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We have killed the Future!

By Jim Kirwan

While most of the nation continues to wander aimlessly around among the debris of what has been steadily destroyed ­ most have missed the deadliest fact about everything that has already happened.

We have allowed


To be pre-emptively murdered!

In a conversation last night, about hypothetically finding billions, and going anywhere in the wider world - If some miraculous windfall had just happened to one of us: That idea produced an instant silence, while we each remembered, so clearly, that none of us were free to go anywhere or do anything any longer: with or without money.

The world has changed. There is no future anymore ­ and as a nation we will not be coming back, unless we fight to stop this war upon us all.

The USA has spent the last thirteen years just watching while this country was totally-destroyed. We collectively did absolutely nothing about any of the realities that our minute to minute problems have become. This is no longer in dispute.

Now a number of people are thinking about fleeing, running for their lives, as if there was somewhere to escape to? Most are totally unaware there is only one bank, in the world, with very few exceptions: Iceland, Iran, and maybe Venezuela. Everywhere else all money is totally controlled by the global-banking cartel from The City in London (The Rothschilds Banks that own the world’s monetary system). Whatever money that anyone takes, when they run, can all be snatched away with the stroke of a pen, regardless of where you go. Without money, there can be no miraculous recovery for anyone that tries to flee.

All of the rest of anything that anyone might want to retain is equally dead already. If you doubt this then do your own research on any subject you choose. You will find that any profession you might want to enter has been compromised. Any ability to maintain your own health or life has also been stolen, purchased or poisoned, and of course absolutely nothing has been done to stop these cancers that are feeding on each and every nightmare that we’ve been living with since 1913, and the creation of the theft of our own money.

Aside from the massive destruction of the infrastructure for all of life, there is also the outright slaughter of everything that was once protected by the First Ten Amendments in the US Bill of Rights. That has been added to by what is being done to everyone as this is so carefully described in “A Conquered People”. (1)

The billions of cameras, microphones, and drones, along with a massive police-state surveillance system that no one can have a conversation with anyone else, without all of it being totally recorded by those same individuals that need to be removed.

Yet strange as it might seem there is a larger and more deadly consequence at work here, that made all this more than just ‘possible’. That’s the unending and skyrocketing belief in criminality on all levels.

With most finding ways to steal or cheat or lie their way to what they might think of as ‘the top’ ­ virtually the entire concept of values or real profits fell to short-term profits that guaranteed the failure of all future possibilities: In exchange for outrageous bonuses paid for committing wholesale treason. The categories that are still soaring cover virtually every criminal-outrage from pedophilia, sex-trafficking, illegal body-parts along with drugs, weapons and the global-war-machine ­ because there is no longer any law, either national or international to even interrupt this crime-spree that has been as ‘unending, as Cheney & Rumsfeld’s wars against the world.

On the more personnel side of this, there are millions of creatures that believe that they will be allowed to advance along with the deeply criminal members of those ancient tribes that designed this ending for the planet. The want-to-be’s dutifully sold their souls as soon as that became part of the required prerequisites—but that, by itself, guaranteed them nothing because pure evil does NOT share!

The petty millionaires and most of the trillionaires won’t be included in the shift that’s now taking place. These troglodytes will be as obsolete as the armies of the thugs that are being enlisted to deal with the outrage that’s coming. Millions of those that actually believe they will be spared, or even promoted, during the coming slaughter—will probably be the most surprised of all—as soon as they begin to find themselves being exterminated en mass.

This whole thing has been as clear as day from the beginning. It takes absolutely nothing at all to become filthy-rich: All anyone needs to do is dump all the ethics, become totally sub-human and revert to being a Barbarian again ~ anyone can do it if they are ruthless enough. That’s why becoming filthy-rich has never really had a future, or a past that matters. They always meet with someone more determined and end up losing all they stole to the next generation of outlaws, until there is nothing left to steal or hoard—which is where we are today.

Obama has just changed our military policy again ~ without a discussion of it with the Americans that will have to pay for it and die in it!

Apparently the imposter in the White House missed the whole Cold War and the efforts of mankind to prevent a global-nuclear war. Instead of keeping the planet alive he is proposing a PRE-EMPTIVE first-strike attempt to start World War III. If this doesn’t manage to get Barry Soweto impeached then we all deserve to die!

This is a Declaration of War against the World!

Obama has just announced that First-Strike Nuclear War is now U.S. Policy. “… The United States government is currently preparing to launch, wage and win an offensive, first strike strategic nuclear war against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria…” (2)

This will end any chance for any future for anyone, unless the world begins to act and end these massive crimes against everything that once mattered to a world where life, freedom and speech were treasured above all else. Unless we do this now, there will never be a future for anyone no matter where you choose to live!

1) A Conquered People 33min 20 sec, VIDEO

2) Obama Backs First-Strike Nuclear War as U.S. Policy





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