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Are Just Beginning

By Jim Kirwan

This barbaric design for ‘our-future’ has had a virtually free-ride since the beginning of the New Millennium. It’s been more than thirteen years but at long last the enormity of the war crimes committed, beginning with the most heinous crime of all ­ “The first and most serious are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a crime of aggression. The crime of aggression, at Nuremberg was to have been the supreme international [war] crime.” At this juncture “CONSEQUENCES’ will finally begin.

One of the people being accused of War Crimes is John Yoo. The last time I looked, Yoo still teaches at Berkeley, California and if the public gave a damn he could be easily arrested and held for the International War-Crimes Commission.

Mention is also made of US compliance with the South African Apartheid practices of Israel and to the almost invisible war, for the last four years down in the Sudan, Ethiopia and into Somalia where 250,000 have died. That war has been officially blamed on a drought rather than on the invisible war that the US has been conducting and funding in secret. Obama has classified 92 million documents a year in his supposedly “transparency and the rule of law [that] will be the touchstones of our Administration,” says Obama: Another of America’s war criminals of the first order, having also increased drone-usage by 200 percent which have already killed thousands.’ (1)

The war upon the people of this country was declared several years ago, with hundreds of new laws (40,000 new laws that took effect this year alone) ­ on every aspect of American life: Yet few notice that anything at all has really changed in this country. The truth is that everything has already changed. That won’t begin to show until all of the effects of our willful ignorance of the crimes committed against nature and mankind begin to finally appear with the death of the entire planet. (2)

The destabilization of Syria that’s been illegally going on now for over two years promises to give the world a flashpoint which could end the wrangling within the next ten days and open this Pandora’s Box from which there would be no turning back. (3)

If you have any doubts about how deeply these crimes against the world and the people of the USA actually go - then I suggest that you make the time to review the depth of these crimes as uncovered in this five part series of work about Counter-Intelligence. (4)




1) The Truthseeker: Obama’s Arrest Bush’s Trial 12 min 22 sec VIDEO

2) Never Again Will This World Look the Same

3) Opening Pandora’s Box

4) Counter-Intelligence the series

1) 'Counter-Intelligence Part 1' - "The Company"

2) 'Counter-Intelligence Part 2' - "The Deep State"

3) 'Counter-Intelligence Part 3' - "The Strategy of Tension"

4) 'Counter-Intelligence Part 4' - "Necrophilous"

5) 'Counter-Intelligence Part 5' - "Drone Nation"





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