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Consequences Cannot Be Denied!

By Jim Kirwan

Most know that the first casualty of any war is always truth. But few understand the fact that CONSEQUENCES cannot be continually denied or overruled! Nature and the universe unilaterally abhor the artificial imbalances which the gluttonous Oligarchs insist on perpetuating. What we are witnessing now is “payback” for decades of criminal negligence and willful barbarity worldwide…

When the ‘Color Revolutions’ began: they were carried out to overturn the long-standing and aging Western puppets, that had taken the world from WWII to the doorstep of the New World Order.

Regime Changes were needed to get rid of the old-guard—to usher in the new-old monetary interests that were tired of waiting for nations to alter their tactics, in order to massively increase the global-theft of resources along with raping and looting world-wide.

The first phase of taking over the planet involved the half-baked nationhood of dozens of “nations” that had become neglectful of huge resources that they were no longer trying to steal, under the old system of puppets and “actors” on the global stage.

Once the Oligarchs had used and abused the status quo to death: It was time to go after subdividing each so-called nation into subsets of interest groups; in order to “maximize profits for the corporations that have been directing this masquerade from the outset. See the map above.

What has obtained since the outset is the blatant disregard for any real CONSEQUENCES that have come from their ongoing activities.


The ground rules for Oligarch-control over all resources and wealth are based solely on maximizing profits at every level of each equation. Once the nation-states were drained of their ability to continue to go deeper into the soul of every people on the planet: It then became time to split up the pre-existing “states” into ever-smaller factions which could and did keep all the wars alive, while producing CHAOS at unprecedented levels, all around the earth. This is the ONLY REASON for these wars!

It is simple: From violence and war huge profits become even richer and easier to obtain. But again “consequences” were never considered: Because the ruling junta has never been called, on whatever they choose do, to the people of the world at large—regardless of wherever they decide to invade.

For instance: In the current situation Turkey is buying the oil under the table, that ISIS & ISIL are stealing from Iraq, while at the same time the humanistic activists in Turkey are trying to send in another Turkish flotilla to attempt to break the siege of Gaza from the sea.

The backdrop for this action is all about the subhuman murderers who have unleashed themselves upon the world with no concern for “consequences” since they were created by United States Incorporated and Israel—hence they do not fear being interrupted by either of those criminal cabals.

Yesterday USI did something that they had not planned on doing inside Iraq. A mission was undertaken that killed hundreds of ISIS, and freed a large number of the imprisoned Yazidis on top of that mountain. That was successful because the US had every single person in the area under surveillance and they finally used drones and jet fighters to wipe out part of that threat, in order to create a corridor to allow others to escape.

This could have been done at any time, so what the hell took Obamanation so long to order the attack? Technically the Tarnished House is responsible for the hundreds that were buried alive and the tens of hundreds more that were murdered, as well as those who were sentenced to slavery and all the women who were sexually mutilated ­ while the puppet for the Oligarchs debated with himself and awaited the decision of the Oligarchs to send in the saviors of the few?

This is the perfect example of trying to have everything “both ways” while continuing to rape all the illegal spoils from every actor involved in every illegal scenario which is part of the ongoing war-crimes across the world at the moment—from Iraq and Gaza to Kiev and Syria.

On the flip side, in Europe, the full CONSEQUENCES from the illegal SANCTIONS which the EU put on Russia are just now coming home to roost. Finally everyone can see the vultures for what they are, vulture capitalists that came to steal, to pollute and to ruin everything which they cannot manage to take for themselves.

Nation after nation is beginning to flip out, as each member of the EU finally begins to see just how much their childish act of “Punishing Russia” is going to cost each and every person in the EU. They all deserve to FAIL and FAIL BIGTIME, because no nation can ignore the fact that consequences will always flow from every action taken—whether desired or not.

But coming as this does, at this time: The EU is finished as any kind of power-broker in anything they get involved with—because without viable nations, or the means to sustain themselves, they’ve just become disconnected voices in the mists of death: Just waiting for the axe to finish them off one by one, because they too thought that they were immune from “consequences” for what they thought were their own actions.

The EU had a function so long as they did what they were told by the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements (all of which are owned by USI, who is being run by Israel). The EU was also valuable to NATO and the UN, who are both also owned by USI & Israel, for military purposes. Now a huge spanner has been thrown into the works of everything because of Russia’s response to those illegal sanctions that have just brought reality back onto the international scene.

Perhaps USI didn’t bother to consider what is about to happen to the supposedly solid block of the EU in militarily opposing Russia, now that they have realized what their own arrogant idiocy has just cost them? But then, quite possibly, USI & Israel have decided that the EU itself has become just another victim of their long-term goals for Full-System Dominance worldwide?

The pieces continue to shift upon the international checker-board while the chess players continue to laugh: But that laughter might soon “be turned to blood upon those” that continue to flaunt any and all “Consequences” for everything they continue to try and control?

The subterfuge that the fake West and Israel has been using to get away with this treachery, is about to come back full circle.

The Vultures are circling and the scavengers are preparing for one of the biggest banquets they’ll ever have, because so many billions of creatures have failed to account for any “Consequences” in everything that all of them have been doing, since the New Millennium began!

Now the ever-changing global-battlefields are about to be littered with the corpses of the states and the victims of those state’s decisions to join the Outlaws, instead of standing up for their own lives or the success of their own nations that surrendered long ago: When they signed away their own nationhood along with their own money in favor of the fake money and the blind-trust in the criminality of global rape and plunder that will now have to be paid for by one and all!

The world is going to have to finally address the blatant slaughter of the Palestinians along with the continuing massacre inside Ukraine, which is about to bomb the major chemical plant inside Ukraine. If that plant is bombed it could contaminate 300 kilometers of Ukraine and Russia: If the Nazi’s in Kiev continue their wild and savage destruction, without consideration for anything except the total desecration of Eastern Ukraine, then there will be real-life consequences that will definitely come calling!

The map at the top of the article gives us a better idea of how many ways every nation now under siege can be broken up—if these barbarians continue to follow their chosen path to unconditional global surrender. This illegal segregation will end the world as we have known it.

The condition of the lands being fought over still is not worth stealing any longer. That’s why this scorched earth policy is the only game in the world today. But even this is not enough for the global oligarch’s or the corporations: Because they want it all; even the ashes of every civilization are not enough to satisfy them. That’s why this entire attack upon the world must be stopped.

But our failure to do that is also the reason why the world cannot wait another day: The corporations of the planet need to have every charter amended to force them all to adhere to the laws of the universe and not just to “creating profits for the shareholders—regardless of the laws or the costs to humanity”.

This illegal construct is no different than Israel or USI’s claims to “exceptionalism everywhere” that they might want to venture—whether the costs of their adventures are directly opposed to the survival of the planet or the survival of the human race.

The global corporations as formulated today are all illegal in every country where they claim the right to violate every law, to murder any person or destroy any part of nature which might stand in the way to every dollar they can steal, in any venture they decide becomes necessary for “the maximized profits” of their criminally inclined “shareholders” worldwide!

And by extension the same thing is true of every so-called government today that long-ago sold-out their citizens to become consumers of the most evil empire on the planet…

The time has come to take back the world and to end the centuries long nightmare that the elite’s of the planet have brought to each and every other person on the earth…


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