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Commando Strike In Parkland Is A Polygon Puzzle

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To


Honoring the fallen with blessings from Saint Valentine, let us bow our heads to the children denied their adulthood and grieve with their loved ones, so that their souls may find the peace in eternity that is so absent from this terrifying world. In the turmoil of conflicted emotions of sorrow for the innocent and fear of the perpetrators, we must find the strength to hold onto the cold clarity required to prevent more such evil deeds in this endless coil of mass murder. In the wake of tragedy, let us muster the courage to face the harsh facts to learn how to prevent a repetition and save the young ones.

Let us not resort to easy outs or cheap shots, for example the politicized bandwagon against the citizenry’s right to self-defense, since these sorts of anti-social crimes arise from political “necessity” born of ambition, greed and anxiety in the human heart. They will surely strike again, and our defenses must be strong and resilient. Uncovering the complex of motivating forces and quelling the corruption that eats away at a nation’s moral core requires lifelong commitment, not one-shot panacea. We must stay the course.

Teachers, protectors of the children, at least those who are capable should bear arms in line with the spirit and the letter of Second Amendment. Qualified parents should also enlist in a school guard on a voluntary basis, or as emergency responders after background checks, of course. As shown time and again, paid security men cannot be as reliable and dedicated as members of the community organized in a citizen militia of a free and indivisible society, as also mandated in the same clause of the Bill of Rights.

Incoming Evidence

Over the past week, more pieces of the puzzle have emerged from witness testimony, confirming the initial analysis presented in the earlier two parts of this series. Here, in Part 3, other key elements involved in this heinous crime are probed. These include:

- description of the body armor and tactics of the reported three assailants are here compared with the IDF (Israel Defense Force) commando operations in Gaza, for which local Shomrim vigilantes have volunteered and participated (see part 2 for an expose of Shomrim cultist movement and its links with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel);

- the falsified public report by the Zionist ADL (Anti-Defamation League) in less than a day of the shooting, claiming suspect/patsy Nikolas Cruz is a member of a white supremacist organization; whereas in fact his bloodline is Jewish;

- the psychologist for Nikolas Cruz whose background in research for Army Intelligence focused on neuron-control systems is disclosed here, along with questions about the lad’s earlier confinement in state juvenile and psychiatric facilities; and

- more details about the Cruz family fortune left to stepson Nikolas.

The Real Deal, Not a Drill

Now allow me to set aside the erroneous assumption that easily arises from this sort of incident. The suspicion that a “drill” was held at Parkland school on St. Valentine’s day lacks support from facts on the ground. The school resource officer (SRO, security guard) in charge of emergency drills, Deputy Scott Petersen, was not present on the school premises that afternoon but was “called away”, probably by the Sheriff’s Office. The SRO is personally in charge of running all emergency drills. His absence has not only gone unexplained, Sheriff Israel lied that he was presence somewhere on campus.

The presumption of a drill arises from the confusion over the Code Red alert just prior to the shootings. That automated lock-down was immediately followed by three separate fire alarms in different buildings, which electronically unlocked the classroom doors and compelled the students to evacuate through hallways where they came under direct gunfire. One assailant fired down a hallway prior to a fire alarm in building 1200, an out of sync sequence that proves teamwork than the actions of a lone gunman.

The fact that gunmen had timed the three alarms by their slightly differing wristwatches indicated that they maintained complete cell phone and radio walkie-talkie silence, to avoid intercepts over local mobile-phone bay stations. The strike team had entered the high-security school compound on the park-like campus without detection, meaning they had prior access to security codes, site layout and the class schedule. In other words, these were not outsiders but men within the Parkland community.

There were no crisis actors, at least not yet. Witness accounts indicate that classmates were gunned down without time for a stage crew to apply fake blood or to paint bullet holes on foreheads. The gunshot wounds were genuine and lethal, splattering and spurting bright crimson blood, with not much some moaning due to the high kill ratio, which indicates prior battle experience of these commandos. Indeed, the attackers could have easily killed many more students but, from the numbers count, had limited their firing to tally a preassigned quota. In-depth foreknowledge and precision pre-planning were clearly evident.

