM known as the Liberal Democratic Party and partnered Mizuho Bank that stole the billion-dollar international relief fund, donated by millions of caring people around the world, to install the boss of the nuclear-village people, Shinzo Abe. The bribes paid to Diack's partners-in-crime was stolen from the victims of the 2011 Fukushima triple disaster, which basically reduces the IOC to the level of a global mafia. Over the foreseeable future, Tokyo will remain a disaster zone for foreigners and Japanese alike to avoid like the plague.

As I have shown over the past 9 years from inside the safety exclusion zone, the Fukushima meltdowns that continue to contaminate Tokyo were triggered by nuclear blasts at a hidden underground warhead facility in Haramachi, in walking distance north of the TEPCO Fukushima No.1 nuclear plan. War production of weapons of mass destruction is therefore deeply linked to a global nuclear industry cover-up, hidden by the fig-leaf of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games planned for the same city where the Tokyo Electric Power Corporation is headquartered. At 3,000 sites from Fukushima to southern Tokyo, a local citizens' movement has detected radioactive hot spots, some high enough to be from particles of weapons-grade plutonium, a sure cause of cancers and heart failure.

Our special thanks go to Olympics corporate sponsors GE, which build MOX fuel reactor No.3 that exploded and blew plutonium particles as far as the northeastern waterways flowing into Tokyo Bay, and ATOS, the public relations arm of the global nuclear industry. The IOC is complicit in this global cover-up of radioactivity hazards to children and teenagers, that is, the social group most interested in amateur athletics as well as the sickening thought of the appeal of the Para-Olympics to the dying victims of 311.

Instead of coddling the Japanese government, the worldwide sports community should hold Prime Minister Shizo Abe accountable and liable for international war-crimes for sponsoring banned nuclear-warhead production and then for triggering the initial outbreak of bio-engineered COVID-19, as amply documented in my 13-part series on biological warfare R&D and its deliberate release in an act of belligerence against CISM member states, including NATO members, Russia, China and Iran. The world public has rapidly come to the recognition, as opposed to lame denials from corrupt complicit foreign governments, that the ever-expanding Coronavirus pandemic started as a biological weapon attack against athletes and coaches of the 100 member-nations (many of them Olympians) with the CISM World Military Games held at Wuhan from October 18 to 29.

As put so succinctly by two elderly African-American women I met at a bus stop, one asked "What is this coronavirus anyway?" to which her friend responded "They made it to kill people!" By now, just about everyone on the planet realizes this contagion originated in a grand-slam act of biological warfare and terrorism under a suspected agenda of global depopulation.

Notably Japan, Britain and Australia, and Israel never joined the French-initiated CISM military sports group, which explains their war-crimes partnership in modifying the core coronavirus strand for augmentation with HIV and m.Tuberculosis splices, developing a Tilapia fish-borne delivery system. and releasing the bioweapon at the two lake venues of the CISM triathlon and pentathlon. When severe symptoms were detected, Tokyo rolled out yet another propaganda campaign, as during the Mukden Incident accusing the Chinese for the false-flag Manchurian railway bombing by Japanese saboteurs. Once again, the predictable Japan-funded thugs, with the aid of British scriptwriters, have spun a "blame the victim" narrative for the Wuhan outbreak, which was actually accomplished by their own secret agents in place. As in the earlier Russiagate and Skripal affairs, the MI-6 played its part in pushing this diversionary falsehood through its online mouthpieces and the compliant London newspapers, to promote typical wartime hysteria and distract public attention away from final virus assembly and mass production at the Pirbright Institute in Sussex and the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The COVID-19 war by epidemic is more sinister than previous triggers of military conflict, being a genocidal super-weapon from synthetic biological research without as-yet known antidotes, dooming vulnerable civilians worldwide and felling young soldiers in cold calculated unfair battle. The methodical extermination by the often undetectable infectious agent has forced upon the world a fact that we must face up to now, that this pandemic is the starting point of World War III, being far more heinous and wide-spread than the mere shooting of Archduke Ferdinand.

Another great plague

As I've traced back in forensic detail in my 13-part series on CoV, the barely hidden militarist apparatus under Prime Shinzo Abe planned, funded, created and deployed COVID-19 in cooperation with Britain and Israel to advance their imperial ambitions by waging a war of annihilation against the defense forces of NATO, Russia, Iran and China, aimed at annihilation on an unprecedented global scale, with the same degree of calculated cruelty as the Mongol horde that catapulted bubonic plague-infected bodies over the ramparts into besieged cities of Central Asia. We've been trying to catch up with diabolical genius and remain leagues behind in this often-confusing arms race.

In the 134-year history of the Olympic Games, the sole reason invoked for cancellation of the quadrennial summer games has been war, and never even once has the Olympic movement ever considered a major delay of schedule, as now proposed by the avaricious bureaucrats in charge and their corporate sponsors. Tokyo 2020 does fit the precedent-based criteria for wartime cancellation, the only difference from past shutdowns of the Games being that the present form of combat, asymmetric war by a stealth biological weapon from virology laboratories, has replaced old-style engagement with firearms.

How can this situation be a war, if there's been no declaration of belligerence? That is precisely the point of terrorism, to strike fear and then slip back into the shadows. This far along, after the 911 attacks and the Vegas assault by a special operations group, the world community is still not up to speed despite due to the "punish the public" approach to the War on Terror. Our government leaders are still boxing with shadows of their own making instead of pinpointing their treacherous "allies". Who needs enemies when you've got such back-stabbing friends?

