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In The Murder Of Justice Worldwide

By Jim Kirwan


As people we have shared in removing

The Sword of Justice

From this global-concept…

In response to “Opening Pandora’s Box”, a reader wrote:

What amazes me is that abrupt change is not coming from some enlightened position, such as yours, and which it should but from the most stupid flash points, like this Bus fare crises in Brazil! (3)

Something like that is what sets people off, or like we just saw in Turkey a few park trees, next thing ya’ know the whole place is in flames ! Filled with every sort of insanity violence and repressions unleashed.

Here TV is still the top dog of mind control with all its talking head news-speak, its soaps and sports and pure mind candy crapolla. But then when you add in all the rest of the Totalitarian Control Mechanisms, its no surprise to me that they let us rant all we wish ! We are talking to the brain dead.

I heard the new stats on Medication in the US, shockingly 1/2 takes a med a day, 1/3 takes two, 20% takes 5 a day and many take a lot!

They only added up antibiotics, anti-depressants and pain meds, leaving out the rest, and no street drugs either many more millions daily.. Most people have a kitchen table top dedicated to rows of pill bottles and they ain’t taking vitamins and minerals, no - every one is a serious pharma-controlled med.

Who is left? Some day’s It seems like just you and me bro !

Pandora Pharmaceuticals can you hold please ! $4 scripts at Wally-mart what’s to rebel about again, I forgot? Food stamps have turned people into Chattel more than anything I have ever seen! And kept food prices quite high to boot.

And on and on, its so well under control only some really stupid mistake could ignite some recollection of previous humanity among seniors down at the center, but the pill trick would have to crash into the bed of the linen truck and then careen into the snack truck and on into the power pole and cell tower and the TV cable before anyone would notice a single thing !

So as long as Obama et al are careful not to set folks off, geez even with unbelievable criminality on all fronts, and still not a rock thrown? They must feel quite assured of themselves. Quite assured all is under control…

But will some sort of unlikely mistake wake people up? The draft was such a mistake back in the 60's woke kids up fast! Perhaps some sort of atrocity against kids again?

Student loans default FEMA camps or something bizarre and over the top? Something so heavy handed it exposes their naked reptilian skin? I just see it getting far worse as cell phones and texting have become the ultimate mind control tool way scary!

Got a Kirwan App Yet? Well GET ONE! Maybe someone will tune us in? Tweet it out Skype high and maybe it will go viral... But I don’t see McGrath or Joe Driving into every phone, nor anyone tweeting like it should be tweeted, flash mobs to where?

All flashing warnings to people who don’t want to be warned of anything, we’re interrupting the entertainment, and that is a sure way to loose audience share... We look so wilderness.

Nope the new world will be more like Tokyo, massive radiation and no one pays any attention as long as the cells and neon works...biology means nothing to the Brain Dead Zombies of Turkey or Brazil or Tokyo or California. Sad to say. What" is LA going to roid into - go looting cell phone app stores? Long gone is the need for a free TV and some cheap wine.

Its all been Clock-worked White, sanitized for your protection.”

The numbers directly being affected are a great many fewer people than most would consider ‘viable-opposition-figures’. The murder of Justice, on the planet worldwide, cannot go unanswered: Because when there is no longer any justice, ANYWHERE, then there’s no-where-left for anyone to go, once high-treason closes all remaining-exits. That’s where we are today. (1)

The Captured People

There’s a 33 minute video which outlines directly what this nation is just beginning to face. It’s called The Captured People.

After months of waiting, the purpose for the existence of the one-hundred mile wide Constitution-Free Zone that has finally been officially revealed. This is directly related to why it was created. This shows us how it will be used by the drones to totally observe, in detail, everything that anyone is or could be doing anywhere within this zone. It will also be used by some of the 30,000 drones inside what remains within the larger portion of the nation that will not be within the boundaries of this Constitutional Free-Zone. (2)

This nation is about to undergo the most savage and continuous-rape of the lives of our people, ever contemplated, by any outlawed-empire in all of human-history. Yet even this undertaking is not without the basic flaws that come with every human endeavor.

Everything in ‘The Conquered People’ depends entirely upon the criminal-preservation of illegally acquired data, (thoughtfully condensed for easy access in huge centers) and yet as everyone knows technology itself is also riddled with problems.

This attempt to retain and use such a massive amount of knowledge and data, about everyone in the nation, goes far beyond whatever was originally designed to empower our captors. The size and scope alone goes far beyond staggering, and totally discounts every real problem while hyping the ‘supposedly protected’ nature of what must be acquired - just to begin their lock-down of what used to be the United States…

The entire month of July might be our last time, to have a chance to live in an ordered way; before this firestorm of anal obsessions takes over the lives of most Amerikans. Those of us that resist this takeover, although small, will have our hands full to say the least. The rest will not have time to notice before they will be swept-away in whatever’s coming next.

1) INTERVENTIONS Created High Treason

2) A Conquered People

3) Vox Populi: What Brazil might Teach the World about Civil Disobedience





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