None of the students or teachers had previously been involved in gunfire attacks or warfare, and therefore lacked the experience to keep track of events at a critical psychological distance, as for example a war correspondent or experienced soldier. In their shock and confusion, the witnesses tended to compress the events in a streaming consciousness that reduced the psychological sense of time much less than the whole hour that transpired between the initial Code Red alert and arrival of policemen. In their state of shock many students could not distinguish between the assailants and their rescuers, who similarly uniformed.

The estimated span of shooting is roughly 6 minutes. Therefore the assault team had more than 45 minutes for escape from campus while the stunned students and teachers crouched for safety, while waiting for the first responders. Some took the risk of charging out, and paid the ultimate price for their panicked haste.

Full Metal Garb

Another source of confusion was the body armor worn by the assault team members, noticed by a teacher on the third floor of building 1200, as quoted in ABC News:

At first glance, she thought the shooter could be a police officer because of the way he was dressed in ‘full metal garbcomplete with helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor.

The protective gear for police tactical squads and FBI agents are painted with identifying insignia. The attackers were, by contrast, dressed in unmarked black. Who could they be: U.S. Army special forces, Russian infiltrators, or a Salvadorean death squad? Nikolas Cruz? He’s puny by comparison to the description given by the observant teacher.

As detailed in Part 2 of this series, the likeliest suspect behind the raid is the Shomrim ultra-Orthodox Jewish vigilante group, heavily concentrated in Parkland, headquarters of the Lubavitcher movement in Broward and Palm Beach counties (Parkland is on the county line). Not only would they could they obtain insider information on the target site, most of the able-bodied members of Shomrim have trained and served in the IDF ( the Israel Defense Force), which has dispatched innumerable strike teams for house-to-house raids in Gaza, along with major offensives against bunkers, tunnels, missile launchers, mortar pits and rooftops during intense urban warfare since 2006, which flared into all-out air-and-ground battles in 2014. Many Shomrim volunteers have also served with counterinsurgency units of the Shin Beit, the Israeli internal security force assigned to capturing Palestinian political leaders as prisoners for interrogation.

The standard gear for anti-Palestinian suppression operations in Gaza is a black helmet, Kevlar vest with armor plate over vital organs, and baklava head gear (ski masks) to avoid identification by security videocams, which can be used in human-rights investigations. As of last week, these same operational tactics have been deployed against American citizens.

Welcome to Gaza USA

As stressed in my first two articles, South Florida is Little Israel, where the mainstream population has ignored these same tactics being deployed repeatedly against the ghettoized African-American community by Broward SWAT teams under its notorious former commander Scott Israel, who is now Sheriff. The only difference in the Parkland school attack is that, this time around, the victims are not just blacks suspected of dealing crack to minors, but also your average whites, Hispanics, Arab-Americans and liberal Jews, everybody except ultra-Orthodox cultists who attend gender-segregated Hassidic private schools.

The War Comes Home

The Zionist war of conquest against indigenous Palestinians has at last come home, because South Florida is a key political stronghold for the pro-Israel lobby in Congress, which faces a potential wipeout in upcoming midterm elections when the Republicans are focusing on the infamous Debbie Wasserman Schulz (Broward country) and Ted Deutch (D-Boca Raton). The latter inherited the congressional seat of powerful Zionist lobbyist Robert Wexler, who is responsible for hiring the Imran Awan spy team from Pakistan to monitor computers in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Their warmonger-in-chief Benjamin Netanyahu is facing prosecution on corruption charges before he can complete the final solution of the Palestinian problem. As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. If a few Americanized daughters of liberal Jews have to die in the school carnage to keep Congress under the Zionist thumb, that’s a small price to pay for the new Judaic Empire.