Purpose behind mass killing

Get real now by taking a cue from the past. Had mustard gas been used in the initial battle of Mons and then Dunkirk (prior to its first release in the second of Ypres in 1915), it still would have qualified as a heinous act of war and not just some happenstance chemical "accident" or a civil crime. Another compelling reason to cancel the Tokyo games is the newly emerging motivation among victimized countries, for example Iran or China, to launch a clandestine operation against "next year's" delayed Tokyo Olympics in retaliation for the Japanese-British-Israeli CoV attacks, as happened with the hostage-taking and execution of the Israeli wresting team at the Munich Games in 1972, which was done in revenge against illegal Israeli settlement of Palestine as well as being the opening shock-troop assault prior to the Yom Kippur War, which was officially launched a year later. Tokyo is simply not a safe venue for international events until Shinzo Abe is ousted and punished, followed by a serious apology for his many ruthless crimes from the new prime minster of Japan to the world community.

Canceled by War

The first cancellation of the summer games was called in 1916, blocking the Olympische Sommerspiele scheduled for Berlin hosted by the government of Kaiser Wilhelm II. In that mid-war moment, thousands were being slaughtered at Gallipoli and in the Battle of the Somme, hardly auspicious for a celebration of friendship and peace. The sole sport being held in that grim era was the flying of world champion Manfred von Richthofen, who was setting new records for the number of kills in aerial dogfights.

The second cancellation occurred with the 1940 summer Olympiad, the 12th, scheduled to be held from September 21 to October 6, 1940, in Tokyo, Japan. The games were rescheduled to be held in Helsinki, Finland, planned for July-August of the same year, but were ultimately canceled due to German-Russian invasion of Poland in the year prior to the sporting event.

What prompted the annulment was Japan's military aggression against the Republic of China, under the pseudo-legal pretext of "protecting its nationals", a principal of extraterritoriality invoked during the Eight-Power intervention in 1900-01, aka the 55 Days in Peking, but then went further with diplomatic support for the secessionist state of Manchukuo, an overt causus belli for China, which had no choice but to declare all-out war against aggression. Today, by comparison, the Abe cabal can attack 50 countries with indiscriminate biological warfare and get away with a slap on the hand, with a one-year IOC delay.

As the war dragged on, the next scheduled Olympics planned for London 1944 were scotched due to the refusal of Winston Churchill to authorize a US Fifth Army assault across the shattered defenses of the Gothic Line between northern Italy and Austria's Tyrol. My father, a nisei soldier in the 442nd regiment, therefore had the rare opportunity of a hiatus from killing SS troopers to "win the war in '44" and instead enjoy ballroom dancing in Cannes and St. Tropez following the Allied invasion of the Riviera. Meanwhile, Churchill showed no qualms about abandoning millions of civilians to being massacred along the Eastern Front due to the vain British desire to lead the Allied invasion across the Channel, treating brutal combat as some sort of schoolboy sport.

Meanwhile, the Germans showed their support for the Olympic games by encouraging Polish POWs in the Woldenberg (Dobiegniew) Oflag II camp to organize an "International Olympics" with prisoners from other countries. Those friendly contests were the actual historical basis for the Sly Stallone, Michael Caine and soccer super-star Pele's jail-break movie "Escape to Victory". This humorous although tragic episode only goes to show how warfare is merely an interruption of soccer and other contests for domination, in the true Olympic spirit of man (and nowadays women) as a competitive hero like that sweet darling Megan Rapanoe, the cute and soft-spoken woman warrior of my fair-play dreams, the only difference being that scoring in combat is counted with a death toll. As in the original Greek Olympics, the difference is that war takes competition to its extreme limit without qualms, which puts the CoV pandemic in the category of biological warfare rather than rules-based sports

Sickening tsunami of woes

So for the international community, what's left of it, the right proper decision is to cancel the Tokyo Olympics as a warning against poor sportsmanship of a deadly kind. Aside from triggering the COVID-19 pandemic, Abe's team has unleashed Fukushima radioactivity with sea-dumping of radioactive water, along with other threats public health like introducing 5G and failure to ban MSG, which combined are causing a tsunami of miscarriages, suicides, bankruptcies, cruise-ship infections and relentless stress for the inhabitants of that accursed city. So let's give the Japanese public a much-deserved break from the threat of early death and the high costs of financial fraud and exploitation by the yakuza-allied Japan Olympics Committee. The Tokyo Olympics cannot be saved, so the big shots in Lausanne headquarters should do humanity a favor with termination to end this hopelessly dragged-on kabuki drama.

As for the spiritually diminished Japanese public that has failed to exercise the rights of citizenship guaranteed by the Constitution, it's time to lay siege to the LDP and the prime minister's office of Shinzo Abe and banish him to either to a Siberian dog-sledding camp or give him the Mussolini gymnastics treatment with the upside-down rings around the ankles. The Tokyo War Crimes Trial wisely established the people's rights as citizens and their responsibility to protect a precious democracy against the force of murderous regimes that have brought Japan to the brink of national suicide many times and now. The 88 sins of humanity, including mass murder and mindless entertainment, need to be banished by a just and moral society. Let the bronze bell toll.

What little is left in the public budget after the steep financial losses from the Olympic folly must be allocated to caring for the children of Fukushima and protecting all youths in Japan from their completely unacceptable prospects of radioactive exposure and biological warfare. If the Olympics are not going to be about protecting health and life, then those games should canceled forever because our children do not belong inside The Hunger Games. Thanks to the courageous Australian and Canadian teams, the slaughter has been delayed and perhaps will soon be canceled by public demand.