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By Jim Kirwan


The basic lie that the Eurozone has always been

Is a colossal failure.

The time has come for the ‘consequences’ of that lie

To be publicly paid for permanently.

The EU cannot pay its bills, yet it has chosen to add billions more in illegal military weapons for illegal military-exercises with NATO. Once those costs are added to the already bankrupt current policies ­ the EU will definitely be dead.

The fake-construct was formed to guarantee the improvement of the lives of the citizens in their so-called nation-states, but what has happened has been the exact opposite. Instead the states are locked-in to a kind of permanent-failure that can never be removed.

With one foot in their global-grave already and with the gallows already being quietly built in the minds of millions ­ wherever any ‘discussion’ of any future for the Outlaw banks and their puppet administrators that are supposedly ‘in charge’ ­ Their absolute totalitarianism will finally die the death that they have all avoided, since the end of the Second World War.

Totalitarianism should have died with the surrender of the German Army in 1945. But after the Third Reich surrendered to the Allies, the Fourth Reich began their outlaw-reign that is still growing today. The German Army surrendered but the political forces of USI and Israel mounted the current rebirth of totalitarian force across the world today. The consequences for their crimes against humanity must be paid for in Europe and the US now.

If history repeats itself, then the ‘leaders’ of the EU should be stripped of their stolen wealth and thrown into the streets to let the people that they’ve been punishing deal with them, in kind. The ‘outlaws’ need to feel the results of their policies over so many years of inhumanity, financial theft, political extortion, hypocrisy, blackmail and murder.

The talks on Iran that have been going on since 2003 also need to be brought to a permanent end, as the questions at issue there are just a twisted variation on the same thing being sought in Greece and Bosnia, as well as throughout Ukraine: And all of it is as criminal as it’s possible to be.

These false-attempts to deal with ‘commitments’ that change every fifteen minutes, have no substance in themselves. There are no consequences for the traitors at the top in this global charade, there never were. This has been the War against the World, in real time, since 2000: Make no mistake - this is the beginning of WWIII, it just has yet to move into the free-fire-zones that will begin with Jade-Helm 15, in three days, before ordinary people even begin to grasp what’s been going on for decades.

The filth in D.C. would have us believe that this is just “an exercise” that is meant to educate 1200 Special Forces about things that they should have learned in basic training, even before they became part of the Special Forces that are supposedly so awesomely terrifying. Look at this marshmallow that was appointed as the Secretary of Offense:

That milk-toast would not know a weapon from a crowbar, he’s a moron and a completely empty suit if ever there was one ­ and he and his ‘officer-corp.’ wants the public to believe that this massive movement of weapons inside the US, along with the change in police-weapons from their legal armament to the illegal hollow-points that can rip people into pieces with one shot is a contradiction in terms. He’s typical of the criminals that are running every agency of the government and have been since Bush stole the presidency in the 2000 election.

According to the latest marshmallow, Ashton Carter, the U.S. Special Forces want to merge with the public, to see whether or not the public can detect them in their midst? And how many hundreds of billions of dollars are we expected to pay for that series of lies?

The truth is the government wants to test the public to see just how much we’ll put up with before we decide to kill the bastards that are attacking Americans as a bunch of lab-rats being used to both pay for and suffer from; whatever can be gleaned from this fake test that is meant to tell the government just where the real flash-points are among the public that’s sick of them already. Obviously this proves that the government gets zero points for cleverness, in this totally failed announcement that was meant to calm the already pissed-off nation.

Is Jade-Helm a child’s game of tag where we go up and touch them to confirm our suspicions? What does the public need to do? Or is it more likely that these super-heroes will be no different than the other uniformed thugs that have been tazering, raping, torturing and killing us so thoroughly for the last five years?

It would seem that it is the public that ought to be arresting these ‘gamers’ when we catch them, to give them some of what they will be coming to dish out to the supposedly-hostile public, in the name of “a training exercise”. These sub-humans that we have paid billions to train need to come face-to-face with an armed and angry public, up close and personal. If these ‘specialists’ are so dumb as to think that they can ‘blend-in’ with real people, then they deserve to be caught and hung for general stupidity.

Jade Helm will go down in history; but as to how that will come out with the nation that supposedly ordered the obscenity of Jade-Helm in the first place ­ that’s anyone’s guess.

We did learn one thing more last week. The ‘secret’ was included in a secret-deal between land owners, corporations and the Israeli-owned politicians without the input of the people of the nation, or the people living on the lands they plan to initiate this uniquely ugly ‘Amerikan-crime’, against America and Americans.

However since we’ve so clearly seen that the idiots in charge of literally everything financial, military or social; cannot even carry out a Shanghaied contract in either Iran or Greece, no matter how many years they’ve tried - not to mention the nightmare in Ukraine, that’s falling apart even as we speak ­ maybe Jade-Helm will just fade away into the shadows as the global-financial collapse looms ­ because one thing is certain: Once it’s clear that the New World Disorder has clearly failed then all other bets are off, especially Jade Helms 15.

If the ATM’s stop working or the net goes down, for any reason then those 1200 brainwashed morons will be facing tens of millions of furious Americans, millions of them trained GI’s, that will no longer hesitate to defend themselves from everything that threatens their loved ones or their lives…

That’s because for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction: That is the literal definition of “CONSEQUENCES” ­ it’s been true forever and it does not matter how long it takes ­ it will always surface in the end ­ count on it!




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