The monster is not Nikolas Cruz but the bestial Zionist criminals who planned and staged this assault for their own political purposes. In their demented cultist minds, goyem Christian heathens and even liberal Jews are filth to be wiped off the face of the Earth. This sort of religious fervor based on logic similar to Charlie Manson’s is pushing toward an apocalyptic war in which one side or the other will be slaughtered off in the name of god. These are madmen who must be coddled but stopped in their tracks.

As in the Vietnam War coming home to Kent State University, the genocidal campaign against Palestinian civilians has circled back to South Florida, with probably much worse yet to come. Just as the 1960s antiwar protesters railed against the pro-war Cardinal Francis Spellman and his point-man at DOD Robert McNamara to demand an end to the napalming of villagers in Indochina, the ongoing genocide in Gaza and soon Jerusalem demands that people of conscience, especially American Jews, much summon the moral courage to break the Zionist grip on political power in the USA.

Propaganda Ministry of Zionism

The un-American monopoly of Zionist power is being bolstered in this particular case by a noxious revisionist outfit called the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which immediately tied to pin the blame for Parkland on “white supremacists”. On the day after Valentine’s, the ADL issued an online bulletin claiming that chief suspect Nikolas Cruz is a member of the alt-right Republic of Texas, a tiny fringe group of lowlifes in Tallahassee, which had earlier sent a handful of followers to the Charlottesville fracas.

According to the ADL blog: ”After self-described ROF members claimed on the discussion forum 4chan that Cruz had also been a member, the Anti-Defamation League spoke with an ROF member who identified himself as Jordan Jereb.

After that posting, by nightfall on February 15, ROF boss Jordan Jereb reversed his earlier statement about Cruz’s alleged participation in gun-handling lessons in Tallahassee. After sobering up, Jereb admitted that he had never met Cruz nor is the Parkland suspect an ROF member, clarifying that he was half-asleep when ADL made its early morning phone call peppering him with rapid-fire questions.

Here, let’s trace back this blatant ADL deception aimed at discrediting the populist movement and to disarm the American citizenry, as if they are Palestinians, through the anti-Constitutional agenda of gun control, as exposed below by Politico.

In posts to a neo-Nazi Web forum called The Right Stuff, a user calledJordan Fash said the idea originated in a group chat on Discord, an app for gamers that is popular with white nationalists and the alt-right. According to Fash’ (short for fascist), an ABC News reporter reached out to one of the group’s members on Instagram. The group passed around her number and told her Cruz was associated with (ROF leader Jordan) Jereb. Group members communicated with at least two ABC News reporters in a coordinated effort. The reporters asked the trolls to substantiate their stories.

“‘Not to suggest that you aren't being truthful, but it would be very helpful if you could let me know how you know that, one of the ABC News reporters wrote to one person via Instagram, according to screenshots posted to 4chan.

“’It was common knowledge he (Cruz) did rallies with ROF, I frequently saw him conversing with Jordan Jereb in person, replied Ethan.’ In posts at Gab, a social-networking site used by many in the alt-right, one user said the Discord group spent around 18 hours orchestrating, contacting ABC, being interviewed by reporters, etc.’”

So let’s do the basic math: The Parkland students were on the sidewalk or in the hospital by 5 p.m Wednesday, February 14, and Nikolas Cruz’s arrest was flashed on the 6 p.m. evening news. The Discord group then spent the next 18 hours on the press campaign, meaning their disinfo project was completed about noon the following day, February 15.

Add up the hours and you’ll get the smoking gun: ADL phoned Jereb in the very early on Thursday morning, about 6 hours before the 4chan claim was reported by ABC news. It is highly unlikely like than any paid professional staffers at ADL had been checking the 4chan board on the late evening of Valentine’s Day, unless they were the ones who posted the false reports.

