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Command Headquarters

By Jim Kirwan


The War on the World

In 1966 this was one of the lead image for The State of the Nation 1966. It was called ďCommand Headquarters the War on MenĒ.

Over the years Iíve used this hundreds of times, but few ever looked carefully enough or questioned what was written on this deck of cards. To be fair most of the time this image was not clear enough to easily read the words and since Iíve now lost the ability to scan this image clearly Iíll list the written aspects on the cards as shown.

The Ace of Diamonds is CENSORSHIP. Supported by the first Ace of Clubs which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW. The second Ace of Clubs which belongs to LBJ is PRESIDENTIAL DECREE, which is in front of the entrance to the Building. The Ace of Hearts is Tyranny and near the right end is the Ace of Spades: FINANCIAL SLAVERY.

The backs of the cards are formed by a complex design that is made up of the following subjects: The topics not shown were assumed to be upon the other cards.

Mail, Water, Labor, Education, Clothing, News, Drugs, Welfare, Health, Transportation, Culture, Justice, Communication, Taxes, Food, Air, Industry, Business, and Shelter. In the lower right hand corner the stamp of approval says: CONGRESS U.S. APPROVED.

Parts of the visible backs of three other cards include: The U.S. Army of Regulatory Agencies: Suburban, Urban, Commerce, Prices, Management, Agriculture, and Wages. On a second portion of another card back: Roads, Morals, Taxes, Construction, Privacy, and Time. The final portion of the visible U.S. Army of Regulatory Agencies includes Taxes, Destiny, Entertainment and Advertising.

This version of the U.S. Capital clearly defines a portion of the House of Cards which the US has been since 1913.

So when Doctor Paul Craig Roberts speaks about our whole world being just as shaky as a House of Cards, which it definitely is, please think of this government as it was being run from this 58 year old House of Cards ≠ if you want an image to go with the facts heís outlined today; just remember this vignette while you listen to his words.

Paul Craig Roberts ≠ Russia to Unleash Ultimate Black Swan Against the West: 16 min video


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