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Controversy Between Doppler And Reversed Doppler

From Dr Bruce Cornet

After considering arguments of what pilots or AI sees versus what a human sees and hears from the ground, it became apparent that you both may be correct due to relativity.

Examine the frequency spectrogram provided above. You will see significant differences between the sounds coming UAP and those coming from a Harrier, B747, C5, and B737. Interestingly reverse Doppler occurs for turbo fan jets exhaust due to expanding gas and pressure.

What occurred to me is that all my sound spectra occur for sounds radiating away from and outside UAP. Is it possible that meta-material hulls modify and convert sounds generated inside the craft and or hull, which to someone inside might not be reversed?

Thus the pilot might see blue shift in front, and red shift behind the craft, even though gravity distortion to an outside observer would be reversed.

Is that possible?