Are doubting Toms among our liberal Jewish friends in the news media still wary about this accusation of deliberate ADL disinformation? Well, you are about to learn that the alt-right Discord chat room, sponsored by Polygon gaming, had been shut down since mid-August after the Charlottesville fracas. The alt-right Discord chat room is fictitious. The phantom presence on the nonexistent “alt-right” board must have been created by the ADL and its accomplices at Polygon-Vox.

The Boy Who Cried ‘Anti-Semite’

Digging deeper, the Polygon gaming website is part of Vox, whose top executives are Ezra Klein, a former editor with the Washington Post and MSNBC, and Jim Bankoff, formerly with AOL. Needless to say both are members of the Tribe that controls the corporate media. Online, there’s a slew of tart comments and jabs at Klein, a nerd who rode the blog wave to instant fame at the Post.

His favorite game is to accuse his online rivals of being anti-Semites, as in the now-legendary jab at “conservative” Ann Althouse. After the Post for his super-expensive proposal to create a personal news site, Klein found a sucker in need of hits, Bankoff of Polygon, which was attempting to convert gamers into an army of semiconscious comment writers to aggregate more hits, more ads, more investors and more useless trash online.

The question therefore arises whether the “Boy in the Bubble” tried to parlay his stake in Discord on national attention focused the Parkland school massacre, by setting up a shotgun marriage between Jordan Jereb, Nikolas Cruz and the ADL? Is ‘Ethan’ actually Ezra Klein?

Meanwhile poor little ADL was just following the tried-and-true formula from their propaganda guru Joseph Goebbels: “Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.”

The CEO of the ADL, which is run like a fraudulent business scam and not a real charity, is Jonathan Greenblatt, former director for social innovation in the Barack Obama White House. Obama funded the Trump Russia Dossier and also was a stalwart support of DWS, which might explain the ADL conniving. Thank you, Reichsminister Goebbels, for that insight on how things are done by genuine fascists.

Thus ADL and Vox-Polygon-Discord repackaged the manipulable image of bogey-boy Nikolas Cruz as a gun-toting white supremacist in an attempt to mobile liberal-left support for gun control as well as to hide his Jewish bloodline (which should come as no surprise since everyone in this heinous affair are Jews).

The Jewish Shrink

After turning 19, Nikolas Cruz was drafted into the major league of psychiatric care under Dr. David Lubin, co-director of the Children’s Center for Development & Behavior in the Sunrise district, located in the dog-leg corner of Broward County. Dr. Lubin is a graduate of Auburn University in Alabama, where the psychology department continues to receive research grants from the Department of Defense, especially in his two specialties of human engineering and neuropsychology, which rely on MRI scans of live-patient brains. After graduation, he went on to work with Army Intelligence and then NASA. He is also an adjunct professor at Florida International University, which is funded by the Carnegie Foundation, especially its pet project of better teaching methods through improved psychological control systems. By his odd gaze, Cruz looks like he’s been though some robotic training experiments.

His sessions with Dr. Lubin apparent began in early December. Working backward in time, Nikolas moved in with the Sneads at Thanksgiving (probably in a paid arrangement with the state mental-health program). His mother had died on November 1, 2017, of pneumonia infection during late-stage cancer. He had been expelled from Parkland school in September, at which time he “went away.” It can therefore be presumed that he was institutionalized for more than 2 months in autumn 2017.

Florida state is a pioneer is outsourcing ownership and management of penitentiaries for adults and juveniles along with psychiatric care facilities. The sunshine state’s biggest contractor is the GEO company, headquartered in Boca Raton, formerly known as Wackenhut (it’s other spinoff being G4S Security Solutions). GEO has a well-earned reputation for high-end brutality, filth and malnutrition of inmates, along with hefty donations to election campaigns. One of the horror centers for the mentally impaired is the Treasure Coast Forensic Facility in quaint charming Martin County. Obviously, whatever has been troubling the Cruz has not been cured by the sharks at Florida State patient-care centers or their pilot-fish schools of psychiatrists feeding off the kills.

He had probably not given a release to visit his stepmother’s deathbed, since Cruz was unlikely to have received notice of her terminal-phase condition, being without an adult guardian. Here, in a case of a teenager treated as an outcast by his schoolmates, his abandonment is very distressing to ponder. Cruz obviously was suffering extreme depression rather than hyper-anxiety, meaning it was unlikely that he would kill other youths for their sole crime of their having parents. His social isolation, however, made him a perfect candidate for exploitation, especially as a patsy in a planned mass murder.

Any psychological treatment was possibly dispensed only to preserve young Nikolas as an expendable asset for operational purposes, under a modus operandi similar to how many younger servicemen are boxed in, drugged and pressured to submit to their assignment on suicidal missions.

The Millionaire Heir

The Cruz family fortune also casts light on his probable involuntary role in the Parkland school attack. The stepmother Lynda Cruz nee Seda drew her living expenses from rental properties owned by her late husband Roger, who had worked at advertising in New York, but died of a heart attack in 2004. While her health severely declined in summer 2017, Lynda was preparing to file a claim in probate court for sale of her husband’s property, since Nicholas was nearing college age. He told his host, Jim Snead, that he would inherit $800,000 on his 22nd birthday.

Snead, by the way, is a former military intelligence officer in radio-signals technology, part of that applied to space communications. Whether his personal area of expertise is connected with Dr. Lubin’s work in neuropsychology at Florida International University is a matter for follow up investigation, since Cruz’s “hearing voices in his head to commit the massacre” was potentially directed through radio-microwave interfacing with brainwaves of the same frequency. This could have some bearing on the similar earlier claim of mental messaging by the gunman who shot dead six people at Fort Lauderdale airport in January 2017

Now the obvious question why would anyone who is about to inherit nearly a million dollars going to throw away his future in a school shooting? Nikolas had a silver-lined path out of all his problems, thanks to the love of his adoptive parents, his only attachment to human kindness.

According to the local Sun-Sentinel newspaper, Lynda and Roger Cruz adopted Nikolas “on the day of his birth”. Yet local sources claim that his younger “biological” brother was adopted at the same time, which is impossible. How is that an unwed mother after surrendering one child is going to become pregnant again within four months only to give that newborn away, too. Is there anything about this kid that’s not entangled in complications?

After many of the family secrets went to the grave, now much of the incidental online information has also been scrubbed from the Internet, possibly because Lynda’s former in-laws may well be holding security clearances. The quick browsing for my earlier articles turned up the fact that Lynda had previously been married to the son of a Croat immigrant of surname Kumbatovich, whose brother is/was Nikolas, which explains the Eastern European spelling of her son’s given name. That break-up must have been emotionally upsetting, since Lynda had only once introduced the boys to the former in-laws. Secrets of the heart are the most difficult to unravel or recover, as happened on this past Valentine’s day.

What the Dickens

The portrait that’s emerging, even though information is being pulled off the Internet by a hidden hand, is of a troubled youth targeted for dispossession of his inheritance (doesn’t that sound like a Charles Dickens’ situation?) and meanwhile being set up as an expendable patsy by his long-lost ethnic tribe fighting for political survival of their chosen leader in Congress and the Democratic Party, the arch-witch Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This kid must’ve been born under a bad sign, when the whole world is against him.

Let’s hope as in the Dickens’ novels ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Nicholas Nickleby’, that the naive and much-maligned protagonist can overcome oppression from many foes to prove his innocence and redeem his name, fortune, heritage and hopefully find happiness. All we can do to protect the apparent scapegoat for this high crime against society is to keep vigilant watch over his numerous adversaries in their dark conspiracy against the Republic, not just Florida but the United States of America. Let’s hope that goodness will prevail over treachery, and that the boundless love of Saint Valentine may triumph over the sinfulness of this evil empire.

To close with Charles Dickens’ opening lines of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It was the season of light, it was the season of darkness.

